Tile for kitchen on an apron - examples of unusual decoration and design tradition

Tile for kitchen on an apron

In today's market a huge range of materials,which can be used for decoration kitchen interior, but kitchen tiles - whether laid apron using it or laying a floor covering - is considered one of the most practical, wear-resistant and easy to clean. The original kitchen apron was designed to protect the walls from water, high temperatures, grease, dirt and various steam and also must be easy to clean, but in recent years more and more important role and its aesthetic component. So, try to figure out what is best to choose tiles for decoration workspace each family.


  • Types of tiles for kitchen aprons
  • Numerous design options

Types of tiles for kitchen aprons

To begin with find out what kind of tile can generally be applied to the interior of the cell. The following types are used most frequently:

  • ceramic;
  • glass;
  • SLR.
Apron from ceramics

Kitchen apron made of ceramic tiles - the most common solution to create an enormous number of original options

Gone are the days when the rangeceramic tile was calculated well if a dozen different colors. Now tile is available in all sizes, colors and textures. With it you can complement any interior and create a unique design, clearly following the specified styles.

Modern ceramic products capableto imitate anything: wood, metal, stone, and even the skin. Quite often recently used a specially made ceramic tile in the kitchen apron: a close-up photo, going like a puzzle, or images that have been transferred into separate plitochki, with which you can collect unique album on top, reminiscent of the most wonderful days of your life.

Glass tile is made of toughenedGlass, on the back side of which is applied to a specific pattern or picture. Thanks to the clear coat is in a low-lying image for years to come. Such tiles can look like marble, ice, silver, and in glossy and matt version, can be textured or completely smooth, and can surprise holographic effects.

Apron of a glass tiles

Kitchen apron of glass tiles

Mirror tiles, most likely, the majority ofConsumers will be called the most beautiful. This option is perfect for small apartments, as it allows to visually expand the boundaries of the small kuhonek. But for such a surface care it is very complicated. On mirrors seen the slightest stains, tiny fat droplets can spoil the most refined interior. In addition to this kitchen will need to maintain perfect order, because even a few items that are not in the place repeatedly reflected in mirror surfaces, will create the illusion of untidiness and clutter.

Mirror tiles in the kitchen interior

Kitchen apron mirror tiles requires adherence to the ideal cleanliness and competent organization of space

Numerous design options

Ceramic tile for kitchen apron fitsto any interior, with it you can create a calm and expressive mood, emphasize the elegance of the situation, or on the contrary, to add comfort and serenity, to show individuality bright splashes or mitigate catchy design space neutral shades.

The main kitchen apron must integrate harmoniously with the overall design.

Cooking apron

The original kitchen apron

It looks good work area for whichSet a base color and a pair of complementary shades, always present in the other elements of the kitchen decor. The first striking areas over the stove and the sink, so it is recommended to focus the focus. A very good solution - a beautiful mural on the cooking surface, surrounded by a neutral or glass tiles.

Originally it looks diagonal brickwork, as well asinclusions among the standard tiles small rectangular tiles. From small plitochek different colors to easily create amazing patterns, like a patchwork quilt patchwork, with just such a formulation will no longer be on any kitchen. Visually lengthen the wall will thin frieze, located around the perimeter of masonry, and distract attention from the unwanted elements can be flat with the selection of other sites contrasting shades.

Variant design of the kitchen apron

The combination of straight and diagonal brickwork always looks very impressive

Apron classic cuisine usually made ofWhite ceramic tiles, beige or gray. For high-tech suit glossy aggressive "acid" shades of the working area. It is necessary to remember that bright colors should definitely be repeated in at least some elements of decor, but in this case will be able to achieve the integrity of the interior. Destination country requires pastel shades or use tiles imitating wood or stone. Ideal complement a cozy peaceful atmosphere of the rural house worktop, covered with the same material as the apron itself.

The main thing when you create a kitchen apron - notbe afraid to experiment and trust your inner intuition, and then you'll be happy to spend time in the kitchen, while enjoying the beautiful decor.

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