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How to clean the carpet in the home: the popular ways valuable advice

How to clean the carpet at home

Walk barefoot in the house is not only useful forhealth, but also very nice, if under your feet soft fluffy carpet. And many owners not only dim carpeted bedrooms and living rooms, and children's rooms, corridors, hallways, and sometimes even food. Over time, the field of active use of the carpets are dirty, dull spots appear. Then the question arises: how the cleaning of carpets? What means are used to not too harmful, what action to take?


  • Clean carpets popular way
    • Sauerkraut you to help
    • Tea leaves and stale bread
    • Cleaner white and fluffy
    • The use of household chemicals
  • Print the consequences of spills
    • We remove fresh tracks
    • And we will win fat
  • How to clean the carpet "Vanish"
  • Specificity of cleaning wool carpet
  • How to remove corrosive spots

First of all, the carpet must necessarilyvacuuming at least once or twice a week to dust and dirt "do not eats" in the pile. If the room is used very actively in it a lot of garbage, then you need to vacuum more often. Start with the wrong side of the carpet, but rather from the floor under it to collect all the dirt from the floor, then go to the wrong side of the carpet, and after vacuum fuzzy part. This is to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is not pulled dirt from the inside out through the carpet.

Clean carpets popular way

Carpet: before and after cleaning

Cleaning carpets at home

Sauerkraut you to help

Sauerkraut - One of the most environmentally friendly means forcleaning the case. Take the simplest sauerkraut without vinegar, wring it, rinse, so as not to remain a strong odor. Crumble evenly over the carpet. Brushing, rolling the cabbage on the carpet. When the cabbage will turn gray and dirty, collecting her broom, washed and again scatter. The procedure was repeated until the clean sprouts. Then we collect it, give the carpet to dry. I am sure that no one walked on it. Then, a vacuum cleaner.

Instead, you can use cabbage and other raw materials,which has the same properties to collect the coating of dirt. For example, raw potatoes. Clean it, wash, grate were scattered across the carpet and carry out the same procedure as with the cabbage.

The same effect will give the salt, sawdust,bran, pumice powder. Crumbled salt on the carpet, rub it with a brush. Broom soaked in warm soapy water, sour cream, salt, repeat the procedure until the salt will not be clean. As pollution rinse broom. Then, a vacuum cleaner.

Tea leaves and stale bread

They are great help to clean carpet of dark color. The principle of operation is the same as that of sauerkraut, salt and potatoes. Crumble the tea leaves. Brushing. Smetana broom. The color of the carpet after this procedure will become more intense.

Cleaner white and fluffy

Snow perfectly cleans carpets. We deliver the carpet on the street, spread out on the snow seamy side up. Properly knock dust vine, a stick or a special mallet, then drag it to a clean place and turn over. Broom snow trained on the carpet, wait for it chip away the dirt. Then sweep away the snow, drag the carpet for a new clean place and repeat the procedure until the snow under the carpet will not stay clean.

Important! The snow should always be clean and dry. Better yet, if the frost. If the snow is wet on the carpet it will melt, dissolve the dirt, which is absorbed into the carpet, and will only get worse.

The use of household chemicals

Liquid soap, shampoo, detergent and special detergents for carpets It will also help to clean the carpet in the home. For this purpose, any breed of these agents in water, dissolving thoroughly. You can add a little turpentine. Put on the front side of the mat, the foam is desirable. Wipes with a wet cloth or brush, then with a dry cloth and dry the carpet. Better to do it in a hanging position, if possible.

Important! Drying must be on a sound bar, which does not deform the structure of the carpet. If drying woven rugs on a fence or clothesline and threads are damaged, and the carpet deteriorating rapidly.

Print the consequences of spills

The liquid on the carpet

If the spilled liquid on the carpet, it immediately vymakayte

The first thing you need to vymakat liquid. As quickly as possible to throw a wet spot clean cloth or a pile of napkins. I soak the stain from the edges to the center, or it will spread.

We remove fresh tracks

Fresh spot remove the solution of detergent in water + 1 teaspoon of ammonia. The resulting mixture was put on the carpet, clean the brush in the direction of the nap. Wipe with a wet cloth, then dry.

If the carpet "napudil" furry pet, it is best to place it faded Zoo shampoo. Perhaps the smell does not go away completely, but to celebrate in this place need no longer hunt.

And we will win fat

grease stains You can be removed using a material thatable to absorb the fat structure. For example, talc, chalk, sawdust soaked in gasoline starch. Any of these funds pour on the stain, cover with blotting paper and leave it for a while, preferably overnight. The next day the iron hot iron. Paper change until then, until it is clean.

Ink, wineSpilled on the carpet, well it absorbs quickly poured on the spot salt.

How to clean the carpet "Vanish"

Carpet cleaner

Carpet shampoo "Vanish" - universal version

Versatility and a relatively malovlazhnogo waycarpet cleaning is to use carpet shampoo "Vanish". Note, do not rub liberally into the carpet shampoo brush, as is done with traditional shampoo for washing the hair. It will not bring any result, except for mood disorders and a pleasant smell in the room.

How to clean a carpet Vanish, written in the instructions on the packaging of shampoo. Be sure to read it and follow the general guidelines:

1. Before using the shampoo the carpet must be cleaned of coarse dirt, dust and debris. To do this, vacuum the carpet or knock it on the street.

Important! If not pre-vacuumed carpet, it will stain after cleaning shampoo "Vanish".

2. Dilute shampoo in water. Take one part shampoo and nine parts water. It turns out that 10 ml to dissolve Vanisha in 90 ml of water. It is best to take warm water, not hot. Temperatures of 40 ° C will be sufficient. Carefully stir in shampoo foam.

Important! Cleaners is just foam. The more conscientious and more we vzobem it, the easier and more qualitative cleanse the carpet.

3. Take a large clean sponge, you can take a brush, if someone is so convenient. Gaining foam sponge and apply it on the carpet. We distribute the foam evenly, trying not waterlogged carpet, so it does not Scelle after cleaning.

Carpet cleaning foam

The foam is applied by brush on the carpet and rub

4. Take a sponge or brush and rub the foam into the carpet in a circular motion. If the carpet have old stains, the pre-foam to be applied to the spot you need to splash some shampoo from the cap, it will greatly facilitate its removal.

Important! The active reagent "Vanisha" is a foam. It penetrates into the fibers of the carpet, absorbs grime and dirt and binds it to himself.

5. Give the dry foam. Duration of drying depends on the material of the carpet, his hairiness and count of the applied foam. Therefore, it is difficult to say clearly, just watch and check from time to time. Experts recommend not to wait too long to not waterlogged carpet. But if foam caused not too much, you can wait until dry. As long as the carpet dries, try not to walk on it. The room in this case must be opened and ventilated with fresh air, or carpet can stink and do not normally dry.

The foam remove with a vacuum cleaner

Putting foam cleaner

6. vacuuming the carpet. Not too presses on the brush, so as not to smear the dust on the carpet. A collecting movements absorbed the remnants of the foam and "Vanisha" vacuum cleaner.

Specificity of cleaning wool carpet

Cleaning wool carpet

To clean a wool carpet can be water with detergent

Wool carpets are more delicate than synthetic,when too active actions to clean, lint and thread can be broken or even climb out klaptyami. Therefore it is necessary to use the most sparing means.

carpet cleaning method snow quite suitable for woolen carpet. It is imperative procedures well after dry it.

Clean the carpet at home will help special dry powderWhich is applied by hand to the mat. Then wait until the powder is valid, it will take 1-2 hours. After collecting his vacuum cleaner. You can start walking on the carpet immediately after the harvest, as it remains dry.

For wet cleaning wool carpet use foaming shampoosRecommended detergents for carpets and even liquid soapThat will not leave a sticky foam. Dissolve tool in the water. Wipe the carpet with a cloth soaked in the solution.

Important! You can not pereuvlazhnyat wool carpet as its cotton base quickly rots.

Wool carpets can be washed only in cold water, using laundry detergents or cleaning products, which are easy to rinse, leaving no trace. Drying is best in a hanging position.

A solution of ammonia also cleans lint-free surfacewool carpet. Dissolve 2 teaspoons of ammonia in 1 gallon of water. Hair brush dipped in the solution and clean the carpet. Then wipe with a dry cloth and ventilate the room.

How to remove corrosive spots

Warm water with detergent You can bring fresh stains from alcohol, perfume and cologne. Washed with pure water.

Ammonia in the ratio of 1 teaspoon 1 liter of water to clean the stains from red wine, coffee, tea, cocoa and fruit juices. In addition, this solution will return a carpet color, refresh and give shine.

Removing ink stains

The spots of ink can be easily deduced citric acid

Citric or acetic acid. fresh lemon juice cope with a spot of ink or ballpoint pen. Finally, wash with soapy water.

Petrol well it removes grease stains. Sawdust soaked in gasoline, pour on the stain. Wait until the smell will evaporate, then remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Gasoline with soap can cope with any stuffy spot. Take 10 ml of gasoline and diluted in 100 ml of soap solution, add a little water, rub into the stain. If at first you could not clean off, repeat after drying of the carpet.

A solution of 2 tablespoons washing powder + 1 ch.l.nashatyrnogo alcohol + 3-5 liters of water displays any fresh stains.

Important! The carpet should be cleaned only in the direction of the nap.

As with any business, carpet cleaning requires specific recommendations. By following them, you can keep the carpet clean and fluffy for many years.

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