Wallpaper for walls


  1. About types of wallpaper, a cost comparison
    1. Paper
    2. cloth
    3. Fleece
    4. Vinyl
    5. Glass fiber
    6. Liquid wallpaper
    7. Bamboo wallpaper
    8. Beaded
  2. Mural: the pros and cons of using
  3. 3D-wallpapers, specific gluing
    1. Single / Standard
    2. Panoramic
    3. Fluorescent
    4. LED
  4. Choosing the type of wallpaper, depending on the room
    1. Living room?
    2. Bedroom
    3. nursery
    4. Kitchen
    5. hallway
  5. How to visually expand / reduce the space with the help of well-chosen wallpaper
  6. The combination of wallpaper in interior
  7. Trendy colors and design trends for 2017 Wallpaper
  8. Wallpapering with your hands

About types of wallpaper, a cost comparison

Picture wallpaper for walls

Comparison of the main types of wallpaper in Leroy Marlen

Paper cloth Fleece Liquid
From $ 1 / roll From $ 15 / roll From $ 10 / roll From $ 13 / roll

Wallpapers of bamboo - a piece of nature in your home.

Today we know a large number of kinds of wallpaper. The most popular are:

  • paper;
  • cloth;
  • non-woven;
  • vinyl;
  • fiberglass;
  • liquid wallpaper;
  • bamboo;
  • bubbly.

All not listed - so great range among manufacturers and the materials from which they are made. Let's look at each type in more detail.

Wallpapers for walls - the catalog - 1
Children for a boy - a combination of cold pastel tones and pure white. White furniture is perfectly combined with white patches pattern wallpaper and painted birds sitting on a branch.

Wallpapers for walls - a catalog of 2
? The bedroom of a teenage girl. Fabric wallpaper with one of the most popular motifs - "British square".

Wallpapers for walls - catalog 3
Fabric wallpaper silver tones will be the main decoration of the bedroom of a young successful woman, living in the modern world. Note furniture also has a "metal" hardware and tone.

Wallpapers for walls - catalog 4
Romantic living in lilac colors. Tender hearts on the wallpaper highlights the purple leaves of decorative tree.

Wallpapers for walls - directory 5
Wallpaper decorated with printed patterns of birds sitting on branches. Delicate pastel colors perfectly with selected furniture.

Wallpapers for walls - a catalog of 6
Embossed vinyl wallpaper reminiscent of ancient stucco on the walls, will be an excellent addition to the boudoir of a middle-aged ladies.


The most common type of wallpaper at all timesalways been just paper. They are the cheapest. Figure often have on the front side. At the same time they are not durable and can not hide an uneven wall surface. But, nevertheless, paper wallpaper is still the main market leader world producers.

Paper wallpaper
The room, located in the southern part of the building, should be covered with wallpaper bright cold colors with a large pattern. Furniture, decorated in tone, looks harmoniously with the walls.

Paper wallpaper - photo 1

Paper wallpaper - photo 2
The most common are considered to floral motifs - flowers, plants, trees and the like.

Paper wallpaper- photo 3

Paper wallpaper - photo 4
The perfect combination of wallpapers and textiles on the windows. Bedroom for romantic natures who appreciate refinement and comfort.

Paper wallpaper - photo 5

Paper wallpaper - photo 6
Paper wallpaper with discreet pattern perfectly fit into the WC (washbasin and WC), where there is high humidity in the bathroom.


These wallpapers are mainlysilk cloth, cotton or synthetic material, as well as various combinations thereof. Against paper wallpaper - fabric is much more expensive, but they will last you much longer. Yes, and look at them more luxurious. Fabric wallpaper are able to slightly improve sound insulation, besides reducing the heat loss from the room through the wall.

fabric wallpaper
Luxury wallpaper in the luxurious interior. What could be better ?!

Fabric wallpaper 1
In rooms with low ceiling wallpaper with vertical stripes visually pripodnimut it.

Fabric wallpaper 2
Bedroom in modern style. Furnished with vintage elements (aged wood) plus bright decor elements - great for creative nature.

Fabric wallpaper 3
Minimalism - smooth forms and nothing more. "Geometry" in the wallpaper - the only bright decor elements.

Fabric wallpaper 4
The bedroom, decorated with fabric wallpaper with bright colors on a black background, clearly reflects the world of the sensual nature of its inmates.

Fabric wallpaper 5
The bedroom in the style of Provence. Simple pattern on one of the walls perfectly with the colors of all textiles.


Non-woven wallpaper is very similar in its structureon paper, which served as their base, but with a solid surface and a density of cloth material. It is possible to use them in the living room or child - in places where most people patency or require special strength materials. The multilayer structure of these wallpapers allows both of them to choose the most suitable variant of the outer layer - the polymer or natural texture.

Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper 1

Non-woven wallpaper 2

Non-woven wallpaper 3

Non-woven wallpaper 4

Non-woven wallpaper 5


The outer layer of the wall-paper consists of purePVC. What makes it possible not to be afraid of wet walls and wallpaper in rooms with high humidity, extending the service coverage of the walls and the building itself. But on the other hand - vinyl wallpaper not leak air. This means that the wall will not "breathe". But using such a panel, you can create any invoice and make the relief of the wall.

Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper 1

Vinyl wallpaper 2

Vinyl wallpaper 3

Vinyl wallpaper 4

Vinyl wallpaper 5

Glass fiber

The basis of this type of wallpaper and laid fiber reinforcement which increases the strength of webs. Glass fiber:

  • beautiful as pure silk;
  • durable as plastic;
  • strong as steel cables.

But they are quite expensive at cost. However, they pretty quickly pay off long-term use and reliability of the material. If they suddenly you bored - not necessarily remove them from the walls, you can just put them on top of the filler.

Glass fiber

Glass fiber 1

Glass wall 2

Glass fiber 3

Glass fiber 4

Glass fiber 5

Glass wallpaper - the pros and cons:

Liquid wallpaper

In fact it is a dry mixture, making a solution from which you can perform the decoration of the room. It comprises cellulose. Drying up, the walls take the form - if they wallpapered. That is why this kind of called - liquid wallpaper. They are much stronger than conventional plaster or putty, perfectly aligned wall surface, maintaining the circulation of the room air microclimate.

Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper 2

Liquid wallpaper 3

Liquid wallpaper 4

Liquid wallpaper 5

Liquid wallpaper 6

What is a liquid wallpaper, liquid wallpaper technology application:

Bamboo wallpaper

Wallpapers of bamboo - a piece of nature youAt home, they completely lack any toxicity. Initially, this eco-friendly material, but more expensive, relative to the other. With their help, you can create a unique cozy atmosphere in any home and room. They do not need to paint - natural colors and textures which are more popular and are in great demand among many buyers who can afford these fashionable wallpaper.

Bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo wallpaper 1

Bamboo wallpaper 2


Beaded wallpaper is a wallpaperpaper, non-woven or vinyl base, covered with tiny beads of many colors. The interior, in which the design will be used, such wallpaper is unique and impeccably perfect. All the neighbors will be jealous.

Beaded wallpaper

Beaded wallpaper 1

Beaded Wallpaper 2

Beaded wallpaper 3

Beaded wallpaper 4

3D Wallpaper - a three-dimensional image by the like wallpaper look very realistic.

Mural: the pros and cons of using

As a rule, wallpapers - this is a bright glossydrawing, are the main focus on one of the walls are made out of the room. What is it for? Let's look at the positive and negative sides of this subspecies.

Photo Wall Mural

Photo Wall Mural 1

Mural 2

Mural in the interior:

Wallpapers in the interior

Pros: Minuses:
  • contrasting décor element that attracts everyone's attention;
  • they can be used to hide the damaged area of ​​basic, which is already difficult to find for sale;
  • among a wide range of figures, landscapes and other images.
  • if the pattern consists of a number of paintings - you need to carefully compare the parts, to get a holistic view;
  • failure location can detract from the rest, talk, watch TV or simply annoying.

3D-wallpapers, specific gluing

3d wallpaper

3d wallpaper 1

3d wallpaper 2

3D Wallpaper - a three-dimensional image by the like wallpaper look very realistic. But among them there are several types. What? Let's face it.

Single / Standard

This is part of the small size of wallpaper. In appearance they resemble a kind of optical illusion:

  • deliquescent band;
  • distorted reality;
  • various geometric projection.



These wallpapers have occupied more space -or an entire wall, or two, or even three. It is incomparable for its luxurious three-dimensional images of the mythological stories to the fantastic scenery.



Feature is that it is daytimea three-dimensional drawing, and the room at night is filled with a pleasant diffused light, creating the feeling of unreality. And all thanks to fluorescent bulbs, their underlying backlight.



LED wallpaper are difficult arranged system of lighting that can be controlled by remote control, creating the Do similes.


Choosing the type of wallpaper, depending on the room

Living room?

It is best suited for the living room, textile or fabric wallpaper. Not bad to be look and bamboo, as well as liquid wallpaper.

Wallpaper for the living room

Wallpapers for walls 2


Natural wallpapers, nonwoven fabric or look great on the wall in the bedroom design. Read our article on how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom!

Wallpapers for bedrooms

Wallpapers for bedrooms:

Learn about trends in bedroom design will be relevant in 2017


In the children's best to use wallpaper. They can be changed with the development of the child, without fear that it will ruin their ... Kids wallpaper should be pastel.

wallpapers for a child


Fiberglass and vinyl - will be the best assistants Kitchen walls. They are moisture resistant and durable.

wallpapers for the kitchen


Vinyl and fiberglass will help extend the service of your hallway, they are reliable and durable. Bamboo - natural and wallpaper will look bad.

Wallpaper hallway

How to visually expand / reduce the space with the help of well-chosen wallpaper

To do this, you need to remember about the little tricks:

  1. At low ceilings plastered walls should be light-colored wallpaper, or have a fine pattern.
  2. If the ceiling on the contrary - is too high, then try to trim wallpaper with horizontal lines or large drawings.
  3. The large area made room dark walls hang wallpaper. Either they must have a large patterns.
  4. The premises are on the north side of the building is better pokleit wallpaper warm colors. And for those that are located in the southern part - the best option would be cool shades.
  5. If you want to experiment a little and make the combined wallpaper, they must be of similar tone, the same thickness and texture.

The combination of wallpaper in interior

If you choose a combination of wallpapervertical stripes, you know - so you visually increase the height of the space between the ceiling and the floor. Horizontal lines also contribute to the expansion of space in all rooms, but the "lowered" ceiling. You can also use the method of "patchwork". Most of all it is suitable for a child's room. The main approach to business with all responsibility that did not happen "clown costume" rather than clearly thought-out design.

combined wallpaper

Trendy colors and design trends for 2017 Wallpaper

We invite you to browse the catalog of wallpaper trendy this year.

deceptive wallpaper
"Deceptive" wallpaper - they look like anything - the skin, masonry, paving, rock, but not at the wallpaper.

floral motifs
Wallpapers with plants - any plant motifs.

Map Background - Vintage card and modernity. Including a children's treasure map.

Photo Wall Murals - here everything is clear and without words. Any landscapes, paintings and photos.

3D wallpaper
3D wallpapers - three-dimensional images of various subjects.

The geometry of the forms.

See other examples of wall design wallpaper:

Wallpaper for walls - Example 1

Wallpaper for walls - Example 2

Wallpaper for walls - Example 3

Wallpaper for walls - Example 4

Wallpaper for walls - Example 5

Wallpaper for walls - Example 6

Wallpaper for walls - Example 7

Wallpaper for walls - Example 8

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 1

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 2

As you can see, ideas to design a lot.

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 3

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 4

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 5

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 6

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 7

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 8

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 9

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 10

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 11

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 12

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 13

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 14

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 15

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 16

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 17

Plant motifs predominate in almost all kinds of wallpaper.

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 18

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 19

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 20

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 21

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 22

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 23

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 24

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 25

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 26

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 27

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 28

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 29

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 30

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 31

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 32

So you can arrange your bedroom:

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 33

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 34

trendy wallpaper 2016 - Photo 35

Wallpapering with your hands

Read also our article on choosing a desk!

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