Kitchen tables


  1. The choice of material for the kitchen table
    1. Wooden tables
    2. Glass tables
    3. Stone Table
    4. Plastic tables (plastic-coated)
  2. The choice of form countertops depending on the overall style kitchen
    1. round
    2. Oval
    3. Rectangular
    4. square
    5. Other forms
  3. Types of kitchen tables
    1. Dinner table
    2. Cutting table
    3. Perimeter Area
  4. Features table selection for a small kitchen
  5. Kitchen table to order (prices are approximate, depending on the materials and design)
  6. Can I make the kitchen table with his hands?

The choice of material for the kitchen table

One of the main choices that will stand in your way when the design of the kitchenWill be the choice of the dining table. Or rather - the material from which it is made. Most often selected:

  • particleboard;
  • MDF;
  • wood of different species;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • stone (natural or artificial).

It all depends on the amount you are willing to spend on a kitchen table and chairs, identical to it, as well as the the overall style of the interior - Because all the elements of decor should ideally be combined with each other. Let's look at the basic materials and their benefits.

Wooden tables

The kitchen table - photo 1
This kitchen interior filled with a soft bluecolors. Square wooden table. metal and composite Chairs (metal-DSP). The table is located in the middle of the room, where his well covers daylight.

Wooden tables - photo 1

Wooden tables - photo 2

Wooden tables - photo 3

Wooden tables - photo 4

Wooden tables - photo 5
As you have noticed, the wood perfectlyIt fits in almost any interior. This material is a natural and environmentally friendly. This is very important if a family has small children or people with allergies.

If you choose a wooden table, then it will lastyou a long time, because it is a high quality and reliable, but expensive material. These tables are durable, but have a very large weight. Mostly they are made of hardwood:

  • Rowan;
  • oak;
  • larch;
  • Apple tree;
  • elm;
  • beech;
  • Birch.

It is best to fit a wooden table in country style, classic or ProvenceBut a good idea to look straight as strict outlines and in the style of Hi-Tech.

Glass tables

Glass tables - photo 5
Glass tables might look nice in the style of Hi-Tech, a modernist or minimalist. These models are very strict, there is nothing superfluous in them.

Glass tables - photo 1

Glass tables - photo 2

Glass tables - photo 3

Glass tables - photo 4

The table has a glass top, perfectlysuitable for any interior - it is original and elegant. Such kitchen tables are very reliable. Glass is made for them in a special way, resulting in complete protection against mechanical damage to the surface - scratches and chips they are not afraid. Yes, and any special care they require - no fat, no water, nor any other contaminants do not penetrate into the countertop - enough to wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth and the dirt is gone.

Stone Table

Stone tables - photo 1
Stone tables look reliable as the medieval fortress. They are strong and unbreakable.

Stone tables - photo 2

Stone tables - photo 3

Stone tables - photo 4

Stone tables - photo 5

Stone tables are very beautiful and not lessdurable than wood, but they have several disadvantages. For example, such as sensitive to changes in temperature and exposure to these acids. They are also very heavy in weight.

Stone tables perfectly with romance and Mediterranean styles, and they are organically fit into the modern, style of Provence and chalets.

Plastic tables (plastic-coated)

Tables for the kitchen with plastic coating
Plastic tables are easy and graceful. Exterior table tops can be decorated according to your choice - either a wood texture or a pattern of malachite, or it will be painted by you personally.

Plastic tables - photo 2

Plastic tables - photo 3

Plastic tables - photo 4

Plastic tables - photo 5

By purchasing a table with plastic top, you will get nice bonuses such as:

  • low cost table;
  • Operating durability;
  • practicality (does not require special care);
  • a wide choice among the variety of colors and shapes countertops.

Exquisitely look plastic tables Art Nouveau, Hi-Tech and Urban. Fortunately their surface can be zavizualizirovana wood and stone, which makes them even more charm.

The choice of form countertops depending on the overall style kitchen

Going into any furniture store, you will notice that assortment of dining tables so varied that you startwonder - what kind of option to choose? After all, they are so beautiful and fashionable, alluring for its originality and elegance. Do not rush to take the first available kitchen set and also unusual in shape table, included in its composition. First of all, imagine how it will look in your kitchen, and whether it will meet all requirements to the kitchen table. Pay attention to the form table tops - will depend on it, to be comfortable to sit you and your family members behind him.

Kitchen table:


Round table tops - photo 1

Round table tops - photo 2

Round table tops - photo 3

Round table tops - photo 4
Roundtables go out of fashion for centuries. If the interior of your kitchen is dominated by smooth lines, you will certainly pay attention to the given option.

Tables with round tops were knownsince the Middle Ages. Remember the "round table" King Arthur ?! So, these tables look great just in the middle of the kitchen, and if your area allows it, then it will be the best choice for you. Support for it may also be different - or one major or several legs with a convenient location. For this table can fit more people than a similar-sized square or rectangular table. Plus, these tables are safer if a family has children, because they are no corners.


Oval countertop - photo 1

Oval countertop - photo 2

Oval countertop - photo 3

Oval countertop - photo 4

Oval countertop - photo 5
If the round tables occupy only a large area in the middle of the kitchen, the oval can be positioned against the wall and, without fear that the table does not arise in his place.

An oval countertop may be differentsizes. If the kitchen is not too big, it is better to choose a model with a sliding design. This will allow most of the time to have a small table, and at a house party - to increase the useful area of ​​the table. Also, they are not less safe than the round - after all the corners are rounded on them.


Rectangular table tops - photo 1

Rectangular table tops - photo 2

Rectangular table tops - photo 3

Rectangular table tops - photo 4

Rectangular table tops - photo 5
Most of these models are equipped with a slidingdesign, which allows for the holidays lay on the tables even greater length and width of the countertop. Regardless of the material from which made the table, they perfectly fit into any style.

Any rectangular tabletop is easy toperformance, if you prefer to make a table with his hands, though, if only because this form does not require careful rounding the corners of the table. In addition, tables with a similar shape, may have a sliding design, which is very convenient for small kitchens. Locate they can be anywhere in the room.


The square table tops - photo 1

The square table tops - photo 2

The square table tops - photo 3

The square table tops - photo 4
The most attractive wooden square tables. They do have a lunch appointment and often are located precisely in the dining room.

In principle, no different atthe characteristics of the rectangular table tops, except for a more rigorous form. Square tables can be placed at least at the wall, even in the middle of the kitchen. Depending on the overall ideas and interior household needs.

Other forms

For example, you choose a triangular table. Undoubtedly, it is beautiful, elegant and original. However, it is usually put in the corner or the middle of the room. But if your home is more than three people, it is more difficult for them to find a place in such a dining table. So before you buy furniture with unusual shapes, rational Treat your decision carefully consider all the future.

Kitchen tables - photo 2

Do not rush to take the first available kitchenheadsets and also unusual in shape table, included in its composition. First of all, imagine how it will look in your kitchen, and whether it will meet all requirements to the kitchen table.

Types of kitchen tables

All kitchen tables are divided into several types:

  • lunch;
  • cutting;
  • pristennye.

Judging by the names, it becomes clear that each has its own purpose and location relative to the entire interior.

Kitchen tables, tables transformers, sliding tables:

Dinner table

Dining table - photo 1

Dining table - photo 2

Dining table - photo 3

Kitchen tables - photo 3

The name speaks for itself - for this tableIt passes the process of eating. These models need to be comfortable, stable and durable sliding structures, if any, provides designing this piece of furniture. Variations exist in abundance. The color combination of dining tables must be perfectly matched to the beat of the entire interior of the kitchen.

Cutting table

Cutting table - photo 1

Cutting table - photo 2

Cutting table - photo 3

Cutting table - photo 4

Cutting table - photo 5

In other words, this table is intended tocooking. From this the conclusion that the worktop should be made of durable material, which is not afraid of any mechanical damage. The advantage for such a variety of tables will be the presence of various drawers and shelves, ideal variant - a table, nightstand with drawers.

Perimeter Area

Trim table - photo 1

Trim table - photo 2

Trim table - photo 3

Trim table - photo 4

Trim table - photo 5

Desk, located predominantly in the walls,It can be installed instead of the window sill. One of these species may become convertible table, climbing wall or retractable from it, but the feature of this model is in a niche located in the wall itself.

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Features table selection for a small kitchen

It is best to pick a small model, whichhave a folding design. For every day - the usual small table as well as a holiday option - spread out and wide. Not bad to be look and model transformers that are assembled very comfortable and small. Look at the photo of our catalog:

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 2

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 3

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 4

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 5

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 6

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 7

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 8

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen - photo 1

Kitchen table to order (prices are approximate, depending on the materials and design)

To begin with, before the draft order for manufacturingkitchen table, you need to decide - exactly where you plan to put the future on your kitchen table. Preferred when it is located next to the stove, where you cook, and a refrigerator, where you take products. It is also more convenient to mount it near a window and away from the door. So it will be more comfortable not only you, but also all homemade.

It is equally important to calculate the approximate area,which will occupy a table in the unfolded form (consider all family members, including yourself, and, if necessary, the approximate number of possible guests). If floor space allows - safely, order a large classic rectangular table and chairs to it, which was able to accommodate all. However, in a small kitchen make a table with rounded corners, or a folding table, including fit and transformers, they will cost you a cheap, considering that it is not necessary to buy two tables instead of a folding.

Sample prices on tables depending on the material (in Leroy Merlin)

tree glass a rock plastic
from $ 40 from $ 30 $ 100 from $ 15

Can I make the kitchen table with his hands?

Kitchen tables - photo 5

Kitchen Countertops - Picture 4

If you want to make a table with his own, then you will need

Materials: Instruments:
wooden boards with a minimum thickness of 2.5 cm .;


lacquer coating.




electric jigsaw;


milling machine;

electric drill;

brush for varnish.

Kitchen table with his hands:

Here are a few variations on the theme, how to decorate your kitchen table and a better pick.

Kitchen tables - photo 6

Kitchen tables - photo 7

Kitchen tables - photo 8

Kitchen tables - photo 9

Kitchen tables - Photo 10

Kitchen tables - Photo 11

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