What are the hood for the kitchen and how to choose the best option

It is difficult to imagine how you ever managed withoutkitchen hood. Imagination draws sooty walls, considerably darkened ceiling above the stove, housewife, from time to time scurrying around the kitchen and waved a wet towel. The childhood memories pops acute headache and the acrid smell of burnt food. All this undermined backhand invention extracts, and finally allowed to forget their production. Now it suffices to establish this useful machine, finding out before they purchase, how to choose a hood in the kitchen, what criteria need to consider and what to focus.


  • To rely on when choosing?
    • Structural differences of kitchen hoods
    • A method of operating, the differences
    • Performance - significant characteristic
    • Optimum noise
    • How to choose a hood on dimensions
    • Management as a selection criterion

To rely on when choosing?

Terms of use of this equipmentIt led to increased protection devices from the negative effects of high temperature, moisture and greasy fumes. On the aspects of resistance to overheating and a steam boiling oil extraction target selection for the kitchen does not make sense. Class A equipment according to the principle of action, in terms of performance on design features, design, and cost. Also important set of additional functions in the complete list of which need not all users. Comparing the characteristics of the type of equipment and features, you can easily make informed choices, which range hood for the kitchen is best in a particular case.

How to choose the kitchen hood: the design - an important criterion

What kind of hood choose to prompt the kitchen design features and technical specifications, an abundance of modifications to the version of the design is easy to find a suitable

Structural differences of kitchen hoods

Those who wish to equip the kitchen hood proposed "flat" suspension devices, embedded products, dome, or "chimney", she angled wall and exhaust equipment.

  • Flat suspension devices are mounted onhob. Above the equipment may be located a safe, as there is no need to connect a flat hood with a vent. They are mostly installed simplest acrylic filters, absorbent only fat. In order not to change the acrylic filter every 4 months, can be put in a metal hood that you just need to periodically wash. Flat hood - the least powerful technique is considered obsolete.
What are the hood for the kitchen: flat type

"Flat" hanging hoods - the cheapest, not very productive option for small spaces, is deprecated

  • Embedded equipment installed inSpecific hanging cabinets so that their presence can be determined only by the presence of the working surface above the stove exhaust. Most versions have a slide-out panel, by which it is possible to increase the area of ​​the intake of contaminated air mass. It is more productive equipment with metallic filter.
Embedded design - the best drawing for the kitchen

Built-in appliances for drawing is set in the kitchen cabinets, their presence almost imperceptibly, they do not affect the general perception of the interior

  • Dome extraction technique reminiscent of thefireplace chimney. Among the latter, there are options for modifications, decorated glass, natural wood. Do I need a hood in the kitchen with a similar design, defines the interior, although pick up in the proposed range of equipment with a suitable design is absolutely simple. True have demanded dome equipment quite a lot of differences in the specifications, in the ground and causing a choice.
Choosing the hood for the kitchen: Dome view

Choosing the hood for the kitchen: the left corner dome hood, the right innovative models of wall

These are the most common types of hoods forkitchen but they still are desktop models, intended to provide additional cooking modules. They are usually placed between the grill and stove, the proximity of the installation ensures the quality of cleaning.

Of the types described above maximum popularityuse compact embedded options with fans, because organically fit into any design picture and does not clutter the space.

What kind of hood choose the kitchen

What kind of hood choose the kitchen? many prefer a compact built-in models with a sliding panel, due to which increases the effective surface

A method of operating, the differences

Solving the problem of what the hood for the kitchen to choose, it is necessary to pay attention to fundamental differences in operation of technical systems. These devices can perform:

  • cleaning, i.e. recirculation of contaminated air mass flowing through the filter of the incoming stream and returning it back;
  • air retraction without filtering impurities from the subsequent withdrawal of his ventilation system.
How to choose a hood for the kitchen, focusing on how it works

Hood Principle of performing drawing contaminated air mass and output it in a ventilation duct

Most of the latest models and performs drainage,and circulation, so the owner can choose the foreground for him. If the connection to the central ventilation is not feasible because of the remoteness of the duct, because the process is too cumbersome and unaesthetic results summarizing acquired unit will be great to perform only filtering. However, we should not forget that cleaning without a carbon filter does not eliminate the odor, and the influence it has weaker than pulling into the ventilation.

It is believed that the best drawing for the kitchen equipreusable aluminum filters. Acrylic options recognized as the most impractical, because after the contamination they must be disposed of. Carbon filters that eliminate unpleasant for others scent, available separately.

Choosing the hood for the kitchen: how to better filter

Acrylic filter without reason recognize the mostimpractical: every 3-4 months it is necessary to change, it is best if the hood is a filter of metal - its replacement is done in 2-3 years, but it needs to be cleaned regularly

Performance - significant characteristic

Different models can be pumped from 200 to 1200 m? / Hr. However, the rating is headed hood for a decent quality of food is not the most powerful equipment, and devices with a capacity of 500 m³ / hour.

To calculate the required performancemultiplied by the amount of space by 10 (for SES standard value of air). The result should be multiplied by 1.3 for the stock. A certain reserve capacity provides excellent cleaning without the use of the maximum mode, so that the equipment will last for life, and at the same time will be reduced and the noise level.

Note. In the data sheet instruments carrying and removal, and reclamation, power work in extraction mode will be available. Purification is carried out by 40% due to less power loss testing them through a filter.

Optimum noise

To everyone's regret not depressing monotone"Buzzing" Hood does not exist. You can only select the optimal modification that combines sufficient capacity with the lowest sound negative. The quietest range hood for the kitchen is equipped with a motor, placed in a sound-proof plastic housing, not in contact with the main body of the equipment due to the presence of special gaskets. In the data sheet "quiet" appliances will bear the value of 36 dB.

Reduce the level of the sound waves can be at the expense of functional powerful fan running at low speed.

The quietest range hood for the kitchen

Rating hoods for the kitchen headed by "low noise" models, the quietest hood for the kitchen will emit no more than 36 dB (decibels)

How to choose a hood on dimensions

The area of ​​the working surface of the hood should bePlate equal area can not be smaller than it, can be slightly larger. If the size of the selected "nedotyagivaet" device, it is desirable to choose a recessed version with additional pull-out panel, or more dimensional equipment.

Management as a selection criterion

Another question: how to pick up the hood for the kitchen with a perfectly functioning control?

  • Slide type or slider located at the bottom of the equipment, which is not very attractive for decorative aspects and uncomfortable. Also often salted.
  • Button kind of traditional buttons.
Selection of hoods for the kitchen on the type of management

Type of control - an important selection criterion, ensuring trouble-free operation of the device and ease of use, because until now a simple popular trustworthy option button

  • Touch the type of comfortable, but typical domestic mains voltage surges can cause damage to expensive equipment.
  • "And feather" option recognizes the most efficient, as it Mikrikov well protected from clogging.
Kitchen extractor fan with remote control

A number of models of kitchen range hoods are controlled by remote control, whether this option is the consumer need, it's up to him

Of course, sellers of household appliances, prompt,what you need to look for when choosing. The truth should not be forgotten that the opinion they are often adjusted or desire to sell the unsold goods brings more profit.
Information about the types and differences between instruments, thatwhat are the hoods for the kitchen, will help you choose the most suitable model, relying on their own sense of priorities. The shop is better to go armed with information about the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics.

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