Construction and design of lounges

Few can afford to create a separateroom intended only for recreation. However, if your apartment or house is enough space, why should one of them not to allocate for this purpose? Some companies create a separate room for the rest of his staff: in hospitals, beauty salons, offices, and even in the production can be found such facilities. An important role in this is the right choice of material for the walls.

What will be recreation room designLargely depends on the organization to which it isapplies. Although the goal is pursued one - to create an environment that is most conducive to rest and relaxation, but the differences in the arrangement of the room will be. After all, if it is a room manufacturing facility or office, then it will rest all sorts of people, and if your room is a private home, it must fully meet your personal preferences.

But something in common always will. For example, it never hurts to make room for the bar, which is separated by the bar. And if you put it near the high chairs, then it will look like in the movies.

It is important to take into account the basic needs of visitors

lounges Design in the office or a beauty salon must take into account twocategories of people: smoking or non-smoking. That is why some decide to allocate two rooms for relaxation. If this is not possible, then one room can be divided into two parts, and in terms of smoking employees must take care of a powerful ventilation. It would hardly be enough conditional zoning will likely need to put a partition. Make it possible from the stained-glass windows or glass.

It has been observed that the smooth water, picturesqueaquarium fish, play of light - it all calms and relieves rest. That is why fountains, aquariums, and similar items are always relevant to development lounges Design. In addition, they will always be relevant: let it be a room of your home or office. It is also worth thinking about the kinds of materials for the floor.

Definition stylistic solutions

Generally, in offices appropriate styleinterior design is modern, "high-tech" or other modern trends. While classics, too, can find their successful application. Glass coffee tables, comfortable leather sofas with the classic outline - all this contributes to a pleasant time holding a cup of coffee. If the staff mostly young, then it will be quite appropriate to arrange the tables in the room for a game of chess or table tennis, furniture, made of plastic or metal, should look dynamic.

If you are thinking about the design of the roomrelaxing in your home or apartment, then you should take a closer look not only to the classics, but also to such styles as ethnic, modern and eco. And you can even turn the room into a paradise. To this end, the interior design is necessary to use fresh flowers and other elements of the summer garden. Create an original decoration of the room.

The lighting and colors to help make the right choice

Take time choosing colors. It should depend on the purpose of the whole structure, part of which is dayroom. As a rule, the owners of offices selected colors everything for the relaxation of the room so that they are consistent with the main office with flowers.

But the benefits of a proper choice of color office willminimum, if not perform the correct lighting. Most often, a relaxation room has one main source of high-power light. And additional lamp or chandelier design can meet a particular zone in which they are located. Especially fascinating look room with flickering ceiling, or with the effect of a starry sky. From the use of such elements, any visitors will be delighted. If you plan to use wall lights, think about how to establish a rotary model. With their help, you can create a different situation: they turned to the wall and create a twilight effect of the scattered light, and if they send an item, then you will be able to illuminate the desired portion.

When choosing colors and the lighting should beremember the primary purpose of the relaxation room - it should be a place of rest. Therefore, it should be aimed at a peaceful and leisurely pastime. To do this, fit dull and muted tone in the coverage must also be absent the excessive brightness of the light and irritability. Dark shades of purple, blue and green colors will always be relevant, it is also not underestimate the black and brown parts that can be used to emphasize certain areas or elements of the entire room.

If the relaxation room equipped with tableschess, the quiet lighting in the right places can be strengthened by means of local light sources. And the bar can be visually separated from the rest of the room, if it make dark wood. For some items, such as table tennis, you need a powerful general lighting.

If you are thinking about the design of the interior of the roomrelaxing in their apartment or house, then think about the possibility of expanding its functionality, and the important role played by the choice of material for the floor. After all, this room can be used not only for recreation but also as a living room, a library and even a cabinet. Identification of additional functions to help from the very beginning to plan a suitable interior design.

Construction and design of lounges
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