What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen: valuable advice

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen

Ennobling your kitchen, every host shouldto know that the materials for the finishing of the premises must have not only a decorative qualities, but also practicality. They should not lose appearance when exposed to moisture, high temperatures and other corrosive substances. Therefore, thinking over what to choose wallpaper for the kitchen, first look at the characteristics of the material used in the manufacture of wallpaper, and then on the texture and color of the rolls.


  • Features important when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen
  • Which material is preferred?
  • Colour wallpapers for the kitchen
  • The dependence of the quality of products
  • Determine the number of rolls of kitchen walls for pasting

Features important when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen

Features important when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen

Resistance to moisture and sunlight are one of the main characteristics when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen

  • Moisture. In this case, the best option would be materialwith the highest rate that is resistant not only to wet treatment with detergents and mechanical influences. With these wallpapers can be easily removed any contamination.
  • Resistance to sunlight. Kitchen - a place where rearrangement of furnitureIt occurs quite frequently, so it would be difficult to implement such a measure, if part of the wallpaper fade, and some will remain the same. In addition, the faded walls do not look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the solar facilities fade resistance is also an important component in choosing wallpaper for the kitchen.
  • fire resistance. Since cooking, whether gas orelectricity, due to the danger of fire, the walls in the kitchen should be resistant to fire. From this it becomes clear why fire wallpaper as important when selecting this finishing material.

Which material is preferred?

Then define how to choose wallpaper for the kitchen, focusing on the above characteristics.

  • Paper. This material has a lowdurability, but by treating it with special impregnations this rate increases. Allowed clean with a damp cloth. Paper impregnated with a mixture of water-repellent is not expensive, but the service life of such a product in five years on the force. This is despite the fact that they do not fall into the sun's rays, which promotes rapid fading of the product. And then you have to paste over the wall again. In addition, this version looks cheap and unpresentable.

Paper with a small vinyl layer a bit nicer and last longer, but also short-lived and requires a pasting alignment of walls.

  • Vinyl. Possess sufficient water-repellentperformance thanks to the foam vinyl. But that's why these wallpapers have a low density and a low wear resistance. Therefore, choosing a kitchen wallpaper, follow-density products. A great option is "CD vinyl." It is difficult to damage without the use of sharp objects. But it can align imperfect walls and has great durability.
A great option for the kitchen - "CD vinyl"

Vinyl wallpaper possess high durability, do not absorb moisture

The only drawback of this finishing materialcalled airtightness. But the producers, improving the quality of products, began to produce products with a microporous, they allow air to circulate freely.

The high price of vinyl wallcoverings pays their durability and beautiful appearance.

  • Wallpaper for painting. The basis of such material may be made ofvinyl, paper or nonwoven. The longevity and durability, this product gives a special coating that increases the resistance of the surface to external adverse effects. These wallpapers can withstand up to fifteen stains, allowing to spend a minimum of time to change the situation.
Desktop stand to fifteen stains

Wallpaper covered with a special coating that increases the resistance of the surface to external adverse effects

  • Self-adhesive wallpapers. These wear-resistant wallpaper, and vlagozaschischenyresistant to aggressive environments. This coating can be used not only for walls, they can update the kitchen furniture. The main thing is that the surface was smooth. Application of this material does not require special skills to cope with it even a beginner.
  • Liquid wallpaper. An ideal option for those who do not like gluethe usual rolls, Sophisticated pasting in corners, receptacles and projections. Apply them very easily. The only requirement for use in the kitchen: the surface after application must be covered with varnish. It is necessary to enhance the wear resistance of the walls.
Liquid wallpaper for the kitchen must be varnished

Liquid wallpaper easily applied to the walls, but require subsequent varnishing

  • Wallpapers of fiberglass. This eco-friendly material, in addition toother things, has a high level of wear resistance and does not lose its characteristics for years. The strength of this material allows to clean with a brush. Background of the fiberglass can be painted several times.

Colour wallpapers for the kitchen

Now we look at how to choose the wallpaper in the kitchen,focusing on coloring. Any designer will tell you that for small rooms the best option is bright wallpaper, for larger - darker shades. And it does not matter, it's a kitchen or other room. Small picture is suitable for smaller rooms, and large parts in the colors of wallpaper for large areas.

Light wallpaper Kitchen expand space

Light wallpaper and fine pattern visually expand space

Natural lighting in the kitchen as well affect thethe right choice of wall coverings. Rooms are located on the north side and require less covered in the design space bright warm colors: beige, lemon, peach. For rooms located on the south side it is advisable to choose a wallpaper cooler shades of gray, turquoise, blue. In addition, these colors visually expand the space.

The dependence of the quality of products

Large range of modern wallpaperthe domestic market is represented by German manufacturers. Different materials, colors and textures make it possible to find a suitable option for any kitchen. The most advanced are considered Italian masters. However, our producers are trying to keep up with foreign competitors and produce decent quality products, which is not ashamed to stand next to the European counterparts. In addition, domestic wallpaper cheaper.

With caution should be approached with the purchase of Chineseproducts. Some Chinese-made wallpaper made from low-quality vinyl, which when heated emit harmful substances. Therefore, when buying wallpaper for the kitchen, pay attention to GOST or RAL (European quality mark).

Determine the number of rolls of kitchen walls for pasting

To determine the number of rolls neededcalculate the perimeter of all the walls minus the windows and doorways. The width of a standard roll of about 52 cm, length 10 m. It covers the area of ​​5.2 m² wall. Likewise, the area is considered unusual rolls. Knowing this, it is not difficult to determine the number of required wallpaper. To be safe, experts advise to add to the size of 10%.

The width of a standard roll of about 52 cm, length 10 m.

To determine the number of rolls, it is necessary to calculate all of the perimeter walls of the room.

When thinking about the design of the room, choosing wallpaperkitchen, do not forget about the practicality of such a coating. So that you do not have to frequently change the "clothing" for the walls, pay attention to the marking roll. They must be water-resistant, fire-resistant, resistant to light and a vapor barrier. Digital label all rolls must be united, otherwise you can take the items of different shades. The label on the product may need in the event of damage to the wall portion. Then you will easily choose the similar products to replace the damaged section.

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