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Curtains for the hall in the design of 2017

TOP-140 photo curtains for the hall of 2017. Fashionable colors and models, tips for choosing and self-tailoring.

Curtains - a stylish and bright accent design of anyModern hall. What trends did the year 2017 bring? What types of curtains and color options are in fashion? We will tell about all design novelties and will show more than a hundred interesting photos of modern interiors.


  1. In a fashion naturalness
  2. What type of curtains are in the trend?
    1. Light and weightless
    2. Volume and drapery
    3. Eyelets and rings
    4. Laconicism of Roman curtains
    5. Originality of Japanese curtains
  3. Tendencies in the choice of color
    1. Basic shades are classics out of time
    2. Freshness of natural shades
    3. Prints and patterns - the original touch of your design
  4. We select curtains to the general style of hall design
    1. Eclecticism
    2. Minimalism
    3. Eco-style
    4. Art Deco
    5. Pop Art
    6. Classic
  5. Curtains for a hall with a kitchen
  6. What if there are no perfect curtains anywhere?
    1. Fashionable curtains to order
    2. Curtains in the hall with their own hands

Curtains have long ceased to be just a pieceCloth, designed to protect the room from excess light during the day and hide it from prying eyes at night. Modern curtains - this is the same equivalent element of decor, as a stylish vase or an interesting picture. So, to choose the curtains for any of the rooms in your apartment you need to take very seriously and take into account the main trends prevailing in the design environment. So, you want to embody in your not only stylish, but also fashionable design? Then let's see what advice on choosing curtains for the living room give us designers in the coming year.

In a fashion naturalness

The general trend in the design world,Every season is increasingly popular, is the desire to choose the most natural materials. This applies to finishing materials, in the selection of which we are increasingly called upon to pay attention to eco-friendly wood or MDF (to whom that is affordable), and materials used in the decor of the room - decorative panels, textiles, etc.

Thus, the most preferred choiceBecome curtains made of natural materials - variations from cotton, flax, silk and other vegetable fibers. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you to choose a fabric more suitable to the general style of your living room.

the cloth Characteristics
Velvet The basis of the fabric can be silk, cotton, nylon. Through the base are stretched villi - short and thick, giving velvet a special texture.
Taffeta Made from silk or synthetic fibers. By texture - heavy, rustling, smooth. Has a flickering surface.
Mora Most often made of silk, has a wavy iridescent pattern.
Jacquard It is made by intricate weaving, it has an interesting ornament.
Brocade Jacquard weave, three-dimensional, textured patterns.
Satin It consists of cotton fibers, has a light shine.
Jute A rather coarse cloth made from natural plant fibers of jute.
Veil Usually cotton or silk, has a light texture with sewn patterns.
Chiffon The derivative of silk fibers, thin, transparent fabric.
Tulle A thin fabric with a mesh structure.
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 01
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 02
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 03
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 04
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 05
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 06
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 07
Curtains for the living room (2017) - 08

What type of curtains are in the trend?

Light and weightless

Modern interiors like space and ease. Even the popular loft style has recently become more and more easier for designers with the help of light curtains made of thin transparent fabrics.

Tulle, chiffon, veil - these are the materials that will allow you to create a beautiful weightless interior.

By the way, in spite of the fact that white color is the mostFashionable selection of the season-2017, no one limits you in choosing the color for curtains in the living room. Bright and juicy natural shades will perfectly lie on the weightless structure of curtains and will become a significant accent of its modern interior.

Air curtains for living room - 01
Air curtains for living room - 02
Air curtains for living room - 03
Air curtains for living room - 04
Air curtains for living room - 05
Air curtains for living room - 06
Air curtains for living room - 07
Air curtains for the living room - 08

Volume and drapery

It would seem that the curtains and the use ofDraperies - a trend that directly contradicts the previous one, urging us to abandon the complex curtains decor in favor of ease and simplicity. But it's not so simple!

Wishing to create an interesting accent in your living roomWith the help of curtains, pay attention to light materials, such as brocade or taffeta, which have texture. Thus, you will be able to achieve the desired volume without increasing the space of the living room.

Volumetric curtains - 01
Volumetric curtains - 02
Curtains - 03
Curtains - 04
Volumetric curtains - 05
Curtainless curtains - 06
Curtains - 07
Curtains - 08
Curtains - 09

Eyelets and rings

For those who do not know, let's explain: Eyelets are rings made of metal or plastic, thanks to which the curtain is threaded onto the cornice. Such curtains look very original and in themselves are an interesting décor even in monochrome without additional prints.

The use of eyelets is possible not only for curtains of dense material, but also for lightweight fabrics. Just compact the top layer of curtains with any suitable material of a dense texture.

Curtains on the eyelets - 01
Curtains on the eyelets - 02
Curtains on the eyelets - 03
Curtains on the eyelets - 04
Curtains on the eyelets - 05
Curtains on the eyelets - 06
Curtains on the eyelets - 07
Curtains on the eyelets - 08

Laconicism of Roman curtains

Roman curtains Not so long ago, fully used in the design projects of the living room and hall. This option is not only practical, but also very interesting.

Among the Roman curtains, there are three main types:

  • Reflective;
  • Light scattering;
  • day Night.

What are their main differences?

Reflective Roman blinds are made fromFabrics capable of reflecting light. The use of this option will be more justified in the bedroom or the nursery, where extra light is perceived as a hindrance to rest, but not for the hall, especially the modern one.

Light-scattering Roman blinds, on the other hand, disperse the light that falls on them, and are well suited for use in living rooms.

Excellent compromise options are advocatedRoman curtains of the "day-night" type. Their peculiarity consists in alternating strips of dense and lightweight fabric (therefore they are often called curtains of the "zebra" type). Such curtains are attached in two layers with the ability to adjust the arrangement of the strips on both layers. For example, if you want to darken the space, simply adjust the curtains so that the dense strips of one layer overlap the transparent strips of the second one. Accordingly, in order to let more light into the room, it is necessary to combine strips of the same type with each other.

Roman curtains in the interior of the hall can be perfectly combined with classical curtains of any type - as their dense, opaque materials, and from light transparent fabrics.

Roman Blinds - 01
Roman curtains - 02
Roman curtains - 03
Roman Blinds - 04
Roman Blinds - 05
Roman curtains - 06
Roman curtains - 07
Roman Curtains - 08

Originality of Japanese curtains

Japanese curtains - a fashion trend in the design of the hall in 2017 and that there are several explanations.

  1. The national color and the element ethnics in the design has recently become more popular.
  2. Japanese style is minimalistic, and minimalism - in favor with designers is not the first season.
  3. Because the curtains are an additional decor, choosing a curtain of Japanese design is the right way to add an interesting accent to your room.

So, what are Japanese curtains? Japanese, or panel, curtains consist of a cornice and fabric cloths. The mechanism of movement of cloths along the cornice resembles a door-compartment.

Japanese curtains - an excellent choice for the owners of the living room with large wide windows! Unfortunately, for small windows Japanese curtains can serve as a superfluous "weighting", skrydyvayuschim space.

Japanese curtains - 01
Japanese Curtains - 02
Japanese curtains - 03
Japanese Curtains - 04
Japanese curtains - 05
Japanese Curtains - 06
Japanese Curtains - 07
Japanese Curtains - 08

Tendencies in the choice of color

Basic shades are classics out of time

Season-2017 develops the desire for simplicity,Inherited from the year 2015. Use in the design of premises basic tones, such as gray, black, beige and - especially! - white - the main leitmotif of fashionable design projects.

Universal white color will do fineThe task of facilitating heavy interiors, will make a fresh note, transform the small living room. This choice is suitable for those who do not want to focus on textiles, but prefers to diversify the interior with other bright colors, be it furniture or interesting lamps.

Dark curtains - another classic option that can make the interior a bit stricter. If you choose dark curtains, choose them in the tone upholstery Upholstered furniture, Shades of floor lamps or the color of sofa cushions.

With regard to the ratio of colors of decoration and curtains inModern hall, here designers give us a certain scope for creative ideas. Equally stylish will look like curtains, matched to the tone of the main finish, and playing with it in contrast.

Curtains of base tones - 01
Curtains of base tones - 02
Curtains of base tones - 03
Curtains of base tones - 04
Curtains of basic tones - 05
Curtains of basic tones - 06
Curtains of basic tones - 07
Curtains of base tones - 08

Freshness of natural shades

The shades of nature itself are popular everywhere - whether it's a kitchen, bedroom, hallway or living room. Here are the basic tones that are worth paying attention to, choosing the perfect version of curtains among the novelties:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • brown;
  • walnut;
  • Marsala;
  • turquoise;
  • amber;
  • citric.

Color curtains will easily make your room moreInteresting, so do not be afraid to experiment with combinations. The eternal rule of "curtains in the tone of textiles" is no longer dominant. Pick up the curtains in tone to other decor elements or decoration elements, if you do not use a monochrome gamut.

Revive the interior of the hall with bright curtains of natural tones, and it will not only be a great place to relax, but also a place that gives you a charge of positive energy!

Curtains natural tones - 01
Curtains natural tones - 02
Curtains natural tones - 03
Curtains of natural colors - 04
Curtains natural tones - 05
Curtains natural tones - 06
Curtains natural tones - 07
Curtains of natural tones - 08

Prints and patterns - the original touch of your design

If monochrome curtains, even rich natural shades, seem too boring to you, designers have something to offer you in the coming year 2016.

So, what patterns are the most fashionable this season?

  • Animalistic prints and images of animals;
  • Large flowers;
  • geometric figures;
  • Bands;
  • Futuristic prints;
  • Photo curtains.

As you can see, the space for imagination is great as ever!

Duplicating the pattern of curtains in other elements of the decor will help you to combine them all into a single space of the hall.

Interesting prints and patterns - 01
Interesting prints and patterns - 02
Interesting prints and patterns - 03
Interesting prints and patterns - 04
Interesting prints and patterns - 05
Interesting prints and patterns - 06
Interesting prints and patterns - 07
Interesting prints and patterns - 08

We select curtains to the general style of hall design

In more detail about the trendy styles of the hall decoration this season, we Already wrote. Let's consider more in detail what curtains are better for fashionable interiors.


Eclectic style is extremely popular in the upcoming season! The combination of the incongruous, performed with a sense, sensible and competent arrangement is the key to creating a truly unique interior.

Do not think that creating an interior in styleEclecticism is simpler than simple, and for this it is enough simply to combine elements of different styles in one space. The correct and stylish eclectic interior does not leave a sense of excessive, and to achieve such an effect is often only possible for professionals!

Picking curtains for the hall in the style of eclecticism, it is worthTo pay attention to variants with interesting prints and patterns. The best solution will be large flowers and geometric shapes. Just fine will fit curtains in stripes or with futuristic patterns.

Eclectic - 01
Eclectic - 02
Eclectic - 03
Eclectic - 04
Eclectic - 05
Eclectic - 06
Eclectic - 07
Eclectic - 08


Minimalism implies laconism in the design of upholstered furniture and storage system facades, the use of simple light colors in decoration with bright accents, as well as the rejection of excessive decor.

The ideal solution for the hall in the style of minimalism will be simple light curtains of light colors (ideally, white).

Perfectly fit in such an interior Roman curtains and emerging at the peak of popularity Japanese curtains.

Minimalism - 01
Minimalism - 02
Minimalism - 03
Minimalism - 04
Minimalism - 05
Minimalism - 06
Minimalism - 07
Minimalism - 08


The very name of this style assumes maximum use of natural materials in decoration, furnishing and decoration of the room.

Having started the arrangement of the hall in an eco-style, refer to curtains made of natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc.

The color scale is also better to choose natural - shades of white, beige, gray, green, blue, yellow will suit.

It is acceptable to use prints and patterns that haveConnection with nature. For example, in this style will perfectly fit in the current season's popularity of photo-curtains depicting exotic flowers, plants or animals.

Eco-style - 01
Eco-style - 02
Eco-style - 03
Eco-style - 04
Eco-style - 05
Eco-style - 06
Eco-style - 07
Eco-style - 08

Art Deco

Art deco - the style of the glamorous elite of the mid-twentieth century. The smoothness of the forms, chic and simplicity are harmoniously combined in the hall in the style of art deco.

After completing the general decoration of the hall in light colors, give preference to dark furniture, in the tone of which it is worth choosing and curtains.

Art deco accepts the use of not onlyMonochrome curtains, but also interesting patterns, more often geometric, mentally returning us in the era of Golden Hollywood, which gave us this marvelous style, currently experiencing a new heyday.

Art Deco - 01
Art Deco - 02
Art Deco - 03
Art Deco - 04
Art Deco - 05
Art Deco - 06
Art Deco - 07
Art Deco - 08

Pop Art

The choice in favor of pop art in the design of the hall will allowYou look at its space from a new perspective. As a basic background for experiments, it is best to choose a neutral color scheme, preferably in white tones.

Accents in the interior in the style of pop art are arranged with an interesting decor, and curtains will perfectly cope with this task.

Pop art - this is the case when you should not be afraidJuicy shades and screaming prints. The main thing is that the final result, like in the case of eclecticism, should not be excessively overloaded with details that do not allow the whole picture to be fully perceived.

Pop Art - 01
Pop Art - 02
Pop Art - 03
Pop art - 04
Pop Art - 05
Pop Art - 06
Pop art - 07
Pop Art - 08


Finally, we can not fail to mention the classic, because the classic, as you know, never goes out of fashion. So now - in the coming season there will be a place for a living room in the classical style.

If the "classical classic" is too much for youHeavyweight, refer to the options of neoclassical design, which, while preserving the traditions of classical interiors, looks more fresh and organic in modern space.

Curtains for this style will fit voluminous, with drapery. But do not forget about the usual, the simplest curtains, which can be skillfully combined with Roman ones.

Classic style - 01
Classic style - 02
Classic style - 03
Classic style - 04
Classic style - 05
Classic style - 06
Classic style - 07
Classic style - 08

Curtains for a hall with a kitchen

Modern apartment layouts are often combinedTwo zones - a kitchen and a living room. Someone does not like this option, someone, on the contrary, likes the combination of spaces of different purposes into a single whole. But anyway, such a layout is a frequent companion of modern apartments, which means that the question often arises: how to choose curtains for a similar room?

In the choice of curtains, as in the choice of design in general, you have, in the main, two main ways:

  1. To differentiate the kitchen area and the rest area with the help of decoration and decor;
  2. To unite the zones in a single space.

In the first case, we still recommendUse in the decoration and design of different areas of materials of similar texture and color scheme, so as not to chop the room into two pieces, as it can play a cruel joke with you, making the space of the room visually less.

Use different shades of the same color to decorate the kitchen area and relaxation area.

Choosing a decor, select, for example, classic curtains or curtains on the eyelets for the living room parts and Roman curtains for them in tone for the kitchen part.

In the second case, you can decorate zones in one color using a similar decor, and the curtains for windows in the kitchen area and in the hall area should be the same.

Read also our article about the fashion trends of 2017 in Kitchen design!

Curtains for living room-kitchen - 01
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 02
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 03
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 04
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 05
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 06
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 07
Curtains for living room-kitchen - 08

What if there are no perfect curtains anywhere?

Fashionable curtains to order

It also happens that you have created an interestingA design project that takes into account all your preferences, but you can not find suitable curtains for it. As in the famous Soviet film: "I would be the same, but with mother-of-pearl buttons." It seems that you find the right color, but the material is not at all what you would like, or, conversely, the material is found, but the right color is not.

In this case, you can contact the atelier. This choice will allow you to realize your interior design as accurately as possible. Of course, this option, most likely, will cost a little more than the finished store, but you get exactly what you wanted.

The cost of sewing simple curtains with tulle for two windows without taking into account the material is about $ 50.

Curtains to order - 01
Curtains to order - 02
Curtains to order - 03
Curtains to order - 04
Curtains to order - 05
Curtains to order - 06
Curtains to order - 07
Curtains to order - 08
Curtains to order - 09
Curtains to order - 10

Curtains in the hall with their own hands

If you have needlework skills, then you can easily cope with the tailoring of curtains yourself.

But even if the decision to sew the blinds yourselfVisited you for the first time, you are quite able to cope with this task. Fortunately, at present the Internet is full of various master classes for sewing curtains.

We offer you one of these master classes, as a result of which you can independently sew classic curtains for your living room.

First of all, you will need:

  • Cloth (about 2 m wide, 2.8 m long);
  • Curtain tape;
  • Thread under the color of the fabric;
  • Roulette and ruler;
  • scissors;
  • Pins;
  • iron;
  • sewing machine.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Dissolve the fabric. Determine with the necessary length, to which should add a total of about 16 cm - 10 cm at the hem of the bottom and 6 cm for the tape (maybe you tape will have a different width).
  2. Select the desired width of the processing of the sides of the future curtain after it is cut. Lay off the desired bend (1.5-3 cm) - iron, then make another bend - and just iron.
  3. Stitch the sides on the sewing machine.
  4. Begin processing the bottom. It is similar to the processing of the sides - the algorithm of actions is the same, but the bend should be 5 cm each time.
  5. Now you need to sew a curtain tape. The curtains are placed face up, the side cut of the curtain tape is bent to the wrong side by about 1-2 cm. Next, the curtain tape upwards is superimposed on the front side of the web, and their upper slices are combined.
  6. For convenience, we advise you to pin the ribbon to the curtain using pins and do it in staggered order. Crop the tape 2 cm longer than the length of the curtains, and fold the excess inside.
  7. Attach the curtain tape along the inner edge approximately 1 mm from the edge.
  8. After that, bend the curtain tape to the wrong side of the fabric and tie it along the bottom edge.
  9. Another line is made in the middle of the curtain tape, paying attention to the fact that the hinges and threads of the curtain tape are not stitched.
  10. Next, the strings from both sides of the blind tape are tied in one knot and, pulling them, we give the curtain the necessary width.
  11. Classic curtains for the hall are ready!
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