Design living room with fireplace

Living Room - a place for a family holiday,where it is assumed to receive visitors. That is why this room could be called the "heart" of the house. To create a comfortable and cozy environment, to consider options for the interior living room should be thoroughly. Very popular design of a living room with a fireplace. Ideas to implement it - a great many, only need to choose the option that is ideal for your doma.Kamin gives special comfort of any living room. It symbolizes the home for many centuries. On the site you can consider options for fire performance. He can become the main highlight in the interior and gorgeous decoration of the living room. In European countries it is the fire going the whole family in order to celebrate the holidays and celebrations. It is also a place near the fireplace is great for meeting with the best friends.

However, this fireplace can only be set inand the private country house. At the same time for the reception room should be large enough to have a robust floor that can withstand heavy mantel design. Properly installed fireplace can not all of the master and in any case do not try to build a fireplace yourself, because the slightest violation of the construction can lead to fire. It is best to entrust the construction of the family hearth proven master, pre-acquainted with his previous works.

Residents of flats in multi-storey buildings are notafford to have a real fireplace in the house, but they can easily buy electric fireplaces, which in no way inferior to the aesthetics of the present. Modern electric fireplaces are safe, easy to handle and able to perform not only a decorative function - they act as a heater.

Design living room with fireplace may be the mostvaried by a plurality of the fireplace designs. It can be made of natural stone, metal, marble, decorative bricks, etc. It is important to focus perfectly fit into the interior, and dropped out of the concept of space. As a rule, living room with fireplace are in the classical style. These rooms have wooden furniture, light walls and these resemble luxurious old houses. Some models of fireplaces perfectly emphasize the living room, decorated in a country style. Also today you can easily find a fireplace for the room, decorated in the style of hi-tech.

Near the decorative fireplace can be positioned upholstered furniture, coffee table. In the fireplaces look great family photos, clocks, flower vases, statuettes.

Design living room with fireplace
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