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Choosing a floor in the living room - a floor covering is better, more practical and easier installation

Choosing a floor in the living room

What first strikes visitors,who first visited the house? That's right, the floor and walls. Today flooring a variety of types, because the market is literally gushes different offerings: here you can find and linoleum and ceramic tiles, and a wide range of parquet and laminate. And they differ not only colors, but also scope, performance moisture resistance, strength, wear resistance. Ordinary consumers is difficult to understand the variety, so in this publication are the practical recommendations on the choice of flooring will be given to the living room.


  • The criteria of rational choice
  • Choosing a floor in the living room: Tips
  • Cork flooring in the living room
  • Parquet floor - home decoration
  • Laminate - a good option for the living room

The criteria of rational choice

Of course, the question of how the flooringThey choose multi-faceted. So it depends not only on the personal desires: for example, saying "all this color like, take, do not hesitate to" false, because there are many other factors that must be considered when making a purchase:

  • type of room - kitchen, bathroom, living room,children: all the rooms have their own operating characteristics, which should pay attention. For example, the carpet does not make your bed in the bathroom, in the bedroom ceramic tile looks not so;
The diverse range of

For the arrangement of the central premises of the apartment prefer presentable material with excellent performance and decorative qualities

  • state, the shape of the floor - if repairscarried out on their own, should take into account their abilities, as well as the status of the base floor, thinking through what floor you can put right. And if this process is entrusted to professionals, you need to hire only professionals who have the experience, skills;
  • the cost of flooring is far from the lastfactor. If there is money, we can safely implement the wildest fantasy, buying expensive materials, and do not skimp on the payment of wage labor. But when the repair is done on their own, and the budget is limited, you need to think ten times, it is worth buying, for example, expensive tiles. After all, it must be placed in a specific technology to serve it for a long time. If there is no confidence in their abilities, should be preferred over simple floor coverings imitating other materials: You can buy an expensive linoleum flooring imitation - it looks good and the floor looks great;
  • personal tastes, wishes - if, for example,ceramic tiles do not like, but it is easy to fit, cut, best not to buy this tile. Why? Because in the future, it will not bring joy, people will walk on the floor and execute themselves that look absolutely perfect.

Choosing a floor in the living room: Tips

As already mentioned, every roomIt characterized by its features, living room is no exception. Living room - a business card at home, so it must have a noble, worthy sight to the guests entered the room, immediately realized that the people living there with excellent aesthetic taste.

Paul - one of the most important components of the interior, and although the personal preferences of the owners need to be taken into account, the designers give a number of other recommendations:

  • flooring for the hall to be expensive -If selected as a material of the board, it is desirable to choose not to Scots pine and Siberian larch or stained oak. The living room should make an impression on the guests, so avarice is irrelevant here;
The flooring in the living room

The flooring in the living room should be in harmony with the decoration and furnishings

  • neutrality - in spite of the high cost, in the living room floor is better to draw in soft colors, that is, luxury should not be persuasive;

Important: the floor should not overshadow the beautiful furniture, trim surfaces. It is the background that sets off the decor of the room.

  • natural materials - according to the ideasEuropeans, in the living room should not be placed artificial flooring. Therefore, the most popular parquet, but the laminate, which has always been considered the best substitute for parquet flooring, not create the impression of prosperity in the house. Luxuriously and it looks spectacular natural stone: marble, granite;

Important: if your budget is limited, it is better to buy cheaper flooring for other rooms, and the savings to spend on a marble tile, decorative parquet.

  • Heated floor - only in this case the guests includedthe house will feel as comfortable as what kind of comfort can say, if cold feet? For this reason, care must be taken to equip the floor well insulated or an arrangement of the heating system. Moreover, this factor depends on the type of material: natural coating retains heat better than synthetic.

Important: in the extreme case, if the economy is in the first place, you need to lay on the floor a warm rug, or offer guests slippers.

By the way, the external appearance of the carpet is also of greatvalue. Carpeted Floor should look elegant, humble carpet is misplaced. Also, do not obscure the carpet the entire surface of the floor should be left on the sides of at least 30 cm, and the place for the living room carpet center.

Cork flooring in the living room

The advantages of cork coverage is undeniable, however, this material is often used today, taking advantage of the enormous popularity among consumers. Its advantages:

  • Eco-friendly materials - cork is made from the bark of the tree, so it is absolutely safe and does not contain harmful impurities;
  • cork flooring has high rates of heat and sound insulation, easily recovers its shape after deformation;
  • excellent wear resistance, elasticity;
  • cork does not absorb odors - the perfect flooring for allergy sufferers;
The use of cork in the living room

Cork - a progressive coating that attracts safety, aesthetic qualities, limitless design possibilities

  • resistance to decay, long life;
  • fire safety;
  • traffic jam on a nice walk barefoot. This aspect is very relevant, if the house is inhabited by the children, they can play in the living room on the floor, while they will not get cold feet.

Moreover, cork floor cleaning does not cause particular problems: the floor surface can sweep, mop.

Important: if using an adhesive version of cork flooring can be cleaned wet vacuum.

The undoubted advantage of this flooringa wide range of design solutions. You can create any art of cork pattern as color tinting her diverse, and the very fine material is cut.

The only difficulty lies in the installation. It is better to entrust this process to professionals, because a cork - a thin, soft cover, so any flaws, irregularities, cracks, holes appear in relief on the surface of the floor.

Parquet floor - home decoration

The living room will look good flooring. On the one hand, it resembles the sizefloorboards, on the other hand - drawing the top layer strips may mimic piece parquet. This is a relatively inexpensive material having a three-layer structure: the top layer is made of valuable wood species and the rest of spruce, pine.

Parquet in the living room

Solid flooring - a great alternative to expensive parquet

Parquet board is characterized by increasedimpact resistance, wear resistance, it is easy to wipe clean. Also, this flooring normally carries drop humidity, temperature fluctuations.

Important: One of the main features of the parquet floor - the ability to mount a warm floor. If you adhere strictly to the rules of operation, parquet board does not change its quality characteristics.

When selecting the parquet floor, first and foremost, you need todetermine the color and wood species. This is an important task, because the floor should be in harmony with the elements of the room decor, the color of the furniture. To do this, take the time to carefully consider the style, size, colors parquet floors. It is advisable to get acquainted with the finished project, is also a good idea - to spread out on the floor a couple of samples, comparing them visually on the background of the real situation.

Laminate - a good option for the living room

This material can be called a popular and confidentlydemand. What is the secret? In fact, several of them in the first place, the laminate is aesthetic - interior acquires the features of nobility, solidity. Secondly, the price of laminate quite democratic - beautiful floor is available for almost everyone. Plus, it is easy to assemble, and to care for them is simple.

These floor coverings for the perfect homefit in the living room, you can create a stylish, ultra-modern interior of a solid, respectable business. In addressing the issue of color should take into account the peculiarities of style. Also take into account the mood, which is expected to create, because the color of the floor, and in the words of designers and psychologists, is crucial.

The floor in the living room

Budget laminate can lay in the living room with a low-income family

If the living room is made in the classic style, you should buy a wood laminate noble breed. This can be oak, beech, mahogany - the space is transformed, it becomes "expensive".

Important: a similar laminate moldings should be selected tone in tone. For example, plastic skirting underlines the artificiality of the floor covering and wood moldings, finished with varnish, veneer, creates the effect of respectability.

Black, white laminate and a combination thereof are perfectly suited for the living room, decorated in avant-garde style.

But laminate that mimics teak, cherry,exotic woods - a perfect solution for the interior of the living room in a country style, retro, ethnic style. Also for the country can choose an option bleached laminate, and is perfect for vintage material with the effect of wear, roughness.

A few tips:

  • red-brown laminate with a longitudinal pattern adjusts the activity;
  • it is desirable to lay a dark glossy laminatemultifunctional living room, where the home and rest and receive guests. According to the psychologists, floors, reflecting like a mirror, adjust on goodwill, active communication;
  • to visually expand the living room is better to lay a laminate with a pronounced longitudinal stripes. But the trick is that such a laminated board mounted across;
  • in a compact living room is not desirable to lay a dark laminate, because it visually reduces the space.

Undoubtedly, floor coverings vary, butto create an individual living room, you need to apply imagination, not afraid of experiments. Of course, this should not violate the laws of the compatibility of colors, because then the room may get yelled, heterogeneous, tasteless. And if you use a combination of competent, living room interior necessarily get a beautiful, original.

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