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The combination of wallpaper in the living room: photo ideas, methods, optical transformation of space

Living room - the heart of the house. Here, every day brings together all members of the household, to share their impressions of the day, talk, laugh, relax and just spend time together, silently sitting in a comfortable chair by the fireplace. It sets the tone for the interior living room of the whole house, so the decoration of the premises must be given special attention. But ... the main problem is its living area is large enough and for this reason it is necessary to fill the space some content. It may be not only the furniture and accessories, but also a variety of visual effects such as, for example, the combination of wallpapers in a living room or a combination of the original colors.

A method of combining wallpaper is ideal forspacious rooms or for those rooms, whose walls, ceilings and floors are far from perfect. all existing contradictions, eliminate the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the living room can be smoothed Through this method finishes.


  • Vertical colored stripes
  • Horizontal combination of wallpaper
  • Upholstery inserts in the interior
  • The unique combination of patchwork
  • Isolation of niches and ledges

Let's look at the basic techniques of combination of wallpaper in the living room, which is quite often designers use in their work.

Vertical colored stripes

This method is based on the use of different colors of wallpaper, but the same texture and width. Alternate can be both through one and two. As for the color palette, the experts recommend combine with each other or different shades of the same color or sameused for this purpose perfectly contrasting combination of opposite colors of the spectrum. In the first case, a certain effect straight game of shadows that will add to the atmosphere of the living room of nobility and elegance. In the case of combining contrasting wallpaper the room will look like a unique museum exhibit that is sure to emphasize its individuality and special character.

You can use wallpaper with different patterns, for example, a combination of peas and strips perfect for a living room in retro style.

Vertical combination of wallpaper

Vertical stripes contrasting visually increase the ceiling height

Vertical stripes wallpaper coating

Vertical allows to embody a combination of a lot of interesting design ideas

The method of combining vertical wallpaper in the living room

Vertical combination of wallpaper unified range of colors - an excellent way to balance all the elements of interior

Horizontal combination of wallpaper

When decorating the walls in such a way acceptablealternate strips monochromatic or contrasting colors one by one, or one in two. Only here you need to take into account that the optimum bandwidth should be selected depending on the height of ceilings in the living room. For example, in a room with high ceilings, experts advise to combine the bandwidth of 1.5-2 meters. If the average height of the walls, the width of wallpaper web should be 1-1.5 meters, and if the ceilings are very low, it is not more than 1 meter.

With horizontal combination permissiblewallpaper application with a different texture, for example, a combination of vinyl and textile wallcoverings by deliberate coarseness of the first and second soft in the living room creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Horizontal combination of wallpaper

Classic version of a horizontal combination of wallpaper: dark bottom, light top

Horizontal combination of wallpaper in the living room

Horizontal method for differentiation of optically expands space

Upholstery inserts in the interior

The method involves the insertion of upholstery designInterior living room with walls already prepared, that is, they must have already been plastered on the main wallpaper. Their color can vary, but the most advantageous to look the composition of upholstery inserts on the surface of a monochromatic light.

The inserts are made of a more dense wallpaper, and set the trims or moldings that hide possible irregularities in their path.

Clear and smooth, rectangular or squareinserts are ideal for living in the Baroque style, and complex geometric shapes (diamond, circle, trapezoid, etc.) perfectly accentuate fascination Neoclassicism owner of the house.

Rectangular insertion of wallpaper

Rectangular insertion of wallpaper decorated with moldings

Upholstery insert

Inserts of wallpaper with a pattern used in the creation of interior paintings in the Baroque style, are used for the realization of interesting ideas of modern decor

The unique combination of patchwork

Creative individuals, as well as those who simply do notHe loves standards can paste over the living room wall flaps, cut from different wallpapers. These pieces can have a variety of shapes and sizes, most importantly, that they are at least a little something in common with each other. Let them have a common or patterned floral motif, or different shades of one color, or contrast are all - it is important that the whole living room turned out beautiful and stylish.

Patchwork method of combining wallpaper

Patchwork wallpaper paste from different shades - the original design of the living room

Isolation of niches and ledges

Modern methods of finishing walls suggest the creation of a variety of drywall constructions, which allow to supplement the empty wall niches, shelves and ledges.

These architectural elements, and you can select a different color to the room will sparkle with new colors and flowers.

Isolation niches

Isolation niches darker shade of the base color

Isolation niches dark monophonic wallpaper

The method of allocation of niches wallpaper contrasting color provides an opportunity to highlight the functional elements

Selecting a niche light wallpaper

Selecting a niche for TV

Isolation of the projection

Allocation of architectural projection

As a rule, niche Wallpaperscontrasting colors. For example, if the walls in the living room white, the projections or niche emit a dark gray or black; blue - peach, pink - bright green or bright green. It is worth considering the fact that plain walls will look great with niches, wallpapered with all sorts of designs and patterns. This interior will always be interesting and engaging.

Finishing combined wallpaper

An interesting combination of wallpaper, you can not just think of yourself, but also to realize their own ideas with their own hands.

As mentioned above, the wall decoration with the help ofcombining wallpaper helps to mitigate many of the shortcomings premises: highlight or hide niches and ledges, to adjust the height of the ceiling, place the light and color accents. With this method, you can make the living room a completely different look and make it more cozy, comfortable and modern.

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