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living room design

Find out what style of design living longer suitable for your room! 175 best interior photo ideas for the living room.

In what room you spend the most time?

I'm sure your answer is "In the living room!".

This is why the design of the living room to do perfect.

It's time to finally decide on the interior style and color of the wallpaper and ceiling arrangement of furniture, curtains. That is what we are with you and will do.

Photo 175 ideas for interior room, living room of 16 projects, 18 and 20 square meters. As well as a handy infographic by which to select the appropriate design will be even easier.

living room design


living in a small apartment Design

Can I make a stylish and memorableliving room in an ordinary small apartment? Today we answer that question, "Yes!". This will help us modern technologies of repair, materials and non-standard ideas.

We offer a look at some striking examples of interior guest rooms in this apartment.

Interior living photo

The style of this design reminiscent of the 60s. Green carpet, floor lamp and pillows on the couch, a bouquet of flowers on a white background general - all these echoes of the hippie movement. The colors of nature in everything and in the interior as well. Simple furniture, modest chandelier, bare walls with paintings in black and white color perfectly matched to the small size of the room.

Photo of interior design living room

This interior in minimalist style is also good forliving in a small apartment. A small sofa, a table, a shelf for the TV take up little space, it is just what we need. In this case there is no feeling of emptiness in the room as much stuff as you want for the living room.

Photo of interior design living room

Smooth, shiny surface of furniture, walls and ceiling are merged into one, and the whole room a finished form concise form.

In the first case we see an example of greatpicked up the contrast of white and gray to pale green. The absolute lack of curtains make the room more spacious. If someone is a box seems too "naked", it can be a little easier to cover with tulle light green or white, and in large cities are admissible as beige or white blinds.

In a second embodiment potted plants addedflavor to the living environment, they look better than any artificial decor. Particularly well matched living room lighting: the light is directed at the walls, and it's visually increases room. The most chic interior element - a large chandelier. At first glance, it stands out from the general style, but without her living room would look too simple.

In the third photo we see an example of a small designliving in high-tech style. And it's really interesting find for such spaces. Here, in fact, not the slightest superfluous details. The severity of high-tech style is relaxed pale blue curtains and pillows on the couch, but it's not out of the general picture, and adds to her charm.

Summing up the results. What will make the interior of our small living room the best?

Basic moments:

  • plain, smooth walls;
  • simple forms;
  • decentralized lighting (preferably, but not necessarily);
  • a minimum of furniture and decor;
  • concise design window.

Interior room in a private house

Owning a home can only envy white envy, because they have a lot of opportunities for the most unusual ideas.

The main advantage of living in a private home - it's windows.

Most often they are few, and they are big. And with them, not even the most spacious room will look luxurious. The combination of these two factors make the living room unforgettable. do not have long to think over the design, the main burden will be borne by the view from the windows and of the correct design of the walls.

Photo Design living in a private house

The photo living room design in retro style. Upholstered furniture, tables, wardrobe antique provide comfort that can not be missed in a large room. It is interesting to use the contrast of white sofas and red chairs.

Photo Design living in a private house

Lyubiteli ultra-modern design will appreciate otherType of interior, emphasized minimalistic. There are no decorations, all functionally and simply, a huge sofa, where to put a big company to watch TV and socialize, round black table and compact chair.

In the first embodiment, a contrasting furniture. certain elements should be highlighted in any interior. In a small room look better minor details on the background of a light background, in a spacious room, emphasis may be on anything. The picture is the red leather chairs. They secrete center of the room - fireplace. Walls and curtains, on the contrary, very discreet and do not attract attention. In general, living room very cozy and pleasant.

The core of the second living room is a fireplace and TV. Also attract the attention of French windows. Designer as if to say: we do not need an additional décor and bright colors. This compensates for a great view of the garden.

Choosing the design of the living room in a private house, we can in no way be limited. Any ideas and styles will be looked advantageous.

Small tips:

  • Stands out not more than two elements of the interior.
  • Distribute evenly over the furniture of the room.
  • Use no more than three primary colors.

Fireplace in the interior of the living room

Rare owner does not want to transform the living room of his home fireplace. Where it is neither in the house you can relax by the fire, lying on the couch or sitting in a chair?

Burning fireplace attracts and fascinates, you can look at it for very long. If you want to have in your home you are constantly going to the guests, equip the living room fireplace.

Types of fireplaces:

  • Classic (outdoor, heated with firewood);
  • closed with a cast iron firebox;
  • gas;
  • electric.

All of the modern fireplaces are very popular withowners of private homes. Closed firebox with cast iron gas fireplace and allows you to enjoy the view of the flames and crackling firewood. What could be more pleasant winter evenings?

In addition, it is well heated, they can easily heat the room. Unlike its predecessor, the classic fireplace, they are safe and have good heat dissipation.

Electric fireplace - a device similar to theheater that simulates the appearance of fire. In fact, there's nothing on. This type of fire can be put in any apartment in the house as a decoration. And it is most often found in the interiors of living rooms.

Fireplace in living room

In this photo we can see the living room in a classic style with a real fireplace, tiled brick. The lodge is not a gentleman?

Fireplace in the interior of the living room

A small room can also decorate decorativefireplace. Retro furniture, lamps, original mirrors, mimicking windows create an atmosphere of sweet rustic living room for a narrow circle. At first glance, and a fireplace seems real, but it is only successful pastiche.

Fireplace in the interior of the living room

In this picture a modern living room withelectric fireplace and flat screen TV on the wall. In this case, the fireplace is not even remotely resembles a home that gathers family and friends. It is "cool" and does not carry any meaning.

Select wallpaper

More recently, wallpaper sticker was a mandatory part of the repair of the apartment. Now we know that the smooth light-colored walls can be beautiful in themselves. However, the choice of Wallpaper for the hall so great that it makes you want to try them on the walls of their homes. Moreover, the majority of the inhabitants said room without wallpaper enough cozy. However, do not argue about taste.

Add "spice" in the interior, give a room personality - this is the main goal of any design.

We already know that the style is chosen depends on the way to design the walls.

Wallpaper in the living room

In this photo green wallpaper with a pattern "diluted" modest interior in minimalist style. This bold decision, which reflects the unconventional imagination.

Select wallpaper

Connoisseurs of classical style should not ignorefocus vinyl wallpaper pastel tones and delicate shades with a pattern. They are sure to resonate with the color of the furniture and carpet, but do not merge with them, but only the beat.

Choose the wallpaper in the living room

Hi-tech in general is not characteristic of the wallpaper, and this also has its own harmony.

Choose the wallpaper in the living room

Here we see an example of the style of minimalism, where gray in tone to the floor wallpaper complemented by a graphic pattern in the form of circles of different shapes. Without them, the design seemed to be incomplete, unsaid.

Choose the wallpaper in the living room

Very relevant wallpaper in the form of a huge picture in the wall. A large number of red and black tire glance, this design is suitable for very dynamic personalities.

Choose the wallpaper in the living room

Recently, for the design of the living room is usedthe so-called natural wallpapers, which are made of cork, bamboo, straw, reed and others. It is an eco-friendly material, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. But its main advantage, of course, in the extravagance. Living with these wallpapers looks unusual and stylish.

Choose the wallpaper in the living room

Thanks to them, you can create an exclusive luxury living room design. They will add luster "dryish" modern style, as well as decorate the living room hi-tech.

The main types of wallpaper for the living room:

  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • natural;
  • metallized.

Another variety of fashionable wallpaper - a metallic wallpapers, which are made of a thin aluminum foil.

ceiling Design

The ceiling must "shine" as well as the whole living room as a whole. To miss the sight of it - to commit a big mistake.

The ceiling may simply be white and smooth, and can be a real sculptural composition. It all depends on the taste and beauty ideas.

Most often we meet such types of ceilings:

Each roof has its advantages and disadvantages. Look at the photos.

ceiling Design

Stretch glossy ceiling purplelook outside the box, so the idea is interesting and, of course, permissible to design the living room in lilac colors. For some, it would be "cool", and someone will be terrified he dark "crushing" the ceiling.

The design of the ceiling in the living room

In this photo an example of a very spectacular ceiling in a pattern. This option is good for large, high-ceilinged room, a small living room it will look ridiculous.

The design of the ceiling in the living room

Beautiful and expensive have always been and will ceilings,painted decorative plaster. Drawings and colors can be selected to suit all tastes. With the help of the ceiling, you can create a bright individual interior.

The design of the ceiling in the living room

Simple whitewashed and painted ceiling looks good always!

As for the purple ceiling, the white orpale lilac ceiling would look more "soft" and not tired eyes. However, we repeat that the design of the house reflects the inner world of the host, and such decisions may be their fans. If no money and the desire to invent something, stop the choice on it. This ceiling exactly nothing to spoil!

Simple rule:

  • Avoid complicated options for a small living room (suspended, duplex).
  • Observe the unity of style.
  • We prefer neutral colors.

The interior of the kitchen-living room

Lovers of space and convenience,They prefer to combine the living room with kitchen. This is done in small and large apartments. Divide the room into functional part of probation. To do this, we come up with to draw zones in different color schemes, multi-level ceilings or floors, as well as decorative partitions or using furniture.

Photos kitchen-living room

In this photo, a seating area is made in orangecolor, and white kitchen. From the hallway it separates a small partition that serves as both shelves for small things. It's very thoughtful and convenient.

Photo Design kitchen-living room

This design example, where the kitchen and living room are dividedhalf with the help of the sofa. In addition, the kitchen ceiling is plastered with colorful wallpaper and hang over the dining table ceiling completely different style than in the room. Here we see a combination of kitchen, dining room and hall.

More photo kitchen-living room.

Making a living room-bedroom

If in a studio apartment kitchen is isolated, and the room is quite large, we can safely allocate it a place to sleep and for receiving guests. Make it as simple as a kitchen-living room.

Photo bedroom-living room design

For example, here are doing such a simple partition. Stylish and tasteful! No less original is put between a bright screen and a sofa bed. This is the cheapest, but not least, a strong option.

Photo bedroom-living room

Very nice mix of different looksstyles when you make a bedroom and a hall. The mirror in the frame of the bed, wallpaper flower draped curtains, a chandelier with a round canopy, railings - all this belongs to the classical style, but the living room is a simple modern style.

living room design in classic style

Classics in the interior can afford only wealthy people, as a prerequisite of this style - is the use of only natural materials.

The main features of the style:

  • parquet;
  • furniture made of expensive wood;
  • upholstery velvet, silk, suede;
  • mirrors in carved frames;
  • sculpture;
  • decorative columns;
  • fireplace;
  • wallpaper of textile or plaster walls.

It is not necessary that all of these elements were present, quite a few to be considered a classic interior.

living room design in classic style

White sofa, a chair made of wood, antique sideboard, a picture in a gilded frame will not confuse this design with any other.

living room design in classic style

And in the living room also has a decorative columns, magnificent crystal chandelier and typical curtains with lambrequins and drapery.

Living in high-tech style

What is characteristic for the living room in this style?

  • metal and glass materials;
  • clarity of lines and forms;
  • smooth and shiny surface;
  • modern technologies;
  • minimum of decoration.

This situation resembles the story of the fantasy world. The daily life of a person contains a bunch of details that do not seem to fit into this design.

But it is a matter of taste and perception of the world. Perhaps the creative, spontaneous personality in such a framework will be difficult, but pragmatic, disciplined man high-tech just fine.

Living in high-tech style

Here we see an easy attempt to gloss over the situation with the help of the bouquet and balloons of different sizes. Here you can add colorful pillows, a pair of vases and table lamp.

Living in high-tech style - photo

This interior is perfect for home theater. In this case, everything is subject exclusively functionality of the space.

Interior design in a modern style

In general, modern style - a mix of minimalist style, modern and high-tech.

Incorporating all of the features, it isa design where there is a functional furniture concise, simple decor, contrasting colors are permissible stylized figures and ornaments, as well as simple geometric shapes.

Interior design in a modern style
Methods for interior decoration of various living rooms
blinds Wallpaper Ceiling Furniture
Living in a private home dense, mnogostloynye or blinds various options multi-level, with a chandelier and spotlights big vmesitelnaya
Living in the Khrushchev Light, translucent, neutral bright and pastel shades, preferably plain dyed or tension (not layered) compact
Living room-kitchen jalousie, Roman curtains or lung tissue contrasting ordinary or tension compact, multifunctional
Living-bedroom light curtains with blinds bright, plain any compact, multifunctional

Design living rooms of various sizes

Living room of 16 square meters

What can you advise owners of this room? The choice of furniture and decoration makes it very profitable to expend space. Let's look at examples of the interior, starting with the simplest.

Design living room of 16 square meters. m

This design is the highlight: interestingly chosen lighting in the form of wall lights. They are reflected in the glossy stretch ceilings, and it turns out the effect of high, multi-level ceiling. Photos in the dark framed on one wall and colorful paintings on the other make the design complete.

Photo Design living room of 16 square meters. m

The following picture shows a more complex design. One partition transformed into a stone wall with an aquarium. Stone paved with built-in cupboards with glass doors and a fireplace.

The first photo has complied with all the rules of design small room:

  • light shades (played with two basic colors: beige and blue);
  • Compact furniture;
  • smooth plain fabric curtains.

In the second photo is taken as a basis for high-tech style:

  • a rock;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • emphasize simplicity walls and ceiling.

No design will not be remembered without the individual elements. In the second project of significant details - aquarium and cabinet. This interior is unlikely to go unnoticed!

Living room of 18 square meters

If a 16-sq. m. to add two more get a good room! One and the rail surface can appear differently if it is square or rectangular. Consider both options.

Photo Design living room of 18 square meters. m

In this room easily fit a sofa,extravagant table and lamp. The place seems to be many more. This plan, of course, profitable. Very elegant looks coral sofa and wallpapers with urban landscape.

Photo Design living room of 18 square meters. m

The elongated room is much more difficult to design. Furniture can be placed only along the walls and in the middle of the living room, there is very little space. However, the room did not seem cramped and cluttered. This is achieved through the right furniture, walls and ceilings.

In the first variant is also worth noting that the green lamp in common with the living flower. The color scheme chosen very well: soft unobtrusive colors look lively, but not tiring sight.

In the second example of the leading role in the creation ofharmonious living is played, of course, the window. If it were hung with curtains, to get the effect of a dark, gloomy room. And snow-white box literally shines and illuminates the whole situation. This is important when the design in black and white.

Electric light bulb good "dilutes" heavy furniture (as in the second Priver). As a result, living room looks stylish and a little bit mysterious.

Living room of 20 square meters

The larger the room, the easier it is to breathe! And designers as well. It is safe to use a variety of colors and arrange furniture freely.

Photo Design living room of 20 square meters. m

Brown color is associated with a number ofcomfort, stability and prosperity, so it is welcome in the interior. The living room has beaten a few shades from beige to chocolate. Flowing transitions create a complete picture of the whole.

Photo Design living room of 20 square meters. m

This is an example of "cold" interior. Several shades of purple with gray create an elegant and rather formal ambiance. The gray made a dining area and a sitting area in mauve. In general, there is also nothing to complain about.

In both cases, perfectly matched colors, laconic furniture and decorative elements. Everything is very concise, modern and functional.

Choosing curtains for the hall

Curtains We will pick by the interior of our room. Agree that the blinds will look ridiculous in a classic living room and draped curtains with gold tassels - a modern design.

curtains for the hall

This is a big living room in classic style with a bay window. Accordingly, the selected luxurious golden curtains in tone furniture.

Design of curtains for the hall

In the next picture more modest classic interior room with two windows.

Design of curtains for the hall - photo

For the living room in retro style chosen bright curtains, combined with the finishing of the walls, and Roman blinds. In this design, the emphasis was on the window.

Samples in the modern style of curtains. Recent lately Japanese curtains.

And another example of Japanese curtains.

In this video you can see examples of curtains for the living room

In conclusion, we can say that the designliving room do not have any taboos and strict rules. Valid any solution that will be to your liking. Favorite color and favorite style can be adapted for housing completely different types and sizes.

Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
Photo living room design
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