Fireplaces made of marble: types, advantages, features cladding

Many owners of private houses want theirhome decorated fireplaces. Among the huge variety of material offered by modern market, especially marble stands. Let's learn more about the features marble fireplaces.

Types of marble used for the production of fireplaces

Grey marble possesses a large or smallgrain size of the crystal lattice. At the same shades of color vary from the lightest to the darkest. Material of this type is decorated with a lot of streaks and spots of white color, resulting in a very interesting pattern.

The crystal structure has a white stonelarge, medium or fine grit. Made of this material can have fireplaces shades of white or ivory. In some cases, distinguished yellow, gray or pink streaks.

The crystal structure of colored marblesIt has a medium, small or large grain. The shade material can be blue, pink or other colors. The shape and size of the veins determine the direction of the cut and features a stone structure.

On the website you will find a huge selection of marble fireplaces, of which will be able to choose the most suitable.

Advantages of marble

The material has the following advantages:

- The preservation of the structure and color - If the fireplace to operate properly, the material will retain its color and shine, while he will not need re-polishing or grinding;

- Increased strength - Marble is resistant to temperaturechanges and moderate strength. Thanks to these characteristics the stone becomes suitable for the manufacture of fireplaces. The hardness of the material is small, it is possible to put a beautiful ornament and polished surface;

- Heat retention - During the presence of fire in the fireplace of marble temperature rises. When the flame disappears, the stone will continue for some time to return the most pleasant in the warm room, making the stay in it.

Marble fireplaces require some care. For example, when cleaning the stone can not use abrasives and means, which contain acid composition. Higher acidity leads to erosion of the base, and the presence of abrasives leave scratches on marble.

Marble has many valuable consumer properties. Not surprisingly, fireplaces made from it enjoys great popularity.

Fireplaces made of marble: types, advantages, features cladding
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