Children's room for the girl: we create a cozy interior design

Find out what the girl needs in her room! The best photo of the design of a children's room for a girl. What you need to pay attention to when creating a children's interior with your own hands.

Children grow very quickly, their interests andNeeds are constantly changing. To arrange the interior of a children's room for a girl, you need to take into account its nature, age and favorite activities. Of course, the financial side of the issue should not be forgotten. Consider a photo of interesting room repair options for a girl.

Children's room for the girl: we create a cozy interior design


What design to make in a girl's room?

Each age period of development of the girl hasIts features, when it is quite small in principle, a separate room is not very much needed, it is enough to buy a comfortable bed and put a changing mat. But after a year, or even earlier, It is better to give the baby her place in the house.

The size of the room does not matter, here everythingDepends on the total area of ​​the house or apartment. But in the room there must be necessarily HEAT and SUNNY. Next, I will give recommendations on the choice of design for girls of different age groups.

Picture of a children's room for a girl
Picture of a children's room for a girl 2
Picture of a children's room for a girl 3
Photo design children's room for girls
Photo design children's room for girls
Photo design children's room for girls

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For a girl 2-3 years old

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Children up to 3 years old are the most interesting. The child quickly learns new actions, actively learns the outside world and begins to talk. They have a lot to do, and any failure is acutely experienced, even if it just did not happen to remove your favorite toy in place. Therefore, the task of the parents of the little princess is to make the room as comfortable and necessarily beautiful. The girl should easily get and clean her toys, she sits on a chair, climb up the stairs and so on. We'll talk about furniture a little later, but for now I'll try to help you in choosing the interior for the baby.

Any mom wants to make room forBeloved daughter of the most beautiful. Most often in the interior use pink and purple colors. But these are not the only colors in the world that are suitable for babes. You can take as a basis any color from pastel shades, and use more saturated shades as accents. Or stop at a peach, gold, yellow or universal olive color.

The main thing that The color scheme in the baby's room was not too bright, Otherwise it will be difficult to calm down before going to bed. Finishing materials should be chosen environmentally friendly, whether it's wallpaper or paint. Child for a girl 2-3 years must be zoned, so that the baby knows where to put your things, and where to remove toys. It is desirable to illuminate each zone. Above the bed hang a night light, and in the play area to make bright lighting. If the child has his own table in the room, then the lamp should be hung over this area. Drawing kaljaki-malyaki will be more convenient.

Photo design children's room for girls
Photo of the design of a children's room for a girl 2-3 years old
Photo of the design of a children's room for a girl 2-3 years old
Room for a girl 2-3 years old 4
Room for a girl 2-3 years old 5
Room for a girl 2-3 years old 6
Room for a girl 2-3 years old 7
Room for a girl 2-3 years 8
Room for a girl 2-3 years 9

The ceiling in the room is better painted in white, Or to order a hanging sheet. The child will not pay attention to him, but due to the white color, more light will appear in the baby's room. The game zone is not a sin and decorate. For this purpose, self-adhesive stickers with your favorite cartoon characters (any other funny and colorful drawings are also suitable) are perfect, or you can make patterns with the help of paint and stencil. A little girl will definitely have to taste it.

On the floor in the children's bedroom you can lay carpetFrom natural fibers, it is easy to clean and made entirely of natural ingredients. The only drawback, this floor covering is not cheap. It is good to look in the children's laminate, choose a better light tone. From above on it you can put a small size mat, on which the child will sit warm and comfortable to play.

For girls 6-7 years old

The only true way to decorateRoom for a girl 6-7 years old, all children at this age are different. Unites them one, in 6-7 years begins schooling! Therefore, the design of the room should already support this orientation - In the room must put a full-fledged desk, boxes for storing stationery, notebooks, words and other educational materials. We still leave the toys, but only the most beloved ones.

A girl needs to be taught to her favorite business, it canBe drawing, modeling, or learning a foreign language. Hobby baby should be to your liking, and for this in the room you just need to create an atmosphere of happiness, kindness and joy !!!

Room for a girl 6-7 years old
Room for a girl 6-7 years old 3
Room for a girl 6-7 years old 4
Room for a girl 6-7 years old 5
Room for a girl 6-7 years old 6
Room for a girl 6-7 years old 7
Room for a girl 6-7 years old 8

The choice of color is better given to the girl, she herselfWill determine what she likes. And, based on this, you can choose furniture, curtains and accessories. The design of the first-year baby for the girl must be more practical, the furniture is functional, and the room is well lit.

Separate space by zone - this is onlyThe task of parents. The girl will need a new and comfortable bed, next to which you need to hang a lamp. A writing desk should be placed near the window, combining natural light with artificial lighting. A zone for games to equip with the child: if the daughter likes to play dolls, make a house for them, put a few shelves for toys or a box, so she herself removed them. In the playing corner, additional lighting and installation of beautiful furniture (an armchair or a small sofa) will be required. Her daughter will surely be visited by her new girlfriends, so not only the hostess, but also her guests, should be comfortable.

For a girl 10-12 years old

Adolescent girls are differentIndependence in everything, they necessarily need a secluded corner in which only they can dispose. Age from 10 years of the girl is called transitional, the body actively develops hormones and prepares for growing up. Therefore, the character, often in this and later period, becomes "not sugar." Parents, of course, are obliged to control the daughter, but it is also necessary to leave her certain freedom. Often teenage girls begin to put forward their conditions to parents, they may not like their room, they themselves want to take part in its design. In no case, this can not be prevented.

Choosing a design room for a girl 10-12 years oldYou need to work with her, first you can show her photos of ready-made interiors, then we, parents, will understand what to rely on when buying materials and everything else. It will not be superfluous, and a joint trip to the store, in the building can be and not very interesting, but that furniture is still better to buy together.

In the salon the child not only pokes his finger onLiked the model, but also "tries on" it! IMPORTANT, for the girl to sit comfortably on a chair, the table would fit her in height, and the sleeping place was spacious enough. She should calmly get to the upper shelves of the cabinet, choose the model you liked and design all the items of her interior.

As for the style and color design solution -It should be just her choice. Parents here can only realize the idea of ​​their daughter in life, or agree and offer the most acceptable option. But the main direction of design let it remain the same.

Room for a girl 10-12 years old
Room for a girl 10-12 years old 3
Room for a girl 10-12 years old 4
Room for a girl 10-12 years old 5
Room for a girl 10-12 years old 6
Room for a girl 10-12 years old 7

Interior of the room for a teenage girl

A little later in life, from about 14 years old,A girl can already be called a girl, and her hobbies will greatly influence not only the character, but also the interior of the room. Of course, if there is a financial opportunity, it is better to do in her room a new repair based on the preferences of her daughter. The usual activities for girls 14 years and older are dancing, music and the Internet. Therefore, there should be enough space in her room. Some, of course, are addicted to other hobbies, but modern children are simply obsessed with electronics.

Interior of the room of a teenage girl mustShould be stylish, it is very important for the harmonious development of the individual. The best style in the design of the teen's room will be modern trends, it can be high-tech, eco-style, minimalism and very rarely classic.

And maybe so, that your daughter hasAn artistic gift, and she herself will be able to create a room for herself. Good parents in the eyes of the child are "obedient parents". We must support its endeavors, but also a veiled control must be present. Why veiled ?? Yes, because we do not need to spoil relations with our daughter. Therefore, adults have to go to all sorts of tricks (establish parental control programs on the Internet, give a smart phone that will sometimes check the child) and other tricks. But only the girl, under no circumstances should not guess about it. Here are some examples that will help determine the direction of the room design for a teenage girl.

We digress from the topic, so how to make room for a teenage girl? The style and color of the room, she must choose herself. She can be trusted and the choice of accessories for her room. For the daughter you need to buy / make to order:

  1. Spacious wardrobe For clothes and shoes.
  2. Sofa-transformer or bed. But only with her daughter, ask what she likes best, then buy.
  3. Mirror.
  4. Chest of drawers Or hinged shelves.
  5. Table For computer and lessons.
  6. Comfortable armchair Or a chair.
  7. You can buy her Soft pouf Or put an extra sofa for guests.
  8. Purchase Fixtures (Wall or floor).
  9. Pick up blinds On the windows.
  10. If necessary, install an acoustic system and a TV.
Interior of the room for a teenage girl
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 1
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 2
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 3
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 4
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 5
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 6
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 7
Interior of a room for a teenage girl 8
Interior of the room for a teenage girl 9

How to choose a design depending on the area?

They all have different houses and apartments. Choosing the location of the room for the child, we need to give preference not to the smallest, but at the same time warm and bright room.

Room 12-14 square meters

The area of ​​14 square meters can be attributed to a small, and the design of such a space has its own characteristics. At first, Furniture in the nursery should be functional and it is impossible to supply it very much - You need to leave free space for active pastime of the child. And secondly, a small room needs a visual increase. For this you can use the following methods:

  1. On one of the walls you can install a mirror or buy a wardrobe with a full-length mirror. In a small child's room, it's not safe to do this, but a teenage girl will be very happy about it.
  2. The interior should have a light tone - the walls and ceiling finish can be monochrome, and can have one plane with a bright accent. Just arrange it correctly.
  3. Be sure to install multiple light sources. This will help to delineate space by zone.
  4. On the windows should hang light curtains, and as nighttime do not use multi-layer heavy curtains. Sufficiently dense curtains made of cotton, they should approach the overall design of the room.
  5. If the ceilings in the room are high enough (notLess than 250 cm and not more than 300 cm), you can make a light glossy stretch ceiling. In height, you will not lose much, but the room will become visually more spacious.
  6. When the room has an elongated shape, on a long wall you can make a niche with illumination, so the room visually expands its boundaries.
Room design 12-14 sq. M

Room from 20-30 square meters

In this area, you can create anything for the child, especially for one. Style and color we will choose based on the child's age, and the area of ​​each zone in this case can be increased.

Room design from 20-30 sq m

The child's bed can be separated from the restSpace by a screen. Dad can make a partition of gypsum board, but necessarily open - with niches, and preferably with backlight. Choose furniture depends on the age and sex of the child, if it is still small, then it must first of all be safe. For the mother of a small baby in a nursery on 20 square meters, you need to equip a place for feeding, swaddling and hang shelves for every little thing. Older children can help parents and show what they like - choose a sofa for the playing area, a basket for toys.

To design a large room for childrenThe older one should be taken more seriously. Zoning rooms are made according to the needs of your child, you can even put a synthesizer, if the child is engaged in music. Or establish a sports corner, which will be like the boys and girls.

A stylistic decision of a children's room can beAbsolutely any, here it is appropriate to choose a classic style, as it is possible to arrange furniture of a larger size, put different accessories and so on. You can use minimalism, then there will be plenty of free space in the room and the child, for example, can calmly collect a designer or dance.

The only condition for a child's room is suchDimensions - this is lighting. It is better to make it multi-level. For example, use not only the lighting on the ceiling in different areas, but also make a volumetric design on the wall.

What styles do you use?


Art Nouveau style as a direction in Interior of a children's room, Like both parents and children. Parents, because it is safe - in a room decorated in this style there are no sharp corners, all lines are smooth, furniture with rounded forms. And the children will have such a room because of their "naturalness". The color solution can be very bright, and have a smooth transition from one tone to another. Children's Art Nouveau style is cozy, beautiful and comfortable. Every object is in its place, enough light. Furniture can be made to order, well, which of the children will abandon the bed, like a flower, a cloud or grass.

Design of a children's room in the Art Nouveau style

Modern can be used to design a room for a child of any age and sex. A combination of natural forms, colors and textures will favorably affect the development of the child as a person.

Classic style

Classic style in the design of the children's roomCan be used, perhaps, only in fairly spacious rooms. It involves a large number of natural materials, furniture in the classical style is usually bulky and made of wood or metal. The interior of the children is decorated in pastel colors, the walls in it are just the foundation, which is not given much attention. The ceiling is most often white or close in color to the main color of the walls. But, on the contrary, accessories, drapery, lamps and textiles, in the classical interior - this is exactly what creates a sense of style. Chandeliers can be decorated with crystal, curtains are multi-layered, and accessories - this is a memory of palaces, kings and queens. Luxury - that's how one word can describe the interior of a child in the classical style.

Interior of a children's room in a classic style


This direction in the design of premises for children -Rarely occurs. Is that a room for a teenager of 14 years and older will be appropriate to decorate in this style. High technology combined with clear lines is what distinguishes high-tech from other styles. Often in the interior use a gray with a metallic shade of color, you can hang transparent shelves of glass or plastic. The main idea of ​​the high-tech design is to use only modern materials with a mass of electronics. I think teenage boys like this room.

Children's room in high-tech style


The name of the style speaks for itself - smallThe amount of furniture, but more functional, respectively, a lot of free space. This is the most important thing for children. All the rest for them is not so important. Therefore, when choosing the style of the children's room, it is best to use their combination, rather than one particular style. Minimalism in the design of children can be the main idea when choosing furniture, and from boring decor is better to give up. Especially if the child's age is less than 10 years. All the same, children need a cozy, but not moody room.

Ideal minimalism suitable for children from 12 years oldAnd older, but of course provided that such a direction is to their liking. If the child is a smaller age, then the decor should be more fun, and the furniture should not be much (we use only part of the idea of ​​minimalism).

Children's bedroom in the style of minimalism

How to choose furniture?

Children of different ages need different furniture, but there is that mandatory minimum that everyone should buy. Here I gathered the most important rules for choosing furniture for a children's room.

Furniture in a room for a girl Tips for choosing
Bed For children from 2-3 years old you need to buy a safeFurniture, it should be with boards not less than 25 cm high. Children aged 7-10 years can sleep on a high bed without boards (loft bed), and its width should not be less than 80 cm.
Table A table for a schoolboy is better to choose with an adjustable table top, and in height it should correspond to the height of the child
Chair Chairs choose a comfortable ergonomic shape, such that the child's feet stand on the floor. The back of the chair and its height should be adjusted
Cupboard For small children choose low cabinets, soSo that the child can easily remove his belongings and get them if necessary. The cabinet should open easily, but all drawers must have good fittings and restraints.

How to choose wallpaper for a children's bedroom?

Manufacturers offer many differentCollections of wallpaper, they are made from various materials, so parents often find it difficult to make a choice correctly. What kind of wallpaper and how good they are for a child, about this next.

  1. Paper wallpaper - the oldest kind of finishing materials, theyThey easily pass air, they are made from natural cellulose, and the number of drawings and the color scale are simply enormous. Yes, they are not durable, but - the child then ours is also growing rapidly, and it can ruin the repair of anything. Therefore, paper wallpaper is good for children's rooms. And, you can use them when decorating a child's room to 10 years. The wallpaper is chosen according to the age of the child, his sex and the geometry of the room. But, nevertheless it is preferable to use in the children's wallpaper of light tones, which positively influence the psychological state of the child.
  2. Vinyl wallpapers - categorically can not be used in the children's room, the top cover is made of foamed vinyl, and children can tear off a piece and try it.
  3. Liquid wallpaper - harmless, the only drawbacks of thisCoating is a color scheme, it is very scarce. But on the other hand, liquid wallpaper can become an excellent canvas for the work of a small artist or artist.
  4. Eco wallpaper (Plant, tissue and cork) - byEnvironmental friendliness such wallpapers are absolutely exactly suitable for children, but their price! And a scanty color scheme is unlikely to please both adults and children. You can use Wallpaper for interior decoration An adult child who understands that they can not be spoiled.
  5. Photo Wall Mural And one of them (Anti-Marker) will be ideal for children, firstly, they are easy to clean from contamination, and secondly, the choice of colors and drawings in the collection is quite large.
How to choose wallpaper for a children's bedroom

How to choose curtains?

Curtains for the children's room are selected for the design of the room, but not only is it important. There are also such factors as:

  1. Method of attachment to the cornice - the cornice itself is better to choose from natural wood, and on the wall it should be fixed in at least 3 places. Better Buy curtains, Which have reliable fasteners.
  2. Material - you need to buy curtains made of natural fabric,While you can do only dense night blinds. Tulle and veil in the room is not required. Behind the tissue should be a simple care, because sometimes the consequences of children's fun is problematic to wash.
  3. Color curtains Choose in accordance with the interior, but betterTo stay on light shades. And if the room in the nursery is decorated in light colors, then it is preferable to use curtains of a brighter and more saturated color. Dark colors or close to them used in the nursery is not recommended. The child's psyche will become unstable.
How to choose curtains

How to choose a ceiling design?

When creating an interior room for a child, it is importantCreate a holistic design. When the repair is in full swing, there is no time to think about which is better to choose the design of this or that part of the room. Work should go according to plan, and the plan always consists of clear tasks.

The ceiling can be made from different finishingMaterials - wallpaper, paint, false ceiling, ceiling tiles, laminate, etc. Whichever material is selected, first you need to prepare the base for the finish trim. Most often in projects you can see stretch ceilings.

The way of their fastening allows to createMulti-level or single-level structures. The second option is more budgetary, and can be used everywhere. The only restriction on the use of a stretch ceiling is too low a height, however, even this fact does not always cause a failure. Usually, a stretch ceiling in one level "eats" no more than 7 cm of height. Designers use in such premises glossy or 3-d stretch ceiling fabrics, due to what does not add pressure.

How to choose a ceiling design

Multilevel designs in terms of designIn the nursery are more interesting. Ceilings can become the main highlight of the interior. The hinged structure can have absolutely any shape, it all depends on the imagination of the designer and the preferences of the child and adults.

Effectively looks the ceiling in the form of sky withBuilt-in backlight, which at night will look like a star. Or the ceiling in the form of a flower that will be the center of the whole design, and the curved lines of furniture will continue the idea. I think that's especially like the girls.

On the ceiling in the nursery you can make a painting, but such work is only possible for professionals. The theme of the picture is chosen either by the child himself, or by designers who will make the interior uniform and thematic.

You can simply paint the ceiling in the children's roomOr cover it with wallpaper. Such decoration will cost less than other options, while as a child grows up the interior will be easy to diversify and update. You can paste new wallpaper or repaint the ceiling in a different color. For especially active parents - the ceiling can be painted like a rainbow, but only the walls should be calm and neutral in color. What is called cheap and angry. Only it is necessary to try, it is better to make the borders of flowers blurry, and still not to buy very bright colors.

How to make room interior for two girls?

In such a situation, when there are 2 girls in the family,To think over the design of a child is much more difficult. Girls can differ in age, character, they can have completely different interests. The task before parents is not easy ...

Interior of a children's room for two girlsAre developed taking into account the preferences of each child, but the area of ​​the nursery becomes no less important. Often parents and designers stay in bunk beds for girls, the younger usually sleeps downstairs, and the older one at the top.

This very well saves the space of the room. After all, the task is not only to design a beautiful design, but also functional. Free space should be enough for joint games, or individual, but in any case, it should be a lot.

How to make room interior for two girls
How to make room interior for two girls 3
How to make room interior for two girls 5
How to make room interior for two girls 6
How to make room interior for two girls 7
How to make room interior for two girls 4

Give your preference to a compactFurniture, you can watch the tables-transformers or a wardrobe-bed, if the room is very small. The table can easily be turned into a comfortable bed for a girl, and the second can sleep on a regular bed. The closet is traditionally not designed for a nursery, but to take the idea of ​​its transformation, and on this basis you can order a more suitable option. Only we, parents, need to be more attentive, since we can not entrust such furniture to children. For adult girls, this option will work very well, but for young girls, it is better to buy a loft bed or a bunk bed.

As for the zoning. The issue for families with two girls is very relevant, the sisters need to be taught to share lessons and games. therefore Two children in one room May well manage one work area, onlyThe table is better to do longer to make the girls comfortable. Shelves for books or toys in any case should be 2 times more than one. It is not worth saving on this, because they need to be taught to order from an early age. For teenage sisters, this pattern is also relevant. To choose a wardrobe for clothes should be treated approximately the same as to the shelves. Just do not necessarily buy two, you can take one, but roomy.

The color solution of the room must correspond to the age, this has already been mentioned above. And if the sisters are old enough, you can consider their opinion when repairing and decorating the room.

Baby for boy and girl

When the area of ​​an apartment or a house does not allowTo give each of the children a separate room, parents have to find a way out of this situation. It can be complicated by the fact that children can have a big age difference. In this case, the design of the child should take into account the needs of each child, and this is not easy to achieve.

Children's design for boy and girl
Children's design for boy and girl 3
Children's design for boy and girl 4

The interests of a boy and a girl are usually completely different, so Heterosexual children It is better to take the largest room. Then it can be used to differentiate the space into a zone for a boy and a girl, and in this case the design will be different.

Traditional color for the boy is consideredLight blue, you can use a combination with yellow or light green. At the same time, the unity of the interior can be achieved by using in the half for the girl the same second color.

And you can design the room for the boy andGirls in neutral color. So it's much easier to do, but the game zone still needs to combine the hobbies of both children. It can be located in the central part for the game of brother and sister together. Or separately from each other, if the room area allows. But the zoning should be carefully thought out, as well as the arrangement of furniture in the room for children of opposite sex.

At neutral registration it is necessary to do accentsDecor or accessories so that children can understand where their place is in the room. In the area for the boy you can arrange models of airplanes, cars or other favorite toys. And the part that the girl occupies can be decorated with flowers, soft toys, dolls and similar girlish hobbies.

Read the same as making a room for two boys!

How to arrange a children's room in a small apartment?

A distinctive feature of apartments in the Khrushchev -Small size of rooms. To equip a nursery in such a house is not more difficult than to make repairs in a one-room apartment. The main feature of the design of a nursery in a small room is the abundance of light (we need to install many lamps and lamps) and use light colors in the interior of the nursery.

How to arrange a children's room in Khrushchev
How to arrange a children's room in Khrushchevka 3

Usually the rooms in the Khrushchev's are narrow and long, the windowAnd the door in them are more often located opposite each other. But the doorway can always be moved, if required by the layout. But the location of the window can be considered successful. The only thing is, you have to work hard to make the room visually wider. You can use these methods:

  1. The wall near the window should be covered with wallpaper in a horizontal strip, preferably narrow, then the height will not be greatly lost.
  2. On a long wall, you can make a niche and install additional lighting in it, but instead put a narrow cabinet with a mirror, or simply hang a mirror, at least a small size.
  3. There must be a lot of light sources, and this is strongSimplify zoning. Lamps on the ceiling do not necessarily make small, you can buy rotary lamps, which the room will be well delimited.
  4. In a small room you can use wallpaper withAbstraction or wallpaper with a perspective, they also need to be pasted on a long wall, but on the contrary put some kind of mirror surface, or simply bright lamps.

Flooring in the room can be done in contrast moreDarker than the basic color of the interior. Or light, then the room will become more airy and spacious. In general for small rooms it is good to use white color. At the same time, due to decor and textiles, it is possible to diversify the interior and make it childish. Different mirror photo frames, bright stickers with children's drawings in the play area, beautiful curtains and furniture - all this will create a children's atmosphere in the room, while the design will be complete, and the room will become more spacious.

Room for a girl - photo 1
Room for a girl - photo 2
Room for a girl - photo 3
Room for a girl - photo 4
Room for a girl - photo 5
Design of a children's room 1
Design of a children's room 2
Design of a children's room 3
Design of a children's room 4
Design of a children's room 5
Interior of a room for a girl
Interior of the room for a girl 2
Interior of the room for a girl 3
Interior of the room for a girl 4
Interior of the room for a girl 5
Interior of the nursery
Interior of the children's room 2
Interior of a children's room 3
Interior of a children's room 4
Interior of a children's room 5
Interior of a children's room 6
Design of a room for a girl 1
Design of a room for a girl 2
Design of a room for a girl 3
Design of a room for a girl 4
Design of a room for a girl 5
Interior design of children's bedroom
Design of an interior of a children's bedroom 1
Interior design of children's bedroom 2
Interior design of children's bedroom 3
Design of an interior of a children's bedroom 4
Design of an interior of a children's bedroom 5
Interior design of children's bedroom 6
Interior design of children's bedroom 7
Design of an interior of a children's bedroom 8
Interior design of children's bedroom 9
Interior design of children's bedroom 10
Interior design of a bedroom for children
Interior design of bedroom for children 2
Bedroom interior design for children 3
Bedroom interior design for children 4
Interior design of a bedroom for children 5
Interior design of a bedroom for children 6
Interior design of a bedroom for children 7
Interior design of a bedroom for children 8
Interior design of a bedroom for children 9
Bedroom for a girl
Bedroom for girl 2
Bedroom for girl 3
Bedroom for girl 4
Bedroom for girl 5
Bedroom for girl 6
Bedroom for girl 7
Bedroom for girl 8
Bedroom for girl 9
Bedroom for a girl 10
Children's bedroom for girls - interior
Children's bedroom for girls - interior 2
Children's bedroom for girls - interior 3
Children's bedroom for girls - interior 4
Children's bedroom for girls - interior 5
Children's bedroom for girls - interior 6
Children's bedroom for girls - interior 7
Children's bedroom for a girl - interior 8
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