The choice of design apartments

If you dare to repair, the first thing is tocare is a choice of design styles. It does not matter, in the entire apartment will be repaired or in a separate room, it is important that all being said, it was "by fenshuyyu".

Now design business has evolved into a wholeindustry, where everyone strives to offer something new, maybe even a bit shocking so do interior designers. There are more than twenty kinds of design styles of decoration apartments. Each of its details and nuances that must be considered, and to know how to combine. Surely, only an experienced designer can explain all the nuances of a particular style, and offer the best solution, guided by the meter, a form of space and budget.

The choice of design apartments The choice of design apartments

In most cases it plays budgeta decisive role in choosing an apartment design. Too curvy design with the use of, expensive finishing materials, interior elements require a lot of resources and space.

For a typical city apartment is inappropriate andfor the average wage - it is impossible. Here it is worth recalling an old saying: "brevity - the sister of talent", and simplicity in the interior forms - a pledge of comfort.

Inexpensive and the most fashionable interior designa loft. The most important thing here is the simplicity and originality fused together. Tall, completely white ceiling, walls with brick untreated masonry and light wood flooring will be perfectly combined with modern technology, ancient carved chest and a conventional angular furniture.

The choice of design apartments The choice of design apartments

All this can be diluted with vivid imagesUrban graffiti, abstraction, aluminum lamp and ornate coffee table made of stainless steel and glass. The zones are distributed by means of a single wall or glass blocks, and instead of the usual curtains and tulle, use blinds or horizontal blinds.

Loft style is very popular because of the possibilitycombine seemingly completely incompatible things. Apartment urban or suburban house with such a design is suitable for the young, bohemian lovers, and anyone else who likes the simplicity and freedom. In this apartment there is always a show of artwork, noisy party and quiet family dinner.

The choice of design apartments - the task of complicated. Here, the high cost is not always a sign of beauty and practicality. Sometimes a minimum financial outlay and a little inspiration can do wonders. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and do, only then it will be possible to create a unique and inimitable design of the apartment.

The choice of design apartments
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