The ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen: the specificity and design options

Kitchen Renovation - one of the most complex and costlystages of the restoration of any home or apartment. Here, everything has to be beautiful and functional as possible. The kitchen - a room with high humidity. In addition, during the operation all the pieces of furniture and interior design are highly contaminated, therefore undergo regular cleaning. The ceiling is no exception, no matter how strong was not a hood, over time it appears yellow plaque, especially noticeable on the white surface. But what about the aesthetics? It is not only the owner of the house, but all the households spend a lot of time here. So it would be desirable that one of the main rooms in the house was the most comfortable. In search of a compromise between functionality and comfort many choose plasterboard ceilings in the kitchen, a photo of which are often found in print and non-print publications.


      • Receptions space alterations
      • The choice of materials for finishing the kitchen
      • Interesting design solutions
        • Perfectly smooth ceiling
        • Wide eaves above the working area
        • Cornice above the bar
        • The effect of soaring ceiling
        • Soaring ceiling with intersecting triangles
        • Complex multi-level ceilings
        • The ceiling in the style of the country
        • Clouds - limitless
        • The combination of drywall ceilings
        • Zoning - priority solutions

Receptions space alterations

Gypsum - a material that allows to realize theany fantasy a reality. If you design your interior instructed experienced designer, simply tell him exactly what you want and wait for the result. If this is not a simple matter fully take on your shoulders, keep in mind a few nuances. The easiest way to cope with this task owners large kitchen. In this room you can let your imagination at will and it does not restrict. The owners of small kitchens are less fortunate - there are a few rules, violation of which will inevitably lead to disappointment:

  • Small kitchen will seem even less if the ceiling is in it you make a multi-level. a small ledge around the perimeter for such premises - the maximum allowed.
  • In a small room will look greatvaulted ceiling, painted in bright colors. This design is not only visually make the room more but will hide communication and electrical wires.
  • If your kitchen ceiling is too low - the drywall is not for you. When installing it "steals" 10-15 cm height of the walls.
  • Another unpleasant aspect for residentshigh-rise buildings is the possibility of flooding. If your neighbors are on top do not inspire confidence in you, and sometimes I forget to close the valve or time to repair the water supply system, plasterboard the kitchen is better not to do. After a strong GC wet swells and requires replacement. Even if this does not happen, the ceiling will remain the macula, which is impossible to paint.

The choice of materials for finishing the kitchen

Given the specifics of the room for mountinggypsum ceiling should be in the kitchen with special attention to select materials. Thus, the conventional thin drywall, which is called a ceiling, is not suitable. Due to the high humidity, from time to time arising in the room, the kitchen ceiling is better to make of moisture-resistant drywall.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen

Plasterboard with specific properties: left water-repellent material, the right - with glass fiber content and protection against fires

Sometimes, experts advise to use for thesegoals GC treated with flame retardants. But, given the high cost of the material, you can do without it. The use of fire-resistant drywall is justified only in cases where the surface is in close proximity to the heat source (gas stove, boiler or stove). In this case the surface is not planned to extreme heat, so why spend the extra money.

When mounting the frame of the profiles should be consideredthe fact that the moisture-resistant drywall is much heavier than the ceiling. And hence the frame for it to be more powerful. For secure mounting on the ceiling is necessary to make an array of profiles with a size of 50cm to 60cm cell. In addition, each section of the profile should be fastened to the ceiling by means of suspension.

Interesting design solutions

Of course, the choice of design for the kitchen ceilingDrywall is primarily a matter of taste. For some, the important thing is that the ceiling was smooth and pure white, and someone wants to make the interior of a certain "flavor".

Perfectly smooth ceiling

The main advantages of such a ceiling can be attributed simple installation. He is likely to appeal to fans of minimalism.

The easiest plasterboard

Smooth ceiling with spotlights

You can use it even in a very small space, and as a decoration to mount several ceiling lights of unusual shape.

Wide eaves above the working area

This option is not much more difficult to the previous one, but it makes the design of the kitchen more modern and unusual.

kitchen ceiling with wide eaves

Wide eaves above the working area

Also located on the edge of the eavelights help illuminate the work surfaces perfectly. In the room with the ceiling, you can easily do without the chandelier, which is important for a small kitchen. It is enough to hang over the dining table a pair of wall sconces, and they will create a cozy atmosphere.

Cornice above the bar

In recent years, many owners of small kitchens refuse installation dining table and replace it with a bar.

The box is made of plasterboard over the bar

Cornice of plasterboard over the bar

Here is a design of the drywall on the barstand perfectly complement the interior and will create the right lighting, without cluttering the space. It is desirable that the color of the box in this case is different from the color of the ceiling. He can blend in with the color of the walls, floor and furniture, and may just be a couple of shades darker.

The effect of soaring ceiling

Here's another version of the relatively simple design of the kitchen ceiling, but he already looks much more interesting.

"Soaring ceiling" for the kitchen

The effect of "soaring ceiling" is achievedthanks to LED ribbon mounted under the second level of the drywall. The tape is set to be invisible. This solution is perfect for kitchens with low ceiling, visually making it higher.

Soaring ceiling with intersecting triangles

As you can see, this design is much more complex, and to cope with its mounting novice hardly afford. If you have even a little experience with drywall, risk, the result is worth it.

"Soaring ceiling" of complex shape

The effect of "soaring ceiling" is achieved in this case by spotlights directed upwards.

Complex multi-level ceilings

Here is a vivid example of a design kitchen ceiling, which is only possible over a large area.

In a small room in any case it is impossible to construct such a complex structure, it would look out of place and too cumbersome.

Multilevel ceiling for the kitchen

Complex multi-level ceilings

As you can see, in this case, the ceiling plays a dominant role in the interior, and everything else - furniture, floor and walls - only complement and enhance it.

The ceiling in the style of the country

Here is an interesting solution to offer designers lovers of rustic style.

Beams of plasterboard

Decorative beams made of plasterboard

Of course, in the beam should ideally be carried outsolid wood, but in the economy variant for these purposes is fine and gypsum board. Upon completion of "beams" can be painted or wallpaper paste or film. In some cases, the craftsmen use laminate or floorboard, which is glued to the plasterboard. This technology allows to achieve a perfect imitation of natural wood.

Clouds - limitless

Here's a ceiling can be easy enough to do with their hands.

A two-level ceiling with a pattern

The illusion of the clear sky

You just need to paint the center of the roomin the sky blue color, and then use a wet sponge to put on his white paint, mimicking the shape of clouds. For a more realistic effect you need a clean sponge to remove part of the paint lightly on the center of the cloud toward the edges. After drying paint the ceiling, it is desirable to cover a colorless varnish, so you can easily wash it.

The combination of drywall ceilings

Using a stretch ceiling in the kitchen, especially in the working area it is often not recommended. But the combination of stretch ceiling and drywall is quite acceptable.

Stretch ceiling plasterboard with duct

The combined ceiling for the kitchen

This ceiling looks great in a small,and in a large kitchen. A possibility of installation in plasterboard casing special lighting, makes it particularly attractive glossy stretch ceiling.

Zoning - priority solutions

This design helps to visually zoned room.

Contrast promptness plasterboard ceilings

Contrast cuisine zoning

And an interesting color scheme of the ceiling will make the kitchen bright and unusual.

As you can see, drywall provides almost unlimitedopportunities for the manifestation of fantasy. With it, you can make a ceiling the main decorative element of your kitchen or emphasize the unusual interior. At the same time, a ceiling rather functional. Another undeniable advantage is that it makes it possible at any time to change the mood in a room. Enough to buy a jar of paint, pick up roller, and after a few hours of your kitchen will look completely different.

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