Possible layout of rooms storey house

Construction of a single-storey house is in many waysIt is the best one. This solution provides the freedom to choose the design as well as the necessary security conditions, such as the disabled and children. One-story houses are now in vogue, they are perceived as a single architectural project together with the adjacent territory. The choice of this home also means savings on heating, which in our time is important for many. Now there are many companies that pick up its customers with good accommodation at an affordable price, and are also involved in planning of one-storey houses.

In the process of creating a project and a single-storey houseits layout, the owner must pay attention to many points. One of the most important points - is the design features of the building, which largely depend on the construction material. For example, if a house is built of brick, its configuration can be more complex.

Let us consider in detail the advantages of a village house

• laying the foundation cheap compared to high-rise buildings, as the base load is reduced significantly;

• You can use a single design concept for the entire house, using smooth transitions between rooms;

• convenient to clean the house, as all rooms are on one floor;

• The room is heated quickly and retains heat for a long time;

• such a structure is safe for people with disabilities and children due to the lack of stairs;

• using room dividers, you can pick up an interesting design solution.

To plan a single-storey house is recommendedinvite an experienced designer and architect, but the creative thoughts of the owner must also be taken into account. The only rational planning simply does not exist, since each person individually: some prefer calm, but someone on the noisy company's soul. Although there are some standard approaches, which are used in the process of planning one-storey private houses. Let us consider in more detail the layout of rooms in one-story house.

Layout entrance to a house in the first place dependsthe climate. If the house is located in a region where the cold of winter, it will be necessary to make the vestibule to the main room to isolate more cold air door.

The optimum layout of rooms in the one-story house

When planning one-storey house divided areaon functional elements more difficult, compared to the 2-storey house. For example, a 2-storey house bedroom and home area are located on different floors, which are separated by a staircase. As for the single-storey house, everything is more complicated, the main functional areas should be located conveniently. It is possible to combine the kitchen with a living room or dining room, or on the contrary to separate them, but only if "group rooms". The bathroom with bath is recommended to place next to the living room, so that guests could immediately explain where it is possible to powder the nose. View different photo layouts of single-storey houses on our website.

The office and bedroom

Disposition of the bedrooms will depend on thethe number of residents. Ideally, each family member should have his own bedroom. If the house lives a couple without children, an additional bedroom can be for guests or the unborn child. As for the child's bedroom, special attention should be paid to the size of it. It is a mistake to make it small size, because children spend in this room a lot of time: prepare for lessons, playing with friends, engaged recharging. In this regard, a children's bedroom, as compared to an adult, must be larger in size as adults in the bedroom only to sleep.

With regard to the working room, then set aside forhas a separate room does not always work, because it will take away a lot of the useful area or just increase the size of the house, along with its value. As you can use the extra bedroom as an office.

lighting Distribution

Lighting in the process of planning a single-storey houseIt is one of the most important elements. Today there are many types of lighting, the organization, but do not forget about natural light, as well as its benefits. must have at least one window in each room. In the vestibule, storage room and boiler availability of an optional window, as it will be quite an ordinary light bulb.

As in the one-story house to increase the effective area

When choosing a one-floor house owner understands that it will be difficult to increase the area. But a few extra rooms can not hurt, and their plan in the following ways:

1. The Ground Floor can arrange, for example, a billiard room, sauna, sports hall or living room.

2. Make a mansard roof. From a financial point of view, it is not much more expensive than building a house with a gable roof, and the resulting space under the roof can be used for the organization of the guest rooms, bedrooms, etc.

3. The flat roof can be used as additional space for relaxation or flower bed.

4. Having pent roof, it can be used as an attic or curtain room.

Possible layout of rooms storey house
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