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Duplex plasterboard ceilings - a way to transform the space

Duplex plasterboard ceilings

The goal of any repair is to createunique, cozy interior. Fortunately, modern building materials allow to focus not only on furniture and walls, but also on the design of the ceiling. Among the many interesting design proposals worthy place is occupied duplex plasterboard ceilings - photos of these incredible designs you are sure to have repeatedly met in specialized magazines and the Internet. At first glance, such a ceiling appears too complex for self-manufacture, but if we approach the matter a sufficient degree of persistence and curiosity - everything is possible.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling plasterboard
  • The choice of design ceiling
  • Duplex ceilings in the living room
    • Techno - a dynamic, original
    • Hi-tech - a stylish effect
    • Always up-classicism
    • Aristocracy antique style
    • The design with two levels in the nursery
  • Trey ceilings in the hallway

Advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling plasterboard

Before making a final choice in favor of ceiling plasterboardIt is necessary to weigh its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Unlimited possibilities for the realization of ideas.
  • Perfectly smooth surface.
  • The possibility of visual zoning large spaces without installing partitions.
  • Duplex plasterboard ceilings allow to hide all possible communications that are not only in the vicinity of the rough ceiling, but also slightly lower.
  • Downlights and LED ribbon allow to realize original lighting solutions.

Important! The maximum load that can withstand drywall constructions - 13-15kg. Keep this in mind when drafting the lighting and decoration of the room.

  • The possibility of multiple staining will allow easy enough to change the mood in the room. And during the second repair is simple enough to pick up the paint, the proper design of the new premises.


  • Multi-level structure made according to the rules, has quite a lot of weight, which increases the load on the load-bearing structures.
  • Drywall can not tolerate strong moisture, so if you flood the neighbors above - the ceiling will have to be dismantled.
  • Such a structure is not possible to build it alone, it will have to attract mates or to hire professionals.

The choice of design ceiling

After weighing all the "pros" and "cons", and decidingmounted multi-level ceilings with drywall, you need to decide on the exact form of the structure. You can think of it yourself, in which case you take into account all the architectural features of your room. And you can choose a ready project, focusing on the photos in the Internet or builders directory (if you are planning to hire a repair team).

Only a prerequisite for a successful choiceshould correspond to the shape of the ceiling the overall style of the room. So, in a room with classic furnishings and a massive crystal chandelier, a bright ceiling in a modern style would look out of place.

Duplex ceilings in the living room

Techno - a dynamic, original

If your living room is made in the style of "techno", you will approach that's so beautiful, but at the same time, discreet ceiling.

Multilevel ceiling plasterboard

Multi-level Ceiling in the "techno" style

Clear geometric lines only emphasize the deliberate simplicity and functionality premises.

Hi-tech - a stylish effect

But such a ceiling is ideal for the living room in the style of "high tech".

Multi-level living room ceiling

Multilevel ceiling in the style of "high tech"

Strange curved lines and a plurality ofmetal fixtures create a semblance of the bulkhead of the spacecraft. If instead you plan to hang the curtains on the window openings blinds, and your furniture is simple but extravagant, a ceiling ideally complement your interior.

Always up-classicism

If you want to feel in your living room,in the royal palace, and already we have chosen the appropriate furniture - big sofas and chairs with carved backs, massive wood cabinets and a huge crystal chandelier - you are perfect here such a ceiling.

ceiling design in classic style

ceiling design in classic style

But remember that a similar structure can be installed only in a room with high ceilings, otherwise it just does not fit there.

Multilevel ceiling plasterboard

Classic ceiling for the living room

If the ceiling is smallish, and recreate in his apartment like a palace interior, you may approach something like that.

Classic plasterboard

The multilevel plasterboard in the "classicism" style

But this ceiling will be appropriate in a room where the ceiling is not less than 2.5m.

Aristocracy antique style

For the interior in antique style is also perfectly suited multilevel plasterboard ceilings, photo following design perfectly demonstrates this.

The multilevel plasterboard in antique style

The ceiling in antique style

You're just sticking to the walls of false-column and place the right furniture.

The design with two levels in the nursery

The choice of interior children's room requires a particularlycareful approach. Children perceive the world around us is much more acute than adults, and our task is to try to make this world as vividly as possible and harmonious. For a young child is perfect bright spacious room decorated in warm colors.

Duplex plasterboard for baby

Multilevel ceiling for baby

Bunk plasterboard ceilings enoughcomplex structure, which is to dismantle the next repair - it is difficult and troublesome. Children grow up, and within a few years it may be necessary to replace the too "childish" interior to something more appropriate. It is enough to simply repaint the ceiling, change the wallpaper, and the room will be entirely different - more adult.

Trey ceilings in the hallway

Hallway or corridor - the room in whichCeiling finish is most important. As a rule, the rocks here little or no, so that the only decoration are decorative objects - paintings, mirrors, statues. White space allows you to select the ceiling structure, relying only on your own taste.

This can be a big, bulky design, illuminated by invisible lamps.

Multilevel ceiling hallway

The original ceiling illuminated hallway

Or ceiling with recessed illuminated, creating the illusion of windows.

plasterboard in the hallway

Headlining with "windows" in the hallway

The most popular design options hallway ceilingIt is a "floating roof" with spotlights on the roof.

Multilevel ceiling in the hallway

"Soaring ceiling" in the hallway

Most vividly illustrates some interesting effect can be achieved using two-level ceiling of plasterboard.

Another tip, do not blindly copy thosedesign options, which you find on the internet or printed publications. Try to show imagination. The ceiling is made of your own design, will delight you with much more than the copied template. You can take individual parts of different designs and compile from them something special. If the self-planning you do not have enough imagination or artistic imagination, refer to the designer. Such work is not too expensive, but the result will remain with you for many years, and you'll know exactly what this ceiling no one else has.

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