Blinds: convenient, practical, aesthetically pleasing

The advent of plastic windows, successfully replacedwooden, entailed the creation of accessories for energy-saving windows made of metal and plastic. These include mosquito nets, burglar devices ... and blinds. Last successfully replaced the curtains, curtains made of heavy, dusty fabrics. The abundance of colors option allows you to choose the ideal blinds to any interior design.

Wood, bamboo models - expensive, butspectacular, environmentally friendly. Plastic, duralumin - popular and profitable. For those and other easy to care for, only wood can be cleaned from dust is not wet and dry cloth. In these outlets, you can choose from different curtain fabrics - from polyester to linen, cotton, silk. Different colors, with drawing and without it.

Blinds: convenient, practical, aesthetically pleasing Blinds: convenient, practical, aesthetically pleasing

Well proven in moderninteriors roll model. They represent a piece of fabric or polyester fabric, which is wound by a mechanism on the shaft, twisting the cloth roll. Such models are attached directly to the frame of the window sash to separate.

When opening or closing the sash shutters are notwill change its position. If desired, you can apply the desired pattern on the blinds to the customer desired size. You can put on them photo vertical blinds for plastic windows allow you to do this using the latest printing technology.

Blinds weigh little, easy to clean (wet or dry cleaning - to choose from), they fire thanks to a special impregnation and excellent protection from light, durable.

Blinds: convenient, practical, aesthetically pleasing Blinds: convenient, practical, aesthetically pleasing

This is achieved by soaking the material specialmatter, but the quality of the impregnation depends on everything, so for each tissue model that interests you learn separately. Roller blinds or curtains are linen fabric, single color or pattern as the big picture.

The web is minimized in the tube is wound on the shaft andlaid in the case of metal or plastic, from which expands or collapses if necessary. At the bottom of the canvas is usually held on the magnets, so these curtains almost no noise at drafts (if good magnets).

One of the main advantages of this type - the ability to adjust their length by a plastic chain wound on the gear, which is set on the edge of the shaft.

Blinds: convenient, practical, aesthetically pleasing
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