Doors - 60 photo ideas for the interior


  1. Determine the material
    1. Fibreboard
    2. MDF
    3. Solid wood
    4. Glass
  2. Choosing the design of interior doors
    1. Swing doors
    2. Sliding doors
    3. Door Coupe
    4. sliding doors
    5. Roto-door
    6. Folding doors (folding doors)
  3. The nuances of the selection and design tweaks
    1. A single style or a riot of diversity?
    2. The high interior doors
  4. Self-installation of interior doors

Interior doors, of course, are extremelyan important element in the design of any room and the apartment in general. After all, the door connecting the two spaces, should be in harmony with both premises, regardless of whether they are made in a common style or inspired by very different ideas.

So when in the process of repair in front of you there is a question of choice of interior doors, should pay attention to a few basic rules.

  1. Naturally, the ideal option would be doorsnatural materials. We will not tire of repeating that good stuff - it's not just an aesthetic choice, but also the basis of longevity of a design element, and this figure may be more than cover the costs. In the matter of the choice of interior doors is the best choice - the doors of solid wood or natural veneer.
  2. Quality covering - one more time, onwhich is worth paying attention to. This quality coating helps prolong door service without losing their attractive appearance. In addition, high-quality varnish or laminate - it's just a question of health!
  3. Pay attention to the fit of all elements of the door: there should be no unnecessary gaps in the joints of individual parts such as grilles, frames, inserts made of glass or other materials.
  4. The correct geometry - that is what is important! Valid only minor differences of a few millimeters, or you risk further to get some problems with the installation and operation.
  5. Remember that the door box should be a seal, and if used in the decoration of glass - and then it should be enough quality to adequately make all operational aspects!

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Determine the material


Doors made of fibreboard,or in other words, Fiberboard - a relatively cheap option. Unlike chipboard, which contain formaldehyde resins, eventually emit toxic fumes, Fiberboard - more environmentally friendly material. It is a plate made of pressed wood dust, wood particles wherein the slabs steamed during manufacture, and therefore speak of the production by a wet pressing.

Do not think that the door MDF appearancereminiscent of the rear wall of Soviet-wall cabinets. In the production of doors, Fibreboard ennoble, extruding special dyes. In addition, the material passes the so-called amplification process, which also have a positive impact on its external and functional qualities.

In general, the doors of MDF - a good economical choice with a number of other advantages: MDF doors are resistant to moisture and strong enough to last you a long time.

MDF doors - 01

MDF doors - 02

MDF doors - 03


MDF is a great compromisebetween product price and quality. Not only that MDF is an environmentally friendly material because everything else he has a beautiful texture that allows it to produce from any carved elements. So if you want the door to interesting decor, MDF perfectly cope with this task.

MDF can be an excellent "filling" forinterior door. External finish in such a case can be made, for example, from wood veneer. If you are considering more budget options, you can stop the choice on the finish of the artificial veneer or laminating.

In addition to the advantages associated with the possible design refinements in the performance of the door leaf, MDF has other advantages, including:

  • humidity;
  • durability;
  • practicality;
  • resistance to deformation.

Doors from MDF - 01

Doors from MDF - 02

Doors from MDF - 03

Solid wood

If you want the door to your apartmentlooked expensive and noble, long served you, and you are willing to pay for it is the right price, your choice - interior doors made of solid wood.

Beautiful natural material, wood has a number of advantages:

  • structural strength of the door;
  • excellent adhesion with finishing materials;
  • reliability of fastenings;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • high quality;
  • a wealth of design options.

But the shortcomings of the material, unfortunately, is not deprived:

  • Each door is made of solid, in a sense, is universal, because the tree figure is unique;
  • low resistance to changes in temperature and moisture (must be high-quality coverage and proper care);
  • great weight of the structure, involving the use of highly reliable and robust hardware.

Most often, when mass production surfacedoors of solid wood covered with thin sheets of wood veneer - for better moisture and heat resistance and longer service life. This task veneered wood doors cope perfectly!

Doors made of solid wood - 01

Doors made of solid wood - 02

Doors made of solid wood - 03

Doors made of solid wood - 04

Doors made of solid wood - 05


Many modern styles such as high-tech orminimalism, not too favor natural materials such as wood or faux wood imitation paintings. Futurism similar style dictates the choice of completely different materials - metal, plastic, glass.

And if the metal door - not the bestchoice to separate rooms, the glass, on the other hand, do not look pretentious and somewhat simplify and facilitate the interior of the room. Frosted surface makes it easy to fit them into any room and make use of, inter alia, and as the doors to the bathroom and toilet.

Furthermore, the possibilities of decoration of glass cloths- Multi-faceted! The combination of frosted glass with a conventional, stained glass, sandblasting drawings - all this will help you to choose a truly unique door for a unique interior!

Glass Doors - 01

Glass Doors - 02

Glass Doors - 03

Glass Doors - 04

Glass Doors - 05

Choosing the design of interior doors

There are many variants of interior doors, among which and classic swing, and more interesting design - sliding or folding. All the details - below.

Swing doors

Swing doors - the simplest and most familiar to ustype doors. The design of this door consists of a door cloth and a box. But even these most basic door can now boast of some variety of options.

door View Description

classic There are single and double. Unfold in one direction.
TURNING The ability to open not only familiar to usmanner but also in a vertical plane. This design requires a somewhat different type of special door frame and hinges. An example of such a structure can serve as a classic plastic balcony door.
saloon Their difference in the absence of the vestibule, and also that they do not have a fixed position, whereby both can open side.

This design and the type of opening is now used everywhere: in an interior, and as entrance doors.

Swing doors - 01

Swing doors - 02

Swing doors - 03

Swing doors - 04

Swing doors - 05

Swing doors - 06

Sliding doors

This popular at the moment type of door designs as the sliding doors came to us from Asia, where they were used since ancient times. Their main advantage - ergonomics.

The design is the same doorweb, which is fastened to the guide with rollers, mounted inside the timber, attached to the wall. Rollers are attached to the top of the door special bracket.

Sliding doors are able to fit into the same tiny room, not allowing you to save precious meters.

Isolate the main benefits of the opening of the sliding type:

  • space saving, allows not to waste space irrational manner;
  • construction safety;
  • stylish and fashionable design.

The main disadvantages include the low sound and heat insulation, as well as higher costs compared with classic sliding doors.

Anyway, the sliding doors - a stylish and modern embodiment of the interior doors. We offer you to get acquainted with interesting examples in our photo gallery:

Sliding doors - 01

Sliding doors - 02

Sliding doors - 03

Sliding doors - 04

Sliding doors - 05

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Door Coupe

Coupe doors are in the sub-sliding doors, but they are slightly different design from the classic type, but because we have highlighted as an independent group.

The design of such doors is akin to the doorClassic wardrobes. But, of course, inner door-coupe doors differ from cabinets weight and strength. Also, do not forget about the presence of the handle and the lock.

Sliding doors more ergonomic than the classic sliding doors due to the fact that the extendable fabric at the opening not only shifted to the side, but also overlap.

Doors coupe - 01

Doors coupe - 02

Doors coupe - 03

Doors coupe - 04

sliding doors

Another interesting view of the sliding doorspeak doors with sliding mechanism. Such design is perhaps the most ergonomic possible option, because the sliding door opening is not along the wall, and inside it!

The wall in this case is made of drywall, and require partial redevelopment to mount the wall U-shaped groove. The groove is preferably made of metal.

When installing the sliding door, do not forget about the right arrangement of the handle!

This door looks very interesting in the interior of any room and has the useful property of tightness in comparison with a conventional sliding door.

Sliding doors - 01

Sliding doors - 02


Roto-door - a sort of compromise between theswing and sliding door. Feature roto-door is in the process of opening a little door leaf is set in the open position becomes perpendicular to the doorway.

This type of opening allows the open door and take up less space as well as the design of the sliding door is a space-saving in a small room or a small hallway.

Roto-door have such advantages as sound insulation and air tightness, and are the perfect solution for the bedroom!

Rotary door - 01

Rotary door - 02

Rotary door - 03

Folding doors (folding doors)

An interesting design decision we believe the design of folding doors.

The door-accordion can perfectly fit into the interior of the living room or bedroom, as well as to become an excellent option in the issue of zoning of the space (for example, separating the bedroom from the dressing room).

The material in the manufacture of door-accordion is often used in wood or plastic, but other options are possible.

The design of the folding door isconnection of several elements by means of movable hinges, and one of the ends of the rollers is provided with a door, moving along the guide as is the case with classical sliding door.

Folding doors - 01

Folding doors - 02

Folding doors - 03

Folding doors - 04

Folding doors - 05

The nuances of the selection and design tweaks

A single style or a riot of diversity?

When choosing interior doors in an apartment wefaced not only with the issues of the choice of material and the type of opening, but with a choice of style, which, as is often the case, is to "combine incongruous." What are we talking about? Tell me more.

If you do repairs in a separate room andtogether with the internal design and want to change the door in front of you stands the problem: how to choose a door that would fit both the new interior of a bedroom or living room, and would fit into the hall? However, a question haunts those who creates a design project of the future apartment.

It often happens that in one housingdifferent rooms coexist completely different styles! The bedroom in the style of gentle Provence, living in a modern style with its natural motifs, laconic style kitchen miimalizm and retro-hall - and each room its demands not only to furniture and interior design, but also to the door!

Of course, if you are planning to select a singlestyle design for apartments, then puzzle over how to enter the door at the same time two of the interior, you will not have to. If you decide not to go the easy way, we can advise you to perform interior doors to order - so you can arrange them on one side to match the design of the entrance hall, and on the inside - choose finishes, more suitable to the chosen style room.

You can also choose the door of neutral tones and neutral design that will allow you to enter without question them in any your chosen interior!

Doors in the interior - 01

Doors in the interior - 02

The high interior doors

We are accustomed to the standard doorways, inaverage does not reach the ceiling of 30-50 cm (depending on the height of your ceiling). However, designers are increasingly offering us an interesting concept to use in the interior doors of high - literally from the floor to the ceiling! What are the advantages of such structures, in addition to unusual design decision?

  • High doors can visually enlarge the space of a small room and "lift" ceiling.
  • The wealth of choice of styles and colors capable of making it easy to emphasize the individuality of your design.
  • Originality of appearance does not even need commentary. Such doors are unusual period.

High doors - 01

High doors - 02

Self-installation of interior doors

Installation of interior doors with their hands - not the easiest process, allowing, however, fairly save in the process of repair.

Of course, the assembly and installation of the nuances are directly dependent on the type of structure you choose, and universal algorithm, suitable for any occasion, it is impossible to identify.

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