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Design and interior of a living room with fireplace: create a family home

Design and interior of a living room with fireplace

The living room is often called the most important room in thehouse. There's going to have the TV the whole family and guests are met on holidays. Particular attention should be paid to the interior, which should correspond to the functional purpose room and reflect the exquisite taste and outlook of the owners of the apartment. If you want your living room to give maximum comfort, it is necessary to establish here a fireplace, which will make housing flavor. Every person who enters the room, living room with fireplace design surprise really!


  • Living room with fireplace, a Spanish-style
  • living room design style Kiva
  • The image of fire from river pebbles
  • Outbreaks of concrete in the interior of the living room
  • Fireplaces made of bricks
  • Fireplace with drywall - a special highlight
  • Wood fireplaces - stylish element
  • We arrange the furniture according to the rules

Fireplace anciently regarded as a symbol of the hearthand the main decoration of the home. He is able to pull himself to collect the views and the company. Fireplace set can be not only in a private home. There are good electrical model for the apartments. But living in any case should be large enough and durable floor that is able to withstand an overall construction of the fireplace.

Fireplace - highlight of the living room

Fireplace - highlight of the living room

The interiors of country houses, villas and urbanApartments pockets are gaining increasing popularity. They make any room a romantic atmosphere, including in the living room. Such a design can be classic or fantasy, which hovers the spirit of legends and myths. All depends entirely on your desire! Always looks impressive living room with fireplace - photo interiors It helps you to see this.

It looks like an open fireplace in the living room

It looks like an open fireplace in the living room

Today distinguish these types of fireplaces - corner,indoor and outdoor. Open design is placed in the middle of the room, the flames in all directions gives warmth and gives the design a living primitive, recalling how in ancient times, our ancestors gathered around campfires. Corner fireplace is special because it does not require a lot of space, but if it is placed near the interior walls, he can simultaneously heat the three rooms.

The main focus is the business card of the portal. There are many options for its completion. It can be made of different material - limestone quarry and rough stone, metal, brick or ceramic. But the most popular solutions - this is definitely a marble or granite. The key to choosing the material for the fireplace is the unity with the overall interior design - it must succinctly fit into the interior of the home.

Living room with fireplace, a Spanish-style

The Spanish culture is prevalent in all parts ofthe world - from America to the Philippines. As a result, living room with fireplace interior design also felt the impact of these trends. Fireplace characteristic bright colors and decorative details. Interior finishing is applied or painted glazed ceramic tiles, which are often laid out and the interior of a home fireplace.

Living room with fireplace, a Spanish-style

Living room with fireplace in the Spanish style, the lining is made of limestone

Another popular material for constructionSpanish natural limestone fireplaces stands stone (cantera) - porous and durable, which is at the same time is very easy. Quarried stone in the southern regions of Mexico, and is presented in a wide variety of textures and colors.

living room design style Kiva

History Kiva style decision rooted indesert area of ​​North America. The name comes from the traditional ceremonial structures Pueblos (Indians). It is their architecture and has become an inspiration to create fireplaces in this style. And you can verify this by viewing the photo living room with fireplace.

Kiva Fireplace in the interior of the living room

Kiva fireplace in the style of North American Indian traditions, form emulates a bee hive

Outbreaks Kiva erected in the corner of the roommud brick, raw. Fireplace is laid out in the shape of a beehive or an inverted cone with a hole in the form of an arch. Modern decor objects have built-in ledges and benches, which are called banco, shelves to showcase the collections and small accessories. It is appropriate to drape the walls.

A huge number of new parts createdorder to modernize the appearance of the fireplace. Sometimes constructed vanguard pockets that are dazzling. Form traditional Kiva can diversify using inclusions of ceramic tiles.

The image of fire from river pebbles

Interior living room with fireplace, which is composed ofriver pebbles, capable waft nostalgic mood! The unique composition of natural shingle (quartz and granite) makes it durable and strong building material that is resistant to temperature changes and stress. In addition, this material is characterized by high decorative properties and wide range of colors - dark blue, gray, red, black, white, gray-blue shades.

Fireplace of river pebbles in the living room

Fireplace of river pebbles in the living room - a pastiche of ancient hearth

Fireplace of river boulders dominatesposition in the living room. Impressive, impressive size and monumentality of these lesions. Although they can be reduced and a small room because the design possibilities river pebbles are not limited.

Outbreaks of concrete in the interior of the living room

Create a unique and impressive designfireplace Concrete contributed characteristic properties of the material - ease of handling and the ability to simulate a wide variety of materials and textures. As a result, it is impossible to visually distinguish the fireplace of concrete from the hearth of natural stone, if the design involves the design imitation granite or marble.

Concrete Fireplace in the interior of the living room

The mass of the original design ideas allows to implement concrete

With concrete, you can simulate polished and carved granite, limestone, travertine, sandstone rough texture, crushed quarry stone.

Stone portal can have a variety of decorative details and ornaments, as well as to be simple. But in any case, a living room with a fireplace made of concrete will look really powerful.

Fireplaces made of bricks

Design foci of brick borrows featurespresent and past time. Particular attention is paid to the massive wooden beams, framing the fireplace and mantel. Often the practice of creating fireplaces, raised above the floor, which are level on both sides.

Fireplace brick in the interior of the living room

Fireplace brick with an imitation of ancient masonry

Looks good wide arched brick hearth framing. The surface decorated with shards of porcelain or multicolored glass, the side and front walls - natural stone.

Fireplace with drywall - a special highlight

A common material for constructionFireplaces is drywall. It is used mainly in the construction, he closed fireplace inserts. Gypsum as a structural material has the following advantages: it allows you to create a box for the hearth of any configuration, it is easy and not expensive. In addition, we note a variety of methods for finishing - plaster, paint, ceramics, tiles under the stone.

It looks in the living room fireplace made of plasterboard

Fireplace portal plasterboard lined with tile, stylized Dutch tiles

Plasterboard is often used in combinationwith other finishing materials. This is due to fashion trends: in the west in the interior living minimalism prevails in our country, this style solution is also beginning to gain momentum.

Wood fireplaces - stylish element

wood fireplace warmth is evident evenwhen the portal does not light a fire. Wooden lesions with a thin thread, made of fine wood - mahogany or cherry, bring elegance to any living room.

Wood fireplace in the living room

Wood fireplace in the living room does not involve functional use, it is a spectacular element of interior painting

If you want to focus lookunassuming, you should choose a pine tree and paint walls transparent primer design. To achieve the rustic appearance, which conveys a sense of antiquity, it is better to make a darker wood, which you must manually apply the crack. Living room with corner fireplace made of mahogany with a thin thread will look more formal. Almost the same effect can be achieved by setting the white painted wooden portal with polished marble.

We arrange the furniture according to the rules

The first impression of a living room with a fireplace dependsof the total picture - large parts, furniture, wall colors. Decorating the room needs to be combined with the style of the hearth. Most often used in the classic style of interior design of this room. However, fireplaces in metal housing with flame imitation that are made in the style of hi-tech, also occur frequently.

We arrange the furniture around the fireplace in the living room

Arrange the furniture around the fireplace in the living room should be in accordance with safety regulations: flammable furnishings should be removed from the source at a distance of 1.2-1.5 m

If you value comfort and want to evening beforefireplace became memorable, it is necessary to choose and arrange the furniture for the living room with fireplace. Opposite each other is positioned sofa and chair, among them you can put a coffee table, a side wall near the fireplace - to place cabinets, tables and shelves. How nice to enjoy a mug of warming drink by the fireplace, looking at the flames, or do other things!

Fireplace in the living room a few decades agoIt was an unattainable dream. Today, the centers can be found even in urban apartments! What is striking in this, so this abundance of styles to living room with fireplace.

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