Blinds and their features

One of the most modern types of window decorationare roller blinds. They have successfully combined the comfort and attractiveness of the traditional curtains and blinds practicality. Design is made of different kinds of fabric which are different light-absorbing, light reflecting and light transmitting performance and texture, as a result can create a desired light output intensity. With the curtains you can achieve as a scattering effect and completely darken the room. Each fabric has-dust and anti-static characteristics, which reduces the requirements for the garment label.

Blinds are excellently combined withtraditional curtains and drapes, giving them protection against burnout. Between the glass and curtains create an air layer, which protects the room from the hot air in the summer and cold in winter. What is the difference?

Features a variety of curtains Systems

The distinctive black open system isuniform winding cloth on the open shaft, he is assigned to a window design by mounting brackets. The web of fabric may be made of different materials, the bottom slat attached thereto, performs the function of the load. Thanks to the textile and straightened exactly located at the doorway or window casement. All the components, if desired, you can pick up the tone of the window. The line serves as a guide, it is located behind the cloth curtain and serves to move the bar. Thanks to the fabric even in draft and moves along an inclined position of the window.

A closed system is characterized in that the shaft,serving to wrap the fabric, closed boxes. Blind stacked evenly on the window casement, with the guide fixed on each side. They allow you to create the appearance that the curtain is in the frame. Thanks to them, eliminates gaps between the window and fabric, which means that you can achieve a complete blackout.

Unlike traditional roller blinds analoguesallow even on a sunny day to achieve complete blackout. They will help to create an ideal environment for sleeping or watching projector. The special base fabric provides a 100 percent dimming. Roller blinds effectively protect the interior space from fading and give it a stylish modern look.

Blinds and their features
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