Blinds: beauty in simplicity

Roller blinds are suitable for both home andfor the office interior. Unlike blinds used herein integral web fabric. The structure may be mounted on each glazing alone or the whole window opening. When closed, it gives a soft diffused light.

Use blinds can be a duet withconventional. Picked similar or contrasting shade. The design is able to fully replace traditional curtains. It is located close to the window and does not take up too much space. Rolled products look great, where another frame is inappropriate: on the balcony, or loggia, the window opening in the bathroom, on the kitchen window.

Conventional curtains soiled faster - get readywashing! Round require much less cleaning. The fabric is impregnated with special dirt-repelling composition. If necessary, the product is easy to clean. But it is seldom required. Suitable for any climate zone - either increased humidity or dryness is not afraid.

Blinds: beauty in simplicity Blinds: beauty in simplicity


Roller design - "relatives" ordinarycurtains and blinds. They took the best from each of them. They provide comfort as conventional curtains. But at the same time allow you to control the brightness of the room. If the blinds just cover the light output, the blinds gently dissipate it. The room is immersed in a magical and welcoming atmosphere. This principle can boast floor lamps and lamp with shade.

Blinds do not interfere: do not affect the computer wires, do not cling to the battery, do not break with a sharp movement the flowers on the windowsill. The product adheres to the window, elegantly framing it. The ease of use, roll, design, too, ahead of conventional curtains. To move the fabric blinds with the place, used a chain. Therefore, do not have to take up the cloth with his hands. In addition, the palm of children, for example, are not always clear. The chain is easy to clean.

Roller blinds do not crumple - they do not need ironing. They change color over time and does not fade in the sun. On the contrary, they protect furniture from fading. Anti-dust impregnation reduces the need for washing. This is convenient for busy people because conventional curtains have to be washed regularly.

Blinds: beauty in simplicity Blinds: beauty in simplicity

Beauty choice

Determine the choice of blinds is not sojust. Open or closed? What is the fabric of the soul? Or, like the product of bamboo? There is a very thick curtains that hardly transmit light. Elegantly look cassette options, which are famous for special charm. This model has guide rails tightly against the glass.

Roller blinds are suitable for open-endplacing both the window and the wall. This closes the entire window opening. Closed models are mounted only on the window. Constructions different and appearance. To protect against dust in the open stretched vertical type used fishing line, closed - guide rails. The second option looks more interesting. Furthermore, in the lowered state, they do not transmit light, a dispersing it. The outdoor models luminous flux can leak around the edges of blinds.

Open control method assumes thatweb wound on a roll and is located at the top of the opening. When closed, the other principle of action. Canvas moves along the guide rails along the opening. As a result, it hides in the top of the box.

The classic version - roller blinds made of fabric. Another model - the system of "day-night". This mechanism makes it possible not only to block the flow of light, but also to adjust the lighting. Blind consists of two layers of fabric. Used surface with different densities. In managing the curtains move, adjusting the degree of illumination. Some rooms look interesting roller design of bamboo, which is called Roman. These cascades. This option is known for a special aroma. For limited space suit cluster model. ordered an individual picture, if desired.

Blinds: beauty in simplicity
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