Laying tiles with their hands: the technology, the specificity

When choosing tile, usually we imaginethe end result: a smooth shiny surface formed impeccably neat rows of tiles. We believe that to achieve the same result on their own will not be possible, therefore, to invite the workers to carry out cladding. But specialist services are not cheap, and the guarantee faultless performance also can not speak. But what if we look at the process, examine the available information, view the video guide on the subject? - Then it turns out that the laying of tiles with your hands is quite possible: it is necessary only to stock up the necessary knowledge on the topic, to gather the necessary materials, tools and, of course, to prepare the surface properly. Consider the details.


  • Choosing materials
  • Gather the necessary tools
  • Provisions
  • Technology laying tile
  • Completion - grouting

Choosing materials

To avoid unpleasant surprises duringupcoming styling, giving due attention to the choice of tiles. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the tiles from the tiles need something else: it must comply with the conditions under which will be operated. Note the marked tiles, which is applied to the package. First of all, its purpose, the floor tiles should be laid on the floor and wall tiles on the walls, respectively. In addition, each type of tile has a different strength, porosity, resistance to abrasion and even frost, it is very important when choosing a tile, know and remember about it. Another important point - quality tiles should have a regular geometric shape, pay attention to the corners, and the integrity of the plane edges.

Buying tile, take a square, oruse a very simple way to test the geometry of the tiles: just add a few tiles face, with high-quality tiles in all the corners and surfaces coincide pristanut to one another over the entire plane. To determine the number of tiles, decorative elements, glue and other supplies necessary to make measurements of a finished surface and a plan tile layoutTaking into account the desired pattern.

Council. When buying tiles do not skimp: take it with a small margin, it will be good, if you agree with the seller about a possible return of the surplus.

Choosing tile adhesive glue to give preference to the longer time of solidification, so you will be able to adjust the position of the previously laid tiles.

Gather the necessary tools

  1. Capacity for glue.
  2. With a drill mixer.
  3. Measuring tools (tape measure, ruler).
  4. Spatulas (simple and gear).
  5. Master OK.
  6. Rubber mallet.
  7. Tile.
  8. Plummet.
  9. Level.
  10. Water level (transparent tube filled with water).
  11. Rule.
  12. Lesko.
  13. Plastic crosses for clearance.


The most important point in laying tile issurface preparation, whether it's flooring or wall - the surface must be perfectly flat. Better to spend more time on high-quality plaster walls and floor screed than later to correct irregularities thick layer of tile adhesive. If the surface is smooth, the laying of tiles with their hands is not much more complicated folding children's puzzle.
Wall or floor must first mark,if the expected pattern tile laying, it is necessary to make the tiles layout and decor elements, first on paper and then on the working surface (so-called tile layout plan). If the surface is uneven stacking, then correct the situation have overlaying a larger or smaller number of tile adhesive on the tile. In the process of laying the corners need to install beacons, from which according to the plumb line and level to pull the fishing line, for it will have to control the evenness of masonry. It is much easier to lay tiles on the carefully leveled surface.

Technology laying tile

Tiling methods may be different: series in a row, and vrazbezhku diagonally. At a laying of a wall in the way of a series of a series of vertical seams are checked on a plumb and horizontal - on the level. Vrazbezhku - when in the upper row of tiles are joined in the middle of the lower row of tiles. Laying diagonally is more difficult, so beginners should not be taken for it.

The most common method of laying tile "series in a row"

The most common method of laying tile "series in a row"

Let's get started. To begin with prime with the surface and let it dry completely, as indicated in the instructions on the application of the primer. Primed surface is necessary not only to improve the adhesion of the adhesive primer in many modern components are composed to prevent mold development and before laying tiles gribkov.Kafelnuyu must first be immersed in water for approximately five minutes in order to then it does not absorb water from the adhesive.
After that you are ready to cooktile adhesive, which in a container of water gradually fall asleep at the same time the adhesive mixture and mix it with an electric mixer. Be careful not to leave lumps and nepromeshannogo glue in the corners of dishes.

Do not cook just too much glue so it does not come into disrepair, the number of the batch is determined empirically depending on your speed.

When finishing tile the entire room firstveneer wall, and then the floor. Laying tiles on the wall begins with any lower angle, and on the floor - from the far corner. Trowel or spatula we put on the tile adhesive mixture or a veneering surface, it's someone as comfortable (the author of this article is more convenient for the lining walls apply the adhesive on the tile, and when facing the floor - on the floor screed). Notched trowel, remove excess by applying an adhesive on the tile carefully wipe edge.

The joints between the tiles are made with plastic crosses

The joints between the tiles are made with plastic crosses

We put the tiles to the surface and pressesalign, tapping her hand. You can gently tapping with a rubber hammer, but when dealing with wall tiles have a great risk of break up, floor tiles stronger. Accuracy of placement of each tile continuously check the level and regulation. After bonding the first tile to begin laying the second in a similar manner. The seams between the tiles made with plastic crosses, which exist in several sizes, the larger the tile size, the greater and the seams between them should be.

For prirezki better to use tiles Tile

For prirezki better to use tiles Tile

In this way, all the whole tiles are laid, butwhile laying the extreme tiles will need to be trimmed, it can be done in several ways, Tile or no conventional glass cutter. It happens this way: in the enamel surface of the tile marker is carried out at the place of the cut line, at which glass cutter make a scratch on the enamel. The tile is placed on a table top with enamel, exactly scratching under the tile and put the nail by pushing on both sides of the tile, break it.

The thinner the strip is required to cut, thedifficult to do in this case break off the strip may be ticks. With trimming wall tiles, as a rule, the difficulties do not arise, but the floor is much more difficult to cut. Floor tiles must be cut or grinder Tile cutting disc for stone due to its high density.

Tool for drilling holes in tile

Tool for drilling holes in tile

If you want to make a hole, you can tiledrill large diameter holes are made by means of a special device. In the process, it is important to monitor the evenness of laying each row, if necessary, in time to make adjustments in the location of the tiles until the adhesive has set.

Completion - grouting

Grout tile joints - is the final and mosteasy step in the lining, but do not underestimate him, as the incorporation of quality, you can hide some flaws laying tile and inaccurate - only to spoil all the work done previously. The color of grout can be different, and it depends on the choice of color tiles and owner preferences. You can use the color of the grout in the tile, and you can and contrast - you decide.

Grout tile joints

Grout tile joints

Before the burial of organic joints must be removedremaining in them crosses for gaps to clear the dust and glue residues. By zadelke can begin a day after the laying of the last tile. To do this you will need a trowel mix tank for its breeding and a small rubber spatula. Dilute the mixture with water, dry the trowel to the desired consistency, stand a 5-10 minutes and re-mix. Thus resulting mass fill tile joints, align them with a rubber spatula and remove excess grout. The joints must be produced smooth, without holes or tears. When the grout is a little grab, wipe the tiles with a clean cotton cloth from a mixture of residues. As a rule, many rubbing a mixture of water resistance become final in five days, so it is desirable to operate the wall tiles after this time.

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