What wallpaper to choose a child with a reference to the safety and quality of consumer

What wallpaper to choose for the child

Wallpaper for hall, Bedroom, hallway and kitchen are selectedrelative ease. But when it comes to interior design of personal space beloved child, many parents nervously scratched his head. What wallpaper to choose for the child? What you should pay attention to what aspects to consider? Try to understand.


  • First of all - safety
  • Choosing material for children's wallpaper
    • Paper: a wide selection of plus security
    • Fleece - strength, brilliance
    • Liquid for future artists
    • Vinyl buy other rooms
  • Attention to age
  • The color and shape children's fullness

First of all - safety

It is mandatory wallpaper should becertified manufacturer confirming their ecological purity. Compliance with the requirements of the production of high sanitary standards and the absence of the hazardous still not strong the child's body substances - the green light to buy. Choosing - do not be stingy, try to choose a truly high-quality material. After all, in the room the baby is not just sitting, lying, plays - he's asleep. For a night's sleep, a healthy microclimate surrounding area is very important.

Choosing material for children's wallpaper

Modern buyer rather spoiled by an assortment of wallpapers: vinyl, non-woven, liquid, jute, paper, textile ... What to prefer for a child's room?

Paper: a wide selection of plus security

Perhaps the best option. Maximum compliance with all safety requirements and a wide range of products - their main trump card.

Of course, to say that they are practical, language does not turn ... but who glues wallpaper in the nursery with the expectation of a decade?

Fleece - strength, brilliance

They are durable, eco-friendly; repair them -pleasure. The adhesive is applied directly to the wall, and the web "go to" dry. So it is possible to observe the accuracy of the adjusting bands - this is especially important in the case of comparing the elements of some fairy tale.

Wallpaper for children's: Non-woven starry sky

Wallpaper for children's: Non-woven starry sky

Liquid for future artists

Durable, practical, and most importantly - they can begive free rein to their creativity and child. Create your own unique multicolored ornament! You may want to create an original monotone? Let the young Picasso's works with impunity: a liquid wallpaper easily removed any masterpieces.

Vinyl buy other rooms

The subject of heated debate many parenting forums. Someone moved by their visual appeal, someone rejects them because of the artificiality. Doubt and you? So should move their attention to something else. These wallpapers are still better suited for non-residential areas of the apartment (house) - corridor, kitchen, living room.

Important! Definitely it is not necessary to purchase any foam samples. This purchase is not justified either in terms of aesthetics (children's playful hands and asked them to pick open) or in terms of security ( "crumbled" elements can get into the respiratory tract of the child).

Attention to age

Picks repairs in the nursery? And how many days, months, years to your daze? Certain aspects of aging should definitely take into account:

  • for still more kids there is nothing better than a plain, not frilly wallpaper;
  • three year olds like wallpaper with expressive thematic drawings;
  • for children from 5 years suitable training, cognitive patterns or, again, a thematic interior fullness.
Educational children's wallpaper

Educational children's wallpaper

Important! Even a child of three, and more adult - and even more so, is formed taste preferences. Allow fumes to actively participate in the selection of materials. Give the little man to feel its significance.

It is more difficult to choose the wallpaper for the room when yourson or daughter - already teenagers. make a purchase is not advisable without them - or repair can become a regular problem of "fathers and sons". Just give the heir to understand that his choice - very serious, and in the case of change in the views (hobbies), no one will not alter.

Also do not forget that children are first of all boys and girls, with characteristic "sexual" preferences.

The color and shape children's fullness

The best color scheme for the nursery - ismoderately bright, calm tones. Making room should encourage the child to mental and gaming activity, but it does not inhibit the mentality and temperament are not hurt. Children - a real fortress for its inhabitants. It should be warm, comfortable and harmonious.

Psychologists say that the phlegmatic and melancholic can "shake", picking up wallpaper warm colors. Cool flighty choleric can be more calm tones, but not dark.

The child loves small animals, birds, cartoons, fairy tales? No problem! Today the range of wallpaper allows you to realize any childhood dream.

Important! Too frequent picture is able to bore childish consciousness, and she quickly bored. Ideally, the wallpaper must be a single figure (the plot) that can be beat in the interior. For example, natural motif on the wall perfectly complement the green sofa, performing the role of the lawn.

The successful combination of themes wallpaper with the general character of the interior

The successful union of themes wallpapers and character of the interior

Try to choose the wallpaper, so that then do notterrified by their incompatibility with furniture. Consider the entire interior to the smallest detail. A well-chosen wallpaper can help zoned space on the game and training site, visually separate place to relax. Be responsible for the practical side of buying - independently identify the type of wallpaper, and the age of reason, let the child to adjust their range and topics. That way you can avoid misunderstandings and genuine grievances of children.

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