Modern interior design: expert advice

Modern interior design It consists of a large plurality of elements. It includes fabric, texture, furniture, colors and styles that are used to create harmony. Today the available abundance of different designs and materials, which provide the opportunity to create the design of the apartment, house or even a room, taking into account the financial capacity of the person. Technical progress allows for any, even the most daring ideas of designers. And you can well do without the help of experts but it is better not to risk it for comfort and a nice decoration. Apartments Design services are not so expensive, and the resulting quality of work will be at altitude. So, how to prepare the room to a comfortable life of its owner?

design Types

It should be noted that there are two varietiesDesign: decorative and structural. The decorative design is based on the appropriate placement of objects, their feasibility and optimal proportions. The basis of structural design is simple, suitable materials, practicality and functionality premises.

The main elements of any design areline, shape, color and texture. Today distinguish seven basic design principles of design: balance, unity, rhythm, coordination center, proportion and scale, detail and color. Each of these elements is reflected in the stylistic features of the room.

Modern interior design It is quite a complicated process, but even amateurs can learn much from the professional designers and use their strategies and tips to create the interior of your home.

Tips in the design of lighting

The lamp on the ceiling will help to quickly and effectivelyfill the room with light. Although this method is traditional, but still can not ignore the practicality of it: thus it is possible to create an open air space.

Due to the fact that the mirrors reflect light, theiruse can visually enlarge even a small room. Original design method is to use a variety of indoor lighting levels. Proceed to its implementation can be a low table, and then pay attention to the wall lamps and ceiling lamps. You can use the pictures and paintings lighting and LED strip lighting and ceiling lighting. With this method you can create mood and visual effect in your room.

Modern kitchen offersthe use of a huge number of opportunities for the compact storage of kitchen utensils. Rotary cabinets, drawers and other elements can release a sufficient amount of space to store the necessary things and not clutter up the kitchen.

How to prepare a bath for the design work? On the advice of experts in the room it is best to save as much space as possible. This will help small sink or tub. A sliding door, which will replace the swing, will achieve additional savings.

In the development of design details do not exist

The bedroom should always be the standard of comfort andcomfort. After all, this is where we often relax after a hard day's work. Professional designers recommend this room to use only the necessary furniture: a table, a bed and a bedside table beside her, lighting. Nothing more should not be. A thick curtains and blinds will help to achieve the desired lighting level.

Modern interior designIt implies a serious attitude to the choiceflooring. From geometric patterns of carpets it depends on many things - how they can improve the design of the room for the baby, as well as adversely affect the overall impression of the room. Especially on thin flat shape affect the paint and wallpapers. Coordination Centre, established in the interior, it is best to distract the attention of visitors from unwanted forms.

The height of the walls can emphasize the ceilings andhanging objects. In the large room, you can use the plasma screen. Functionality displays creating a confidential space, which is more affordable than the sliding panels and walls. Moreover, the screens can be purchased today in various sizes and styles created from a variety of materials.

The modern design of the interior space of a small room

If the room sizes are small, then it maybe space shortages. At its wrong design might be an inconvenience and distress for its operation. Experts recommend at all stages of interior decorating to perform an orderly manner: competent to perform lighting, choose the right furniture. In that case, when you choose the furniture for a small space, it is better to give preference to a small number of larger objects than many smaller ones.

Try to organize the space soas to open the wall and not to close it. Do not go on about the stereotypes and make every wall furniture. Do not place the furniture door or window, as it will reduce the space visually. The dimensions of the carpet should be small, and the window can be designed in bright colors, thanks to this solution you will access to more light.

Making the right design plays an important role. If you can handle this challenge, then all elements of the room are harmoniously overlap with each other, moreover, in such a room will always be a pleasure. And what could be the best reward for the designer?

Modern interior design: expert advice
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