Plastic windows for child

Plastic windows for the children's room fromproducer. The most important thing for children's rooms is the question of environmental safety windows. Provide an environment for your child's room will help the window of Rehau profile 70.
profile system

windows Security

If little kids in your family, atglazing, other than the issue of heat saving, child safety issue arises. Make sure that the child can not independently open the flap. For this fit the window handle with a lock, the key of which is the parents. By the way this can be upgraded to handle any modern window.

Protection against external factors

Also children are very susceptible to drafts andlow temperatures, so choose a modern 5-chamber profile system and triple-glazed windows energy efficiency. We advise to pay attention to energy-saving windows with glazing multifunctional ClimaGuard Solar and energy-saving a profile REHAU GENEO system.


If the window faces the street with heavy traffic, think about purchasing windows with concealed fittings, this window is not only a tight, but also has good sound insulation.


It is very important to a child in the room was alwaysfresh air, so regularly ventilate the baby, modern windows allow to do it at the expense of hardware features. A feature of hardware installed in our windows is the presence of micro-ventilation mode, this mode allows you to ventilate the room by opening the flap is only a few millimeters, thus avoiding the occurrence of drafts hazardous to health.

The safety of using windows in the nursery

If you have a mosquito net - neverDo not leave a child unattended in a room with the window open, the child unfortunately not in a position to assess - the window is closed or not and can fall out with him. So keep the key away from the child and do not leave children unattended when the windows are open.

Buy windows in Kharkov in the nursery, you can right now.

Plastic windows Rehau received certificatesquality and pass strict quality control standards in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Children's room is not just a room - a castle, ship, rocket, imagination oasis and undercover area where your child in the first place should be warm and light, these components form your child need a sense of security and peace, which is necessary for normal psychological development.

Safe box - peace of mind of parents

We offer the option window where special attentionChild safety is given. To this end, a plastic box fitted with a special lockable stop - lock, ie, child lock - lock rotation flap, which prevents self-opening plastic window (with a lock handle). Thus, the baby will not be able to open a window where you will be next.

Comfort and convenience

Recommended for children's complement windowroom mosquito net - and then your child will not be disturbed pesky insects. A ventilation system will ensure safe winter supply of fresh air in the nursery at night. The window in the children's room is equipped with energy efficient glazing sure, so the room is always quiet and warm. Only in this way you will get rid of unnecessary anxiety and worry and enjoy your child's laughter in moments when he will play in his room.

Plastic windows for child
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