Blinds - a practical solution for a child's room

In contrast to the 'adult' bedroom, children's roomdesigned not only to rest and sleep, but also for active play and child classes. Furniture should be comfortable and not bulky, floor covering - a smooth and hygienic, and curtains for a child's room - ornate and securely fastened. Dusty complicated draperies to the floor and hanging fringe - not the best option for the child. Thanks to its special construction and manufacturing materials, roll type curtains could not be better suited for the decoration of the windows in the baby's room.


Simple and reliable mounting mechanism, ease ofuse smooth hygienic textile web - these are the distinctive features of this type of curtains. An important advantage is that the web folds into a compact cylinder, mounted in the upper part of the window, and does not interfere with the child's games. Roller blinds can be mounted in different ways:

• directly on the glazing of the window;

• on the frame;

• in the window openings;

• under the ceiling.

Chain mechanism of folding curtains recallsprinciple of shutters, wherein the web roll travels silently. The lower edge of the curtain reinforced rigid weighting, which if necessary can be locked in the down position. This design feature is indispensable for installation on tilt and turn systems, windows and roof windows, located at an angle. In this case, the fabric is slack, tightly adhering to the window.

Curtains for children's rooms should fulfill its primary function - to prevent the penetration of light into the room too much, and at the same time meet the child's identity, to give space fantasy.

Materials and design

Cloth curtains quality roll typemade of antistatic polyester or fiberglass. Matter imbued with a special non-flammable, non-toxic compound that is resistant to fading and does not emit harmful substances when heated. With an excess of sunlight, use a cloth with UV protection, with a blackout and light-blocking filters.

Order blinds can be used in all versions: smooth and textured, plain and colored, with photo printing, pattern and applique. "Children's" options are usually multicolored and contrast. However, psychologists are advised not to choose the children's bright, flashy colors: they are overexcited child, preventing him to concentrate in the classroom and interfere with quiet sleep. It is better to select the picture favorite fairy-tale characters, types of nature in soft, pastel colors. With blinds conveniently obscure nursery for a comfortable day of sleep a child, and at night such curtains protect the room from the light of street lamps and advertisements.

Blinds - a practical solution for a child's room
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