How to choose carpet for the house: the nuances of selection criteria and coverage

Carpeting is among one of the mostpopular types of outdoor carpet, occupying a place of honor because of its properties. It has good sound insulation properties, durability and practicality, ease of use, variety of colors, making it possible to choose the perfect fit for a particular design solution. Modern carpet for the house makes it easy to update the interior, adding a feeling of coziness and comfort. In order to make the right choice among the variety of existing options of flooring, you need to get an idea of ​​the existing kinds.


  • Objective: To choose the carpet
    • Classification according to the method of production
    • What is the composition of carpet better
    • Differences in the way of weaving
    • Depending on the method of staining strands
  • Carpet for a particular room
    • What to put on the floor in the bedroom?
    • What is best for the living room carpet
    • Material for the corridor
    • Carpeting for children's rooms

Objective: To choose the carpet

To determine which carpet to choose, you must consider the existing types, depending on its mode of production.

Classification according to the method of production

needle-punched carpet. The method comprises producingnumerous piercing fibrillation special needles with special notches. Captured serrated fibers entangled in a mixed manner, which gives the surface appearance of the batt. On the wrong side of the fibers are fixed secondary basis, as that is usually the tires. Needle-punched carpet is lint-free and is characterized by high wear resistance and good sound-absorbing characteristics. This type of flooring is different cheap cost, among other types of carpets.

needle-punched carpet

Needle-punched carpet - the most durable option that stands out against the backdrop of unparalleled durability

tufted carpet. The essence of the production technology isneedle and thread passes through the base, leaving the front side of the product desired height loops. Simultaneous operation of a large number of needles, working with the foundation of the future coating creates a looped pile. Using pile yarns can be sewn like a woven base or a nonwoven. In addition, the equipment for the production of tufted carpet is equipped with additional cutting blades allow cutting of loops, forming a sheared pile. After the facing layer coating ready producing formation "substrates." On the wrong side of the yarn is fixed by means of latex, and then applied to the second substrate.

Popularity tufted carpet duea wide variety of coverage options: pile top (front side in the form of fluff) or a loop top (front side has the form of loops), a variety of colors, designs, height and density of the pile. For this type of carpeting is used silky to the touch and a dense material. The finished product is characterized by practicality, easy to clean, long enough retains marketable appearance and does not wear out, hardly absorbs moisture. Tufted carpet is suitable for laying in rooms with increased humidity.

tufted carpet

Tufted carpet is practical: easy to clean, not afraid of water

flocked carpet. For its production using the followingtechnology: cut thin filaments 3 mm by means of an electrostatic field is placed in a certain way on the basis of PVC, then fix using latex. Flocked flooring is plastic, but at the same time very durable and resistant to deformation, which is achieved through a secondary basis. In addition, the use of latex gives the material more resistant to moisture, allowing you to use it in a room with high humidity.

flocked carpet

Flocked carpet can be laid in rooms with high moisture levels characteristic

Woven carpet. In this way, production is madefamous oriental rugs. Plain or multicolored yarns interwoven to form a pile, and is fixed on a solid basis of natural jute with the help of tying knots. Then trimmed the ends of these nodules. Feature process technology is that tightly interwoven with pile warp threads, the end result is a base fixedly connected with the pile surface. This leads to the fact that even long-term intensive exploitation and numerous wash does not cause peeling base. Woven carpet the most durable among other species and is characterized by the use of a sufficiently large number of manual operations that affects its higher cost.

Woven carpet

Production of woven carpet is based on oriental rugs production technology

What is the composition of carpet better

Very often, the coating providesa decisive role in the choice of carpeting for the house. In direct relation to the thread, which is taken as the basis for the production, identify several types of carpet: natural, artificial and mixed. So, how to choose a carpet on the composition and not to give up on the selected option in the operation.

Natural carpet manufactured substantially from 100% wool. In addition, sometimes they use cotton, linen or jute. Carpeted Floor obtained elastic and resistant to moisture. Moreover, wool is characterized by low flammability. The only drawback of this type of carpet is the rapid wear. Flooring produced from natural wool, preserves a pleasant indoor climate - the fibers are able to absorb the excess moisture and the dry air to give it in the form of steam. If you choose carpeting in the bedroom, the natural carpet will be the ideal option, as it is an environmentally friendly material.

Natural carpet

Natural carpet in addition to compelling advantages has one significant drawback - it is not acceptable for people resettlement housing, prone to allergies

Artificial carpet made of polyester, olefin(PP), nylon (polyamide), acrylics, using as a latex backing. These fibers are obtained by chemical processing. The most popular nylon. It is perfectly cleansed of impurities, characterized by the plasticity and wear resistance, while at the same time it is pleasant to the touch and soft. The nylon coating is considered to be among the most expensive artificial. Cheaper category - acrylic, polyester, and then - olefin. Artificial carpet is ideal for areas with high traffic, such as corridors.

Artificial carpet

Artificial carpet durable, flexible, beautiful and most importantly ... cheap

Mixed carpet made of synthetic materialaddition of natural wool (10-30%). This type of carpet combines the positive aspects of the two types of cloth. It is best suited for living room or hall.

Differences in the way of weaving

Tufted carpet is a short-nap (heightto 5 mm) srednevorsovy (5 to 15 mm) vysokovorsovy (15 to 40 mm). Each of these types is suitable for a particular room in the house. For example, a thick carpet, featuring a high pile, well suited for the bedroom, and the smooth-carpet ideal living room or office. It should be noted that the main value when choosing the type of floor covering plays a density of carpet. The larger the specified parameter, the better the appearance, shape, higher susceptibility to abrasion and durability. Furthermore, by using varying levels of lint generated patterns.

More isolated single-level and multilevelloop coating. For layered coatings characterized by varying the height of the loop that allows you to create a volume pattern on the surface. This carpet has a presentable and interesting look, but there are difficulties when cleaning.

The main types of carpet in a manner of weaving

The main types of carpet in a manner of weaving

Depending on the type of pile (weaving method) are the following varieties of carpet:

  • Velour - carpet, featuring a short splitpile. There are two types: hard and soft. The upper part of the villi raspushivaetsya so that the entire surface becomes uniform appearance and gives a pleasant feeling when touched. The advantages of this type include ease of care. But, unfortunately, monochromatic surfaces are extremely distinguished marks from shoes and dirt. This type of pile is most suitable for the bedroom, living room or children's room;
  • Saxony - carpet of twisted yarn. For this carpet is characterized by a grainy appearance. The manufacturing process used pile different length, but not more than 40 mm. Cover with the pile is among the most elite carpet;
  • Shag - it is a kind of Saxony. This coating is made of coarse pile having a height of 30-40 mm;
  • Felt - carpet, in which productionpressed several layers of yarn, wool, soaked before processing a particular chemical composition. It is necessary to further process this type of flooring repellent that protects the surface from stains. Felt is quite fragile appearance, but it is practical and maintenance-carpeted;
  • Scroll - coating, which is amulti-level loop pile is formed by a combination of cut and clipped hinges. Along with the loops on the surface of single fibers are present, giving the carpet an elegant look. Scroll has good anti-wear characteristics, is more suitable for hallways, living rooms, living rooms;
  • Katlup - kind of carpet, characterized by an interesting mix of high and low cut yarn loops. It is characterized by an unusual relief pattern, is most often used in the bedroom;
  • Friese - flooring with high and strongtwisted pile. The front side has a curly look. Twisting of the filaments is secured by heat treatment. Friese released in different versions - with split hair, dvuhfakturny with fibers of different thicknesses and a loop, characterized by increased resistance to creasing. On this carpeting few traces of shoes, the dirt, but it requires careful maintenance;
  • Boucle - carpet made based on the method of tying knots with "eyes". It is characterized by beautiful shape and extremely strong. In this type of flooring is not visible traces of furniture;
  • Print - widely used carpet in children's rooms. This type of display is capable of unusual and fabulous pictures.

Depending on the method of staining strands

If you are thinking about how to choose carpet for the house, you should pay attention to the color stability, which largely depends on the method of coloring. There are three ways:

  • Carpet made from yarns made of synthetic colored mass. This method is the best, provides strong stain;
  • Carpeting is made of the finished dyed yarn;
  • The printed pattern is applied on the stencil on the finished fabric. This method is less stable, drawing pretty quickly erased burns.

Carpet for a particular room

What to put on the floor in the bedroom?

As a floor covering in the bedroom suitwoven or tufted carpet on a natural basis. It should be remembered that to take care of such a coating is necessary with the help of dry detergents as natural fibers when exposed to moisture can be deformed and reduced in size. Woven carpet is an expensive option, but the bedroom is not characterized by high traffic and the need to use aggressive cleaning chemicals. Such a carpet in the room will last as long as possible.

What is best for the living room carpet

Living room - a place where hunting combinepracticality and original style. This is possible thanks to carpet, produced by tufting technology and having a synthetic base. This type of coating is soft, does not shrink and does not deform, easy to clean, does not fade under the influence of ultraviolet light, moisture resistance, and has a long service life. Tufted carpet is characterized by a variety of colors, allowing for the best option coverage, combined with the general stylistic decision room.

Material for the corridor

In the hallway and other rooms with high levels ofpatency should be chosen carpet, manufactured by needle technology. This coating is different low cost, durability and wear resistance. Needle-punched carpet is made from synthetic fibers, good resistance to any cleaning.

Carpeting for children's rooms

Quality flooring for children's room should meet the higher requirements. It is important to combine respect for environmental cleanliness with maximum practicality and strength.

The carpet in the nursery for girls

The carpet in the nursery for girls

Carpets with a color pattern for a child's room

Carpets with a color pattern for a child's room

Carpets should not be Mark, soft, easilycleaned. Set the parameters in a more consistent coating, made of synthetic fibers. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of colors and the presence of amusing pictures.

The durability of the carpet is closely linked toits density pile: the larger it is, the longer the coating as tight villi difficult to pin down and trample. Carpeting - a modern floor covering, wherein a diverse assortment. With the help of a quality carpet can easily decorate and give it personality.

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