How to choose a carpet for the house: focus on the main points

How to choose a carpet for the house

Updating the interior - not an easy task, withfaced by each person. Decorating the walls and ceiling can work wonders and bring newness to the room, but there is another secret, through which you can perfectly complete the task. Carpeting for home play an important role in the design of the internal type of dwelling, give it a cozy, comfortable and warm colors. But sometimes the choice leads to confusion and uncertainty about the correctness of the decision, since the range is wide, and the colors varied.


  • The carpet or carpet?
  • Advantages of laying carpet
  • Guide for those who choose
    • Material - the main criterion
    • Choosing carpet for different rooms
    • Landmark - the color scheme
    • Carpeted Floor for children's rooms

The carpet or carpet?

Often people confuse the "carpet" and the concept of "carpetcoating ", though they are used interchangeably, but refer to different things. For the sake of clarity it should be noted that the carpet is fixed to the base, occupying the entire surface of the floor and the carpet size is much smaller and is free.

Carpets are supplied in rolls ascarpet tiles. This decorative coating, which can be used at home, in the workplace and representative offices, theaters, kindergartens.

Carpet came to Europe from the US, becauseThe vast majority of the sexes are made out there by laying carpets. In European countries, it has become popular relatively recently, but such an ornament is not a modern novelty. Even the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt wove mats from straw, which were then decomposed on stones.

Advantages of laying carpet

Undoubtedly, comfort - an important part, socarpet should bend under his feet, it's nice to work on the body while walking. Softness - parameter is not less important, because people still have long sought to walking on a soft surface, realizing that with the help of the skins and the same mats woven by hand. It turns out that the carpet is not only comfortable walking, but also health benefits, as in this case, the effect on the musculoskeletal system less.

Thermal insulation - the special structure (the powerfulbase) and the upper surface (nap) form specific air komorki that accumulate the warmth and for a long time, give it the atmosphere of the room. And if in addition is equipped with underfloor heating, it is possible to save money.

Important: Plus, carpet acts as an insulator: prevents the outflow of heat and complicates unwanted penetration into the room below the low temperatures.

Sound absorption and noise reduction - carpetcoatings reduce the penetration and spread of sounds: from the outside (street, neighbors), inside (steps). In this absorption can reach levels of 25-30%, the rate depends on the density and thickness of the pile, the type of substrate.

Important: no more than one coating is not as acoustic insulation related echoes steps.

But this is not the whole list, carpet worthy of respect:

  • a wide and rich range of patterns and colors;
  • delicately affects the foot;
  • adds elegance of the interior;
  • suitability for laying their hands;
  • It ensures a unique microclimate;
  • suitable for different areas;
  • long serves.

Guide for those who choose

Nowadays there are a variety of carpetcover - how to choose the best option? The first thing you need to pay attention to the material, or rather its origin. In general we can say that synthetics cheaper and durable, but it is not always better, because the quality may differ materially.

Material - the main criterion

Nylon polyamide and - the material is the same,just in America and Europe different names. He has a set of good qualities: durability, elasticity, flexibility, ease of operation. But there are drawbacks - the high hygroscopic polyamide absorbs moisture from the air is electrified and is expensive, so buy enough carpet to the variety of overhead.

Carpeted Floor of acrylic fibers - byCompared with the previous, this is a cheaper option, a shorter life and the complexity of cleaning, and of the limited range of colors. But despite the drawbacks, these carpets are attractive in appearance to the touch like wool and not electrified.

Carpeted Floor for sleeping room

Carpeting in the bedroom

Polypropylene - reasonable price and normala set of qualitative characteristics: does not lose color and structure, there is no charge static electricity, easy to clean. Perhaps it should be noted disadvantages of a short life span (5 years), and sensitivity to liquid (after such contact material will deform and lose positive quality).

Naturalness is always a price - carpetwool elastic, holds color well, has good indicators of elasticity. One look at the floor, once it becomes clear that it is natural cover, because hair does not shine, which is characteristic of synthetic materials. A weighty advantage - environmentally friendly and extremely pleasant for bare feet, as well as resistance to abrasion and water action.

Choosing carpet for different rooms

Each room is designed for a specific purpose, so when choosing a carpet should be guided by this criterion.

  • Corridor, staircase, entrance hall - The place of the most intense terrain, therefore, carpet should have a tight low pile, good soil release performance. The variant and a rubber-based.

Important: The best solution in this case - the minimum pile or even its absence.

  • Canteen - The room in which it is possible frequent staining. So you need to choose a coating with fibers, resistant to dyes and having a dirt-repelling properties.
Choosing carpet

The pile - an important indicator

  • Living room - Short and tufted covermultilevel pile. There are several other alternative - the Berbers, that is, multi-level carpet, designed in the style of the Afghan carpet. This elegant geometric patterns created with the large loops with different height.

Important: if you live in a house cat, they quickly spoil the drawing, because they will hurt the claws loop.

  • Concerning foodIt is better to obscure needle-punched carpet floor with a colorful pattern. A bathroom is most practical flocked carpet.
Kitchen carpet

Carpeted Floor in the kitchen

  • Bedroom - A room with the lowest intensityterrain, so the requirements for wear and creasing is not very hard. But at the same time not unimportant antistatisticheskie indicators, they shield the person from unpleasant electrical discharges. Well, nice walking barefoot, too, must be taken into account, so the coating with high pile is the most ideal.

Landmark - the color scheme

The color scheme of the carpet covering a significantimpact on the character of the room, because the correct choice can create a unique atmosphere that is in harmony with the decoration of walls, ceiling and furniture.

Wide choose

Various colors of carpets

A few recommendations:

  • gray - the perfect combination of metal and glass, visually increase the room;
  • Brown - a sense of calm, an excellent option for rooms where work and play;
  • blue - the sky and the sea, this carpet has a positive effect on the human psyche. Most often used in bedrooms;
  • Green - the color of calm and relaxation. Suitable for living rooms and living room;
  • ocher (red and yellow) - the amazing color of the sun, the room is filled with comfort and warmth.

Important: on the carpet of dark colors catch the eye the slightest speck of dust, and clearly visible black dust.

Carpeted Floor for children's rooms

Young children, especially to the years old, a lot of timecarried out on the floor, crawl, sit and play. This means that the carpet for a children - not just an element of decor and original habitat, and therefore it should be chosen with special predilection, observing certain rules.

First, on the floor of the child should not catch a cold,For this reason, you need to buy a carpet with thick felt lining. Thick and hearty nap is not practical, because the carpet can become a dust collector and excite allergies.

Carpeted Floor in the nursery

Carpeting for children's rooms

Pile attachment quality is also very important,because researchers are little pull in the mouth. They can pull the pile, which is highly undesirable. Well, the design - not the last criterion. Bright and cheerful colors, funny figures, fairy tale characters, cartoon characters for children are very popular and arouse their interest.

From all this it is possible to come to a rational conclusion - carpets need to choose wisely, guided by the kind of material, the type of pile, colors and purpose premises.

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