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Building a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: the idea of ​​the construction and design

Building a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands

Fireplace - interior decoration, carrying comfort and rest. What could be more pleasant pleasure rainy autumn evening nestle at the lights, enjoying the mild warmth? But to build a real fireplace made of natural stone is not so simple. The reasons may be different: from the impossibility of installing a massive base to lack of funds. Hopeless situation, as we know, does not happen. The way out of this situation will be built fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands, it can be done as soon as possible without having to purchase expensive materials and treatment specialists.


  • Decorative "hotbed" of plasterboard
    • Advantages of fireplaces made of plasterboard
    • Fireplaces made of plasterboard: species
    • Raised fireplace in the interior of modern apartment
  • How to make a fireplace made of plasterboard
    • Bending plasterboard workpiece
    • Mounting frame - a mandatory step
    • Sheathing the fireplace: the rules
    • Decorative trim - the "face" fireplace
    • Features of the construction of the fireplace made of plasterboard

Decorative "hotbed" of plasterboard

Decorative fireplace is a structure made of metalprofiles, gypsum boards trimmed. It can be as simple rectangular box, and rather complicated structure with dampers and chimney, decorated with torches and candles.

Decorative fireplace looks like a real

Decorative fireplace looks like a real

Some will say, "But this is not a real fireplace!"And they will be wrong. If desired, an imitation wood frame and brick oblitsevat can get a fireplace, hardly distinguishable from the present. Besides, it is possible to give not only the design of any shape and function.

  • or corner mounted fireplace decorate a library or a small room. Some of the heat source is convenient to read, and the top or bottom for convenience, you can set the bookshelves.
  • made on an individual project, a fireplace made of plasterboard can successfully perform the function of the original supports for utensils while illuminating them.
  • Decorative fireplaces - a wonderful option of separation of a large space into functional zones.

Advantages of fireplaces made of plasterboard

Raised fireplace made of plasterboard (the second title of decorative fireplaces) have a number of advantages that enable them to favorably stand out from these devices:

  • democratic price since We need a profile, drywall, insulation, finishing materials;
  • the ability to take any, even the most unimaginable forms;
  • fireplace can serve as shelves, racks, thus giving a pleasant dim lighting;
  • Decorative fireplaces are mobile, quickly dismantled and rearranged to another place;
  • false fireplaces are safe, because there is no open-source heating.

Such a fireplace can be made in any, even veryclose quarters. The excitement over the fact that the child can get burned or hot coals fall on the furniture and floor are losing relevance, leaving the place for pleasant emotions from the transformation of the room.

Fireplaces made of plasterboard: species

Raised fireplaces are divided into 3 groups: conventional, reliable and symbolic.

Conventional fireplace

Conditional fireplace - a portal for the installation of electrical analog of the fireplace

1. Symbols are characterized by the presence of mandatory protruding from the wall of the portal. In the furnace there may be installed a conventional electric fireplace. In this case, the raised fireplace turns into a kind of portal to the electric fireplace.

2. Reliable fireplaces virtually indistinguishable from the real and fully comply with them on the design and size. In the furnace burner mounted bio fireplaces, that is, in effect, a complete copy of a burning fire.

3. Symbolic fireplaces can be made from different materials, but they are, as a rule, either in design or the size of a real fire does not match. Rather, it can be called a pattern on the wall with decorative elements.

Raised fireplace in the interior of modern apartment

The feature decorative fireplacesuniversality. They can be used for its intended purpose by creating a simulation of fire in the fireplace hearth. And it is possible effectively to emphasize the fact that it was a false fireplace, a little modifying functional orientation. Everything depends on the way in which stylization is made.

Decor fireplace can be varied

Decor fireplace can be varied

Decorate portal is permissible in many ways. The most popular option - installation of the furnace candles. One need only supplement the structure in a chaotic manner exhibited accessories and candles, and a fireplace in the blink of an eye transformed into a refined backdrop for a romantic evening. It is important that this is stored as a space savings and a flame effect.

Enhance the realism possible, if filltop to bottom furnace logs. The process is especially harmonious in the furnaces of a semicircular shape. Fascinating look like wood, laid out on the lattice of metal. Backlit yellow-red light perfectly replicates wood-burning fireplace. Differences will not appreciably.

For everyday use, more suitablerational option. Topka plays the role of shelves for books or other small gizmos, without which it is impossible coziness. Similarly, you can turn a false fireplace in place to showcase exhibits from favorite collections such as shells or figurines.

Especially fireplace looks attractive inNew Year's decoration. It can be decorated with Christmas balls, garlands, traditional socks to show. The festive mood and fantastic atmosphere guaranteed.
Further embodiments are presented below decor.

decor options

Fireplaces made of plasterboard: Photo of different variations on the theme of design, dimensions, equipment and devices

How to make a fireplace made of plasterboard

Drywall - an environmentally friendly material that does not cause difficulties in the work. With it, you can make special chic interior decoration.
The first step is to delve into the measurements and calculations. It is necessary to draw the fire of the future portal on the wall and carefully measure the layout.

This need to know!
It is not necessary to design a straight and level design. Plasterboard, with appropriate training, can be bent to any radius.

Bending plasterboard workpiece

First make a bending template. Then you need to cut out the drywall strip of the desired size, and then put the resulting billet inner side of the bend-up of the future on a flat surface. This part of the cook and you have to bend. We perform a plurality of holes 5 mm deep.

Punctures can be done easily with a special spiked roller. The holes need to violating the cardboard layer to get to the core. After that, the workpiece need to drench water.

It is important!
Remember, the water must not get into a layer of cardboard. Otherwise, the product will break in flexure.

After softening of the gypsum core, the workpiece is fixed on the pattern and leave to dry. After drying gypsum plasterboard core acquires the desired shape.
Bend the profile it is also not difficult metal. To do this, the sides of the incisions in increments of 1 cm. This will allow to achieve a perfectly smooth bending any cut.

Mounting frame - a mandatory step

Any design of plasterboard involves organizing a durable frame. Portal for false fire is not an exception. Craft frame can be made of metal profiles or wooden bars.

This need to know!
Using lumber requires precautions, otherwise you can not only spoil the decorative finish, but drywall.

Metal carcass

Assembling the metal frame - the most time-consuming process

Metal profiles are preferable, because the tree lends itself exposed to harmful insects and moisture, which is detrimental to the structure.
The frame is made so that the harvesting of drywall made him stop. It is necessary to obtain a strong and rigid structure.
After making the frame proceed to its casing.

Sheathing the fireplace: the rules

Lining is made of heat-resistant materials and is equipped with reflective elements (foil coating). The outer skin is made from plasterboard blanks.
At the end of plating need putty places fixing screws. After hardening primed putty and sand the deep penetration of the structure.

Decorative trim - the "face" fireplace

Gypsum decoration fireplace

Gypsum decoration chimney, through which the real "home" to distinguish the impossible

Decor fireplace is carried out by:
- Brick;
- Tiles or ceramic tiles;
- Plaster decorative elements; natural stone.

It is important!
When choosing the material for decoration, make sure that it is in harmony with the overall interior room.

Features of the construction of the fireplace made of plasterboard

  • Fireplace must be placed on the protective cushion. Optimum - made of concrete. Pillow Height - 20 cm, and the width of the furnace will depend on the dimensions - the width of the pillow to be 25cm longer;
  • do not forget about the isolation of false fireplace. For this purpose, can be used magnesite, asbestos, red brick;
  • even decorative fireplace should have a chimney. the flue pipe must be insulated and double;
  • contemplate flap covering the chimney. It will not penetrate the cold air from the outside, and leave the warm room;
  • attach the pipe hood, which protects against ingress of foreign bodies.
Fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: the result

The original fireplace made of plasterboard: with their hands realized an interesting idea

The work is done. Now you are the owner of a fashionable and beautiful accessory that will transform the interior and bring in a familiar atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

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