Artistic stained glass

What are stained glass art? When the sun's rays come in throughcolored glass, they fill the room with different colors, changing it beyond recognition. This stained glass is not simply function as ordinary windows, protecting it from the external environment, but also added to the atmosphere of the room peace and joy. With stained-glass window your house will be filled with bright colors and comfort.

Stained glass in some degree like a mosaic,because it is made of glass pieces which may vary in shape, texture and color. These elements can be coupled using various techniques.

stained-glass manufacturing technology

Stained-glass windows appeared hundreds of years ago. And during that time masters of diverse technologies for their production have been developed. Some of them have been used since the appearance of stained glass art, others - only in our time. Stained glass workshop "Steklosfery" extensive use of brass edging, engraving, fusing, glass painting, gluing UV and other methods. But whatever the technology is not underpinned the creation of Stained Glass artHe is truly a work of art.

Artistic stained glass Artistic stained glass

If you need to order, consider stained glasstechnology closer "Tiffany Technique", subject to which you are cutting pieces of glass, which are then covered with a film of copper in the composition. Solder the pieces with tin. These stained glass of excellent quality performance, as well as high resistance to the appearance of these scuffs and scratches. Stained glass workshop "Steklosfery" is engaged in manufacturing stained glass art to order, guided by its every customer.

Over the centuries, the history of stained glass windows, steela universal method of registration of premises. This product perfectly fit into the interior of any style accessories from laconic hi-tech, to the extravagant Art Deco and Art Nouveau quiet. Having established in his house a stained glass window, you are guaranteed to attract attention to their housing guests and even passers-by. And if stained glass is made by skilled craftsmen, it can not only add luxury design space, but it will be a highlight.

On the website you will find a wide offer of stained glass studio, where consultants will be happy to answer all your questions about the stained glass windows and the term of their production.

Features stained glass windows

Consider features of the interior color solutions -the main challenge facing the contemporary designers. A stained glass window is an element of decor that will help give the room a unique expressiveness. In addition, these windows provide unlimited space for imagination of the designer. With their help you will be able to arrange harmonious and decisive accents in the color space. Stained-glass window will turn into a real picture.

Artistic stained glass Artistic stained glass

Especially beautiful and luxurious look stained glass art with wood framing. Besides the use of stained glass windows in residential rooms and has functional load. Stained glass can play the role of light and transparent decoration or decorative screen that will protect your life from unnecessary views or ugly paintings outside. Windows with stained glass find their application in the glazing of balconies, loggias and winter gardens.

Artistic stained glass
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