A room for a teenager (180 pics)

180 photo-ideas for the design of a room for a teenager. Help in choosing the design of the bedroom for boys and girls in different styles.

Creating an interior room for a teenager -A task that can not be solved by every designer, because the design of the room should be liked by both parents and growing up rebels. But solving this problem will never be boring. Do not believe me? The photo below is proof!


  1. Features of the design of the teen room
    1. Teenager's room for a girl
    2. Teenager's room for a young man
    3. A room for two teenagers
  2. Age Accents
    1. 12-13 years old
    2. 14-15 years old
    3. 16 years
  3. Stylistic solutions for a teenage room
    1. Classic style
    2. American style
    3. Minimalism
    4. High tech
    5. Loft
  4. Decorating a teen room
    1. What kind of wallpaper should I prefer?
    2. How to decorate the ceiling?
    3. What flooring you choose?
    4. How to organize lighting?
  5. Zoning multifunctional children's room
    1. sleeping area
    2. Area for study and hobby
    3. things storage area
  6. Photo Gallery

Features of the design of the teen room

Adolescence is considered one of the mostComplex in the formation of personality. On the one hand, the younger generation begins to realize their independence, rebel and defend their rights, check the strength of parental prohibitions and push the boundaries of their own freedom. On the other hand, these are still children who only learn to take responsibility for their actions and demand your attention and care.

Need to update nursery, As a rule, occurs in the early schoolAge. You can regularly make repairs in accordance with the age of your child, but if this is not possible - it makes sense to immediately create an interior designed for a teenager.

But even in the long run it's not worth itMake the room "expensive and tasteful," but at the same time completely boring. All known youthful maximalism manifests itself in everything: in behavior, in tastes, in preferences. Therefore, a teenage room can (and should!) Include the most incredible colors, textures, shapes!

A teenager will never appreciate a room only by a check drawn for registration!

A room for a teenager Is his personal space, in which the youngA person is resting, having fun, studying, communicating with friends. If you do not want your child to constantly look for an excuse to escape to the street, make sure that he was as comfortable as possible in his corner.

Regardless of the layout options for yourCreate an opportunity for your child to express himself. Pay attention to his hobbies and hobbies, make a room according to them, maybe even thematic. Offer him to choose their own furniture for their room (of course, only from quality and reliable manufacturers, time-tested and friends) or a picture of wallpaper. And together with the girl you can make curtains or decorative pillows by your own hand! So you not only teach her useful skills, but also get closer.

Decoration of a room for a teenager should not be deliberately dramatized, as for a baby.

Teenager's room for a girl

Modern design solutions allow you to not limit yourself to Creating a room for a girl Pink color, bows and ruches. Manufacturers of adolescent furniture and interior items take into account the versatility of adolescents of our time and the fantastic variety of their hobbies. But what is best for your daughter, except for herself, even the most eminent designer will not tell you.

Any young lady (even if she is a convinced goth!) A lot of outfits. Therefore, there should be a lot of storage space for things, but furniture should not clutter up space. Will successfully fit into any interior:

  • Wardrobe for dresses;
  • Chest of drawers, linen;
  • Boxes at the bottom of the bed for shoes.

The girl is the future woman, so try to place in her room a small dressing table!

Features of the design of the teen room
Features of teen room design 1
Features of teen room design 2
Features of teen room design 3
Features of teen room design 4
Features of teen room design 5

Teenager's room for a young man

It is very difficult to find at least one boy who does not have a hobby or a hobby. And it is these interests that can become the basis for creating an interior in your son's room.

It can be anything! For example:

  • sport;
  • army;
  • music;
  • Ship business;
  • Cinematography;
  • computer games;
  • Chemistry, etc.

Do not know what kind of hobby is key? To define it is very simple! What is the child ready to do both day and night without being distracted? On which topic reacts most rapidly, sharply, close to the heart? Here to you and the answer!

Regardless of what is the main "chip" in the interior of the boy-teenager, in his room there must necessarily be a place for a sports corner or a simulator.

Teenager's room for young men 1
Teenager's room for young men 2
Teenager's room for young men 3
Teenager's room for young men 4
Teenager's room for young men 5
Teenager's room for young men 6

A room for two teenagers

If In one room there live two people Teenagers, it is necessary that they can do their own business without interfering with each other, but, at the same time, interact with each other, they were close.

It is very important that no one feelsSomething deprived, so all should be equally and in abundance. This applies not only to toys, but to furniture - comfortable beds, cabinets with enough shelves, places for study and / or hobbies.

If the room is not very large, then some functional areas can be combined:

  • The sleeping area can be combined with a bunk bed;
  • The storage area can be optimized by conventionally dividing one cabinet in half;
  • work zone For two children Can be replaced by one long table.

For teens of different sex, the room, ratherAll, have to zonate. This does not mean that the room will look like it is torn in half. Such an impression can be completely avoided if the zones are made thematic, but sustained in one style.

If you have the same children in the same roomFloor, the room can be devoted to one topic. But be sure to listen to both teenagers - the interior should like and match the tastes of everyone.

A room for two teenagers
A room for two teenagers 2
A room for two teenagers 3
A room for two teenagers 4
A room for two teenagers 5
Room for two teenagers 6
A room for two teenagers 7
A room for two teenagers 8
A room for two teenagers 9

Age Accents

12-13 years old

This is the period of early adolescence, whenThe child is just starting his way to independence. As a rule, at this age the child already has some kind of hobby, he does something in his spare time from school, is interested in something. And the sooner the child finds what he would like to do all his life, the faster he will be able to achieve something, the better the results will be. And you can help him in this, reflecting his hobbies in the interior and creating the most comfortable conditions for their development.

Room for 12-13 years
Room for 12-13 years 2
Room for 12-13 years old 3
Room for 12-13 years old 4
Room for 12-13 years old 5
Room for 12-13 years old 6
Room for 12-13 years old 7

14-15 years old

At this age, adolescents tend to find themselvesIdols, so it is very likely that in the room there will be a lot of posters, posters, posters. In addition, this is the age when adolescents "pile up" and join different interest groups. Your child will be very grateful if all his friends can gather in his room!

If the room has nowhere to put chairs, they can be replaced with colorful cushions: conveniently, originally and in a folded form, takes up little space!

Room for 14-15 years
Room for 14-15 years 2
Room for 14-15 years 3
Room for 14-15 years 4
Room for 14-15 years 5
Room for 14-15 years 6

16 years

At the age of 16, the adolescent does not only have a hobby,But also certain achievements in it. This is a fully formed personality. At this age, a teenager can come up with his own, so that he wants to see in his room. Trust him!

Room for 16 years - photo
Room for 16 years - photo 1
Room for 16 years - photo 3
Room for 16 years - photo 4
Room for 16 years - photo 5
Room for 16 years - photo 6
Room for 16 years - photo 7
Room for 16 years - photo 8
Room for 16 years - photo 9
Priorities in the thematic design of the room depending on the age
12-13 years old Hobby
14-15 years old Idols
16 years Achievements

Read about how to apply Room for a girl 10-12 years old.

Stylistic solutions for a teenage room

Classic style

Registration of a teenage room in a classicStyle - a good solution for girls. After all, every girl is a future housewife, who will have to create a cozy home. So why not instill love for beauty in childhood?

Classic style
Classic style 2
Classic style 3
Classic style 4
Classical style 5
Classic style 6

American style

Externally, the American style has much in common with the classics, but it is much more democratic. One can single out the main distinguishing features of this style:

  • Unification of different zones in the same room;
  • Predominantly local lighting;
  • Large size furniture at a considerable distance;
  • Use of materials for "high cost".

This style will look great in spacious bright rooms. I will like both boys and girls.

American style
American style 2
American Style 3
American Style 4
American Style 5


The main advantage of a minimalist style inThe design of the teen room - the reduction of cleaning to a minimum. Such a choice is also successful from the point of view of safety - the less details, especially the beating, with pointed angles, heavy and unstable, the less likely that the child is injured during the game. And although the adolescents are already quite old, they are still children, so they are characterized by spontaneous fun and active pranks.

Minimalism 2
Minimalism 3
Minimalism 4
Minimalism 5
Minimalism 6

High tech

Style hi-tech, as a kind of minimalism,Emerged in the sixties and is the legacy of a whole literary generation of science fiction writers. Dreams about the conquest of space, flights in the universe, the technology of the future - all this embodies the hi-tech.

High tech
Hi-tech 2
Hi-tech 3
Hi-tech 4
Hi-tech 5
Hi-tech 6


This style originated in the United StatesAmerica, when workers began to settle in factory and factory premises. That is why the loft is considered a branch of the industrial style of decoration of premises. The combination of incongruous, old and new furniture, rough textures and original accessories will be appreciated by rebels who want to go beyond the generally accepted framework. But that the room does not turn into a tasteless pantry for rubbish - everything should be in moderation.

Loft 2
Loft 3
Loft 4
Loft 5

Decorating a teen room

What kind of wallpaper should I prefer?

Those that your child likes! If your tastes do not match, go for a compromise in the form of decorating and visual highlighting of one wall. For this purpose, not only wallpaper with a bright and large pattern can be used, but also wallpaper or Wallpaper for painting.

Decorating a teen room
Decoration of a teen room 2
Decorating a teen room 3
Decorating a teen room 4
Decorating a teen room 5
Decorating a teen room 6
Decorating a teen room 7
Decoration of a teen room 8

How to decorate the ceiling?

If the height of the room allows, it will look great stretch ceilings or ceilings from gypsum board. In addition, this is another opportunity to install additional lighting.

How to decorate the ceiling
How to decorate the ceiling 2
How to decorate the ceiling 3

What flooring you choose?

The floor must be made in accordance withSelected style. It can be a parquet for classics, linoleum for loft, ceramic tile for hi-tech style. But the floor must be warm, so use a special heating system!

If a teenager is fond of weights, then as a coating for the floor, so as not to spoil its appearance, it is better to use carpet. And the neighbors will be less perturbed by the noise.

What kind of flooring to choose
Which flooring to choose 1
Which flooring to choose 3
Which flooring to choose 2

How to organize lighting?

In a teenage room there should be a lot of light. But for quality sleep you need dense curtains. In addition to natural lighting, there must be lamps. It is better to give preference to several local luminaires in different functional areas than to confine oneself to one chandelier.

How to organize lighting
How to organize lighting 2
How to organize lighting 3
How to organize lighting 4
How to organize lighting 5
How to organize lighting 6
How to organize lighting 7

Zoning multifunctional children's room

sleeping area

Quality sleep is the guarantee of health. If there is not enough space for a bed, choose a quality orthopedic sofa. It is desirable to place it so that the sun does not shine in the eyes. Be sure to install a small night lamp at the head of the bed.

sleeping area
Sleeping Area 2
Sleeping Area 3
Sleeping Area 4
Sleeping Area 5

Area for study and hobby

It is necessary to have a table, behind whichThe child will do homework or do his hobby. Lighting should be bright, but not sharp. It is better if the light source is located directly or to the left of the child (for left-handers - on the right).

Area for study and hobby
Study and Hobby Zone 1
Study and Hobby Zone 2
Zone for study and hobby 3
Study and hobby area 4

things storage area

Cabinets Much does not happen. Especially in the girl's room. But if there is not much space, the ideal solution will be multi-functional furniture, for example, a bed with a built-in wardrobe or staircase-chest of drawers for a bunk bed.

things storage area
Storage area 1
Storage area 2
Storage area 3
Storage area 4
Storage area 5
Storage area 6
Storage area 7
Storage area 8

Photo Gallery

And here are a few more successful solutions for a teenage room.

Photo 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Photo 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
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