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In recent years, increased substantiallythe popularity of one-room flats, particularly favored by young families who live without children and elderly parents. These apartments have many advantages, such as reduced cleaning effort, facilitate movement, etc.

On the other hand, the design studioIt requires special attention, since there is only one room, which will perform a variety of functions - serve as a dining room, a bedroom and a living room. And all in the same room is necessary to correctly position a lot of useful things.

Various design options for apartments

Many of our compatriots have decided tothe demolition of the wall between the living room and kitchen. As a result, it formed a free space, which can dispose of at will. The wall can be replaced by a bar counter or wall, this is the perfect solution to help in the zoning of the space. Expanding the loggia, you can brighten the kitchen - there is nothing to compare to the breakfast room, filled with sunlight.

In the design of the other parts of the apartmentwidespread use of various sliding partitions. For example, for the zoning of the space for recreation, you can use partitions that are woven or braided inserts. And thanks to the inserts of stained or frosted glass, you can create an indescribable feeling of airiness.

However, it is not necessary for zoningflat screens used. So, the right combination of finishing materials ceiling and floor will help to separate the living room from the corridor. In place of the parquet can come linoleum, which in turn can replace ceramic tiles. And thanks to the multi-level suspended ceilings can be beneficial to emphasize different areas of the center.

Using the catwalks will also help indelineation of space. The interior will be more diverse, if we raise it to a sofa or coffee table. Inside the catwalk, you can arrange a small size cabinet. This decision will help especially if the room has the most optimal proportions.

For one-bedroom apartments will be the best onestyle decision. For example, parquet flooring or carpeting will blend in well with light walls. In this case, the door should complement the picture - well, that products were decorative and light. From furniture it is expected that it will be functional. Following these principles, you will be able to issue its cozy one-bedroom apartment.

We make interior design studio
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