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We select blinds for plastic windows. Of what material it is best to choose those curtains? What mount reliable - open or closed? This and much more, read our article. You can also see photos with examples of different types of interior decoration blinds.


  1. material selection
  2. Select the type of attachment
    1. Open type
    2. Closed (cassette) type
  3. Select the type of blinds
    1. Light-scattering
    2. Reflective
    3. Day Night
  4. Selection of blinds in different rooms
    1. For the living room
    2. For the bedroom
    3. For kitchen
  5. How to make your own blinds

material selection

There is a wide range among the choice of materials, colors and textures of modern blinds. Among them are 4 core, this is:

  1. Rollite.
  2. Bamboo.
  3. Wooden.
  4. Cloth.

For more details you can see good examplesand samples of curtains in the online store Ikea. To understand what's different about each of these subspecies, let's look at them more individually, highlighting the pros and cons.

So, blinds rollite - it is rather a kind, rather than the material from which they are made. Their main advantages can be considered:

  • mount on the window sash itself (which allows to ventilate the room, even pubescent curtains, while not hurting yourself and blinds without damaging them);
  • large selection of colors, patterns, textures and densities;
  • fabric of these curtains specialized anti-dust impregnated with the composition (which is much easier to care for them).

Among the shortcomings can be called only the impossibility of manufacturing at home. For their installation is best to invite the master, who professionally perform their duties.

Rollite - 1

Rollite - 2

Rollite - 3

Roller blinds made of bamboo - a "exotichighlight "of your home, able to enliven any, even the most boring interior. They are strips of bamboo or straw, fastened between a strong decorative thread. One of the advantages of this material I would like to mention:

  • significant range in the choice of color and texture of the material;
  • "Lightness" curtains themselves (low weight + Good light transmission);
  • humidity;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • strength.

They have virtually no drawbacks. After all, they are reliable, they are absolutely not difficult to manage. More functional blinds not even find.

Bamboo - 1

Bamboo - 2

Bamboo - 3

Recently, more and more often in the interior began to meet blinds made of wood. This horizontal design of wood - non-toxic and natural material. What are the advantages? See for yourself:

  • aesthetic beauty of natural wood (texture, created by nature itself);
  • do not fade from sunlight (due to the specific treatment of different compositions);
  • humidity (again, because they are processed by professional solutions which are used in their manufacture);
  • wood can be varnished or laminated (which prolongs the service life).

But some types of wood more fragile, which is a significant drawback. Yes, and prices for these blinds is fairly high.

Wooden blinds - photo 1

Wooden blinds - photo 2

Wooden blinds - photo 3

However, the main material for the manufacture ofroller blinds, a fabric - the most varied in density, color and texture. Fortunately wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to select exactly what will suit your decor. The main advantages of textile roller blinds are:

  • the ability to vary the level of light penetration (from scattered to the dull curtains closed);
  • a rich range of colors;
  • ease of care (enough to wash).

The downside can be considered fragile and relatively fast burning in the sun, but then again most of the tissue is treated with a special compound to prolong the life of curtains.

Fabric roller blinds - photo 1

Fabric roller blinds - photo 2

Fabric roller blinds - photo 3

Fabric: Bamboo: Prices for blinds in Leroy Merlin (the most popular manufacturing materials)

From 5 $ From $ 7

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Select the type of attachment

By themselves, roller blinds - it's one bigcanvas fabric, closes the window completely, or to the desired part of it. Directly behind the cloth itself is a guide, along which moves the bottom bracket, which does not deviate from the glass cloth with the drafts. Mounting types such curtains may be divided into two types:

  1. Open attachment.
  2. Closed bracket.

Open Type: Closed Type: Leroy Merlin prices for different types of blinds mounting

From 161 rub. / Pcs. From 294 rub. / Pcs.

Blinds - this is not just an element of decoration, they can still carry out and its main function - or filter sunlight or completely darken the room.

Open type

This type of mount is a simplethe structure of the shaft structure wound around it with a cloth, and the lower mechanism planochki. All species are formed only on the difference of the shaft diameter, shape and thickness of the bottom planochki. In this function, all such mechanisms are exactly the same. However, when choosing an open fastening systems do not forget that the wider your blinds, the greater must be the diameter of the shaft. This type of attachment can not only cover the entire window opening completely, and some of its leaf. Prices, for example, in Leroy Merlin on these blinds is relatively low.

Open - 1

Outdoor - 2

Open - 3

Open - 4

Open - 5

Closed (cassette) type

All opposed gated attachment from the openIt is that there is still in the closed box, which closes the shaft subsequently wound around it with a cloth. In this type of mounting is necessary to consider that the fabric web is narrower than the window opening exactly the width of the guide.

Closed - 1

Closed - 2

Closed - 3

Closed - 4

Closed - 5

So if you want a more "air"design, pay attention to the open type of attachment. And if at first you have the functionality and practicality, what better than a closed type, and you do not find.

Select the type of blinds

Blinds - this is not just an element of decoration, they can still carry out and its main function - or filter sunlight or completely darken the room. Let's look at the basic types.


This kind of roller blinds MoreIt relates to decorative. They are well scatter sunlight coming through the window opening. Not bad look, combined with simple curtains or drapes.

Diffusing - 1

Light-scattering - 2

Diffusing - 3

Diffusing - 4

Diffusing - 5

Diffusing - 6

Diffusing - 7

Diffusing - 8


This type performs reflective or otherwisesaying, blackout function, that is, completely blocks the penetration of sunlight by darkening the room. This type is appropriate to the children's room or bedroom, where sometimes just need darkness in broad daylight.

Reflective - 1

Reflective - 2

Reflective - 3

Reflective - 4

Reflective - 5

Reflective - 6

Reflective - 7

Reflective - 8

Day Night

Blinds "day-night" - a mix of the two previous types. They consist of a transparent and dense strips of fabric, varying that you either illuminate a room or darken. That, of course, profitable.

Day-night 1

Day-Night 2

Day-night 3

Day-night 4

Day-night 5

Day-night 6

Day-night 7

Day-night 8

Selection of blinds in different rooms

In each room of his house any of us wants tofeel comfortable. To do this as carefully as possible to the choice of blinds. After all, they are able not only to decorate our house, but also to protect against unwanted penetration of sunlight.

For the living room

For the living room is better to choose the type of blinds"day Night". They may vary in intensity if necessary penetration of sunlight. Also successful are and blinds made of thick fabric. They will create the necessary comfort. It is equally advantageous in a small living room look and curtains to match the walls, but at such curtains should be bright patterns or pictures. So your living room will become a much more original and fresh.

Read also about how to choose curtains for the living room!

For the living room - 1

For the living room - 2

For the living room - 3

For the living room - 4

For the living room - 5

For the living room - 6

For the living - 7

For the bedroom

Bedrooms, perhaps the most "intimate" placeI want to feel safe, without fear that you will see or your "high spirits" prevent bright sunlight, thus violating all the enchanting atmosphere of mysterious shadows. To avoid this purchase to tight blinds retro-reflective type. Believe me, it is not only useful, but also very stylish. However, to maintain the overall feeling of comfort and coziness Pick up the curtains to match the wallpaper or other elements of decor and furniture. In other words, they must be "set", and not to cause a sense that they are "not of this world."

For the bedroom - 1

For Bedrooms - 2

For bedrooms - 3

For Bedrooms - 4

For bedrooms - 5

For bedrooms - 6

For bedrooms - 7

For kitchen

No less relevant in their use of blinds and kitchen. There are not as many decorations asfunctional piece of furniture. Of course, try to trim fabric with water-repellent, which reduces the rapid emergence of pollution. First of all, roller blinds in the kitchen must be integral to the overall decor. You do not have to be long curtains. Fairly good look fabric of medium length. For this room is better to choose curtains made from natural fabrics - they are more convenient to clean.

Kitchen - 1

Kitchen - 2

Kitchen - 3

Kitchen - 4

Kitchen - 5

Kitchen - 6

Kitchen - 7

How to make your own blinds

The hands - 1

The hands - 2

We recommend that you view several videos with tips, step by step instructions and examples of how easy it is to sew blinds for plastic windows independently, setting them without drilling:

  1. Sew blinds with his own hands:
  2. Cheap and cheerful - blinds:

Look in our catalog a few more options in interior photos, how to decorate your home with the help of roller blinds:

Blinds - 1

Blinds - 2

Blinds - 3

Blinds - 4

Blinds - 5

Blinds - 6

Blinds - 7

Blinds - 8

Blinds - 9

Blinds - 10

Blinds - 11

Blinds - 12

Blinds - 13

Blinds - 14

Blinds - 15

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