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We make plasterboard in the living room: a photo examples of different stylistic directions

We make plasterboard in the living room

Interesting shape plasterboard living in a small city apartment, in the hall of a country mansion or grandiose public space has long been the most popular element of the interior.

Since time immemorial, the architects paid specialceilings attention: it is enough to recall the austere beauty of the arched ceiling of medieval castles and luxurious palaces ceiling of a later period, decorated with exquisite stucco rosettes and delicate frescoes. Even in times of shortages featureless plane of white ceilings in the living standard apartments have tried to decorate stucco plaster coving or hang wallpaper. Plasterboard managed to make a real revolution in the interior design: our apartments are no more alike as twins, and in our living rooms, even with a strong desire impossible to meet two identical ceilings.


  • Several design secrets
    • Create functional areas in the living room
    • Playing with light
    • Visually expand the space of the living room
  • Fashionable design trends
    • Popularity ageless classics
    • The dynamic style of Art Deco
    • The arched ceiling of the Middle Ages
    • Mysterious and romantic art nouveau
    • Harmony Japanese minimalism

Several design secrets

Living room - as much in this word! Already in the title of this room contains its main essence: the best room in the apartment, in which not only receive visitors, but going to the family and on weekdays and holidays. In any home in the living room trying to make repairs and put better furniture is more expensive, because it is - a business card owners, their wealth and taste.

Create functional areas in the living room

Unfortunately not everyone can set aside for this purposea separate room, and the living room have to combine with the dining room, bedroom or office. Often, extending the usable space small apartment, the living room is combined with the kitchen, removing the partition between them. In all these cases it is necessary to refer to functional areas and plasterboard ceilings It became one of the most user-friendly design tools zoning living space.

Create functional areas in the living room

The design of the ceiling plasterboard, kitchen living room, country-style allowed separate living area from the kitchen area

Playing with light

With the help of various lighting systems that allow you to organize ceiling construction of plasterboardYou can, for example, to cover the dining table bright festive chandelier, and in the areas for leisure or work using spotlights to create a soft diffused light.

If the room is not very large, the decoration of the ceiling, walls and floors should be preferred light neutral tones, combining white with beige, grayish, olive shades.

Playing with light

Use in the design of the ceiling of the classic elegant chandeliers unusual design in the center and spotlights around the perimeter of the living room allows you to create a bright or muted soft lighting

Visually expand the space of the living room

Unexpected effect of creating bright ceilingsDrywall Photo: Living area small, decorated in white and minimalist style, it looks like a large, light and airy. Low ceilings can visually "lift" using a tiered ceiling structure. To this end, the perimeter of the living room or in an adjacent room with her, for example in the kitchen or hallway, the ceiling lower level and on this background, the basic level of the ceiling in the main part of the combined space appears above.

Visually expand the space of the living room

Through concise design of white plasterboard ceilings and white walls and furniture, small living room seem spacious, light and airy

Fashionable design trends

Engulfed our country construction boom and fashionspacious apartments and country houses brought a pleasant trend: we are no longer cramped in a tiny room, and we can afford to not only separate bedrooms for each family member, and spacious rooms for receptions and various family activities.

Popularity ageless classics

In our everyday life became the concept of "interior style", andplasterboard ceilings in the hall - a great way to convey any particular historical period and, at the same time to fill it with modern sounds. Creative and actually perceived the white-gray ceiling in the style of timeless classics with traditional snow-white coving around the perimeter and interesting multi-level design for a niche in the center of exclusive luxurious chandeliers.

Timeless classics

Multilevel niche unusual shape for exclusive elegant chandelier in the ceiling design in classic style with traditional coving around the perimeter looks creative and modern

The dynamic style of Art Deco

And now demonstrates plasterboard ceilingsgallery - hall on each photo of her unusual and unique. The ceiling of the hall in the Art Deco style is simple and concise, like a picture of Malevich's "Black Square". And just as the legendary paintings, from it is impossible to look away: a black and terracotta background very showy white square lamps framed by snow-white projecting construction of plasterboard. Interior for dynamic self-motivated people.

The dynamic style of Art Deco

The white square lamps framed by a white rectangle on a terracotta background emphasize the dynamism of the art deco style

The arched ceiling of the Middle Ages

antiques lovers can not help but like the archedHall ceiling with intricate chandelier, reminiscent of a medieval castle in the center of Europe. Only point energy-saving lamps on the perimeter of the ceiling structure and decorative curved niches in the walls remind us that for a long time came XXI century.

Perfectly smooth surface of the ceiling and walls painted in soft beige tones, fill the space with warmth and comfort of home.

The arched ceiling of the Middle Ages

The arched shape of the ceiling resembles the hall of a medieval castle and only point energy-saving lamps on the perimeter of the ceiling and arched openings in the walls take us into the present

Mysterious and romantic art nouveau

A bit mysterious, romantic Art Nouveau returned toour age of rapid fantastic shapes and designs of ceiling: curved multi-stage and sometimes rounded moldings and decorated with paintings. Elegant and elegant pearl-gray ceiling in the Art Nouveau style with a complex multi-socket for pale pink chandelier in the shape of a flower fairy, perfectly in harmony with neat folds of gray-pink window curtains.

Mysterious and romantic art nouveau

Elegant and elegant pearl-gray ceiling inArt Nouveau style with a complex multi-socket for pale pink chandelier in the shape of a flower fairy in perfect harmony with gray and pink curtains on windows

Harmony Japanese minimalism

And finally, since a favorite vigorousmotivated young people to the minimalism of Japanese style. Japanese interior is harmonious, refined and elegant, it is important every detail, and is filled with deep meaning. From under hovering in the air like a construction of plasterboard poured a soft diffused light, creating a feeling of weightlessness of space. Interesting design of a group of four cylindrical lampshades emphasizes interior conciseness and in perfect harmony with the strict floor lamps, and natural beige and brown colors of the interior creates an atmosphere of a home.

Japanese minimalism

The ceiling of plasterboard for the room in Japanese style concise, harmonious, refined and elegant

The proposed design ideas ceilings in a smallliving room or in the spacious houses and apartments only confirm what the ceilings are often used by designers as the main instrument around which the interior is constructed. We will be glad if our tips will inspire you to be creative and help to create a unique interior of your own living room - home to your family hearth.

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