Recommendations for the design of the room for the baby

An important condition for a modern interior designa child's room is to provide a space that will allow your child to develop harmoniously. Many notice that it is better not to impose their views on what should be your child's room: choosing the furniture, wallpaper okleivaya her who loved you. selection registration for the baby's room it is best to entrust your child's imagination. And even if it is expensive your wallpaper plastered with pictures and posters, do not worry.

Think about choosing furniture and curtains

Furniture for children's rooms should meetsafety requirements, be eco-friendly and functional. Remember that every child wants to have their own storage space. Bunk bed can help your child feel that it is his own thing. Special boxes can be used to store toys, but they should not be heavy and take up a lot of space - this will protect your child from injury.

Curtains child's room should not containswags and drapes, as if they did not look aesthetically pleasing: the extra dust collectors you to anything. Provide the maximum amount of sunlight. Better desire to add sophistication to implement pillows and bedspread.

Floor and wall must be matched with the needs of children

To prepare the room for your childyou need to take care of the appropriate flooring. Experts do not recommend the use of expensive flooring for young children (under 5 years) - laminate, etc. Children often go barefoot, but if every day to move on a perfectly flat surface, can develop flat feet. The best option would be a natural tree is not very smooth surface.

Stretch ceilings and wallpapers also find theiruse in the nursery. But wallpaper theme can stop like a child: his tastes changed and he wants something else. After all, childhood hobbies and interests change quite often.

Much depends on the age of

The child's age has a big impact onselection of furniture for his room. It was found that children under five years feel more peace of mind, if not far sleeps someone from their loved ones. Therefore, concerned parents worry not only about how to prepare the room for your child, but also where it will be located. Best of all, to children and the parents' bedroom is next door. In addition, try to choose a location for your child's room so that it fell as much natural sunlight as possible. Arrange it in bright colors. Footage of a child's room may be small, but the main thing that child feel good in the room.

The older the child, the more hethe need for larger premises. To make the room would be appropriate to use a two-story structure for children 5-10 years. Also, do not be limited to one color - bright and rich colors may be out of place.

puberty time (next five years)It is a special stage in the child's life. Teens want freedom, to have personal belongings and space where you can watch a movie or listen to music at any volume. At this age, the child's room can be positioned not far away from the parents' bedroom, and if possible even on a different floor. When making a room for this age group is not superfluous to consult with a specialist, taking into account the habits and preferences of a teenager.

At this age, children are often invited to visitfriends - and this has to be considered. Sofa or sofa will always be in place and ready to accept a small number of guests. Better to give preference to his dressing room than a traditional cabinet - in this age, children are more interested in clothing and appearance.

As seen in the children of each age category have their own needs and wishes the design of the room for the baby. If you try to take them into account and implement itIt helps the child to develop harmoniously and grow in a healthy atmosphere. The decisions of parents depends on many things. Remember that no matter how beautiful and cozy room was not your baby, she will not be able to replace him your care and attention.

Recommendations for the design of the room for the baby
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