Design a small kitchen, "expand" the kitchen space


  1. Choosing the design style: options and their features
    1. Provence
    2. country Style
    3. High tech
    4. Modern style
    5. Style loft
    6. Classic style
  2. How to equip a small kitchen
  3. Features kitchen projects according to the size of the room
    1. Kitchen 6 m²
    2. Kitchen 8-9 square meters
    3. Kitchen 10 sq m
  4. Kitchen design in hruschevke
  5. Small kitchen in a private house
  6. Nuances of design corner kitchen
  7. How to choose kitchen furniture
    1. Kitchen table
    2. Appliances
  8. The kitchen-living room. Pros, cons and features
  9. Curtains for the kitchen
  10. Wallpaper in the kitchen: the "pros" and "cons"
  11. Design ceiling in a small kitchen

Choosing the design style: options and their features

Decide with a small kitchen design style -it is the starting point, the starting point of all activities. Unable to get a great option, not armed with blanks thoughtful about the room style.

Do not try to understand the deep essence of each style and "try on" it to your kitchen. "LIKE" is guided primarily by the parameter.

Scroll magazines, catalogs, browse websiteswith the necessary information. And try to understand - what you like, what style is perceived more comfortable, which corresponds to the personal ideas of comfort and convenience. Below are examples of popular styles that can be applied in the design of the kitchen.

Photo small kitchen design

Photo small kitchen design

Photo small kitchen design

Photo kitchen design

Photo kitchen design

Photo kitchen design


The style, which is characterized by well-defined features.

  • rude ceiling finish
  • floral patterns
  • light furniture
  • the overall impression of carelessness and comfort

draw kitchen in the style of Provence appropriate in a private home. If we are talking about a city apartment - this can be an additional advantage of your home. After all, it's nice to find himself in an atmosphere of rustic simplicity, after a difficult working day!


Kitchen in the style of Provence

Kitchen in the style of Provence 1

country Style

Perfect for those who want to achieve in the kitchen the atmosphere of comfort and ease. Furniture made of wood (required - muted pale shades), low-hanging lamp over the dining table, extract in its traditional form, the absence of stained glass in the door is the lockers - all typical features of the style. The main thing - it should be easy to look at, not pretentious. No pathos, no glamor!

Country - is the style of the village, simple stylecomfort and warmth. The colors for the walls should choose beige, white, sand, olive, light blue. Paul will be advantageous to look with imitation stones. This is best suited matte ceramic tile.

country Style

Kitchen in country style

Kitchen in country style 1

High tech

This style will suit you if you do not plan to download and without an abundance of small kitchen items.

Features high-tech style

The principle of utility The whole design is subject to practicality and functionality.
spaciousness Yes, this can be achieved even in a small kitchen! Modular furniture will make an ergonomic kitchen, and an abundance of glass, metal and light to visually expand the space.
pithiness For high-tech style is not acceptable usedetails, decorations. Only severity, only the pure line! In the case of the small space it is only good - it is not loaded with unnecessary objects and visually preserves the precious volume of the room
angles The entire interior in this style is subordinated to the simplicity and rationalism. The straight lines intersect at an angle, nothing to "scratch" view.
Technological equipment Hi-tech - the perfect style for fansmodern technological innovations. It is in this style looks appropriate to all kitchen appliances with the latest progress. Naturally, all this must be harmoniously fit into the overall kitchen design.

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech 1

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech 2

Modern style

We can say that this style is not strictlycertain traits in his characteristic, but is subject to certain principles in essence. The kitchen will look modern, if you follow certain rules in its design.

  • Austerity. Decorative load should be minimal (or even absent).
  • Reasonableness lines. No, this does not mean lack of imagination and boring rectangular cabinets! But we must remember - the entire look of the room must be built logically subordinate to functionality and simplicity.
  • Modern technology. Perhaps the most obvious point, we are talking about the kitchen in a modern style. The main thing that technique successfully and harmoniously fit into the overall design.
  • Innovative materials in the finishing. Glass, metal, wood for special processing, composite materials - all of this is welcome in the design of a modern kitchen.

Modern style kitchen

Kitchen in a modern style

Style loft

Here is where you can realize the most daring ideas, combining their individual needs!

The unusual layout, colors andunexpected finishes - everything is possible when choosing kitchen in the loft style. But, as in any other style, you must adhere to certain rules. Otherwise there is a risk "nalyapat" in the same room a lot of elements to interfere with each other and turning the design into chaos.

IMPORTANT! The kitchen in the loft-style is appropriate in those houses and apartments, where the design of the entire dwelling is subject to this area!

Zoning - this is one of the characteristic features of a loft style. If the technical possibilities - the wall between the kitchen and the dining room is better to remove. It will replace the partition, bar or separation room into zones. Decor should otsutstvat his role brick ledges, plastered walls, wooden floor.

The kitchen is in modern style 1

Kitchen in a modern style 2

Kitchen in a modern style 3

Classic style

With a small-sized kitchen is a largebe careful about its design, choosing a classic design. Below are the features of the style and requirements for the design of the room. Think as much as possible to combine them with the disposal of a modest yardage.

Choosing a classic style, is also at the very beginning to define its goals. It must be either modest (discreet) design, or "rich" (with a variety of decorative elements).

Principles of kitchen design in classic style

Expensive furniture and accessories classic style will not tolerate cheap. Therefore - choose high-quality materials for finishing the interior and solid expensive furniture. In general, classic dishes make for years to come, this style is not subject to fashion and trends. Therefore it is not necessary to save the environment, planning kitchen design for many years.
Good lighting A large chandelier and extra lighting - could not be better suited to this design option.
Obfuscation of work items Facade headset in addition to other functions shouldperform another important function - "hide" technique. There are a lot of design decisions, in which the refrigerator and stove are almost invisible in the interior.
Functionality Arranged the furniture is so that it does not interferemovement. Comfortable dining area - a prerequisite for the kitchen in a classic style. To this end, the kitchen is often combined with the dining room, if it comes to a small apartment.
Soft colors metal gloss shades and flashy - a taboo in this embodiment. All colors (and colors) should be unobtrusive, nice, "live".

The kitchen in classical style

Kitchen in classical style 2

Kitchen in classical style 3

Kitchen in classical style 4

Read more about choice of kitchen design.

How to equip a small kitchen

Small kitchen - is not a sentence. The small size of the room should not be confused and make up something to give. The main thing - correctly plan all your wishes in particular square meters, and the result is sure to please.

  • Services professionals. The abundance of sites with options for interiors, a lot of browsing magazines - that's not all. There is nothing better than specific advice on your kitchen exactly. A competent designer will not only help determine the design of the kitchen as a whole, but also to tell a lot of tricks and unexpected ideas. It's - his specialty. Thinking the idea of ​​your own, you may miss some points because of their lack of competence. It's not every day, each of us have to deal with the development of the design!
  • Fitting options. The large dining table will not fit into a modest footage of the room and a multilevel ceiling will hang over your head, if the height of the walls is small. Try to think of it is the ideas that are suitable for small kitchens.
  • Castling. This can include how a particular piece of furniture, and the whole area. For example, move the dining area to the living room, if it is a connecting room. Or reduce the number of lockers for storage in order to save space and some supplies out of the pantry.

Construction of a small kitchen

Construction of a small kitchen 2

Construction of a small kitchen 3

Construction of a small kitchen 4

Construction of a small kitchen 5

About kitchen design options on the balcony, read here.

Features kitchen projects according to the size of the room

Kitchen 6 m²

The main principle in the design of a kitchen -minimalism. Do not load the precious meters abundance of decor and fine details. There should be only the necessary and functional pieces of furniture and equipment

Kitchen 6 m²

Kitchen 6 1 sq m

Kitchen 8-9 square meters

This footage allows bolder planthe whole complexion of the kitchen. If the room is elongated, then there are 2 possibilities: split the room into 2 zones, or the location of all the furniture along one wall (at the free wall opposite).

Kitchen 8-9 square meters

More about Design kitchen 9 sq.m..

Kitchen 10 sq m

This size will fully satisfy the claims ofowners who want to combine cooking area and dining area. In this kitchen can look quite large, if you choose the style of hi-tech or classic.

Kitchen 10 sq m

More options Interior 10 sq m kitchen.

Kitchen design in hruschevke

At first glance, 5, 6 square meters rule out any possibility to make the kitchen a comfortable and beautiful at the same time. But this is misleading! Use simple, but very effective design techniques:

  • A lot of brilliance. The mirror surfaces and lacquered facades of furniture will come to the rescue. The floor can also be chosen with a glossy effect. Reflecting the surface, it will visually increase the room.
  • Compact equipment. Optionally placed on a standard kitchen gas stove with oven. The choice of technique solves the problem of a small kitchen without problems. The hob may be small, conveniently fitting into the working area of ​​the countertop (oven, by the way, can be positioned separately).
  • Non-standard solutions. Plan your kitchen, so that removal of the sill could serve as a dining table. This significantly saves space squaring and allow positioned in the kitchen everything necessary.

Kitchen design in hruschevke

Kitchen design in hruschevke 1

Kitchen design in hruschevke 2

Kitchen design in Khrushchev 3

Kitchen design in hruschevke 4

Small kitchen in a private house

Most often, the size of the kitchen in a private home is muchmore than in an ordinary apartment. Also undoubted advantage can be large (and sometimes - very large) box. Undoubtedly, in this case the premises of design options can be an unlimited number. It is only important not to lose the atmosphere of space, wanting to use every meter.

For the kitchen in your own home will suit almost anystyle. And appropriate to the style of Provence, and country and classical. Either of them can be unobtrusive accents to emphasize the unity with nature, countryside romance.

It is important not to get involved in the embodiment of the chosen style "in its purest form."

Modern kitchen in high-tech style is moreinappropriate if the whole house has a romantic style. Also, do not need to diligently promote the idea of ​​rural simplicity, if the overall style of the house - the strict classic or modern.

Small kitchen in a private house

Small kitchen in a private house 1

Small kitchen in a private house 2

Nuances of design corner kitchen

The most important rule - to beat the corner! It may seem that corner kitchen carries a number of problems in design, becauseand in everyday use. But why not turn a disadvantage into an advantage and a disadvantage in the "flavor"? Make the angle to "work", even if the kitchen is the most interesting room in the house.

Nuances of design corner kitchen

Nuances of design kitchen corner 1

How to choose kitchen furniture

First you need to decide which settingsMost important. If it is - the durability, the choice will be one. If - original design, something different. Of course, all requests can be combined as desired. It is important to determine the specific requirements for specific components of the kitchen interior.

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Furniture for a small kitchen

Kitchen table

The strength and durability of the surface should be the main selection criteria. Especially if it is - dinner tableThe surface of which is used as a work. Regarding the size of the table is simple - take into account the number of people that is going to most often in the kitchen at the same time.

Read more about choosing the kitchen table in our a separate article!

Furniture for a small kitchen 1


An experienced hostess knows a set of equipment necessaryfor her culinary cares. Those who have to equip your kitchen for the first time, may be at an impasse. What is the important need, and that - a tribute to fashion technology and no more? The selection of home appliances guided by their own preferences and habits. If you do not plan oven - from the oven and can be discarded. This will save space and give the opportunity to place in the kitchen a more important part of everyday life. If you want to get rid of the need to wash the dishes by hand - the dishwasher will be a necessary and important part of the design.

Furniture for a small kitchen 2

The kitchen-living room. Pros, cons and features

More often than not the question of combining the kitchen and living roomIt stands at a modest footage. By combining the two premises owners solve crowding problems. This solution is not always absolutely correct, because the kitchen-living room has not only advantages but also some disadvantages.

By cons include these points:

  • Rejection of the room. Combining the kitchen with another room, you reduce the number of rooms in your house (apartment). And if we are talking about "odnushke", then all we can assume that the whole apartment is virtually a single location.
  • Nebhodimo single design. Combining the kitchen with living room, remember - the style of both bands must be shared. Otherwise room with mismatched style zones will look ridiculous.

But, of course, the kitchen-living room, there are obvious advantages. These include:

  • Plenty of room. Combining the kitchen with the living room, you will get more free space. A nice bonus will be more light and better air ventilation. By the way, it is necessary to take care of a good drawn to the smell of food does not spoil the whole room air during cooking.
  • The original design. You can not give up the separation wall, in principle. As an option - to leave the big arch, formally delimiting areas of the room. You can still "play" from the floor level difference. Podium in the dining area visually separate of the room, without cutting it into pieces.


Kitchen-Living Room 2

The kitchen-living room 3

More photo kitchen-living room design.

Curtains for the kitchen

The choice of curtains - the question is not the first in the kitchen design. But no less important than all the rest! Repellent should be from the most simple things.

If a free passage to the window - you can choose curtains the floor. Long curtains are also perfectly suited to embodiments where the kitchen window refers to the dining room area.

A small window should not "hang". The best option - lightweight translucent curtains or jalousie. An excellent solution to design a small kitchen can become blinds. Compactness - their main advantage. Due to the fact that they do not exceed the dimensions of the window, perhaps the location of the furniture in the immediate vicinity of the window opening.

Curtain Design for the kitchen

Curtain Design for the kitchen 1

Curtain Design for the kitchen 2

Wallpaper in the kitchen: the "pros" and "cons"

The choice wallpaper in the kitchen very versatile. Options can be set, but each is fraught with its own characteristics (both positive and not so).

When choosing wallpaper, you should try to take into accountpractical properties, and aesthetics. Simply put - the wallpaper should be resistant, resistant to wear and at the same time fit into the overall design of the kitchen. Modern range of easily satisfy even the most demanding customer. Please also price difference when compared with the option of painting the walls. After preparing the walls for wallpapering less costly than in the case of the use of paint.

Having made their choice in favor of wallpaper, you mustto take into account some of their shortcomings. Kitchen - this is the room that is used functionally more than others. Hence - the wallpaper in the room worn down quickly, however they were not quality.

Be prepared for the fact that they will have to change more frequently than in other rooms.

Wallpaper Design for the kitchen

Design wallpaper for kitchen 2

Wallpaper Design for the kitchen 3

Design ceiling in a small kitchen

The design of the room ceiling view - it is notlast thing. After all, it is due to some tweaks to the ceiling can be visually "to open" space, make it bulkier, more. Modern range of ceiling variant pleases and encouraging. After all, you can choose your own version, which perfectly fit into the overall design concept.

Materials for ceilings and features to work with them

Plaster Material simple and easy to use. The undoubted advantage is that the plaster relief ceiling hides minor flaws.
Wooden panels As an option - the panel can be plastic. A wide range of colors and sizes makes the bar a popular and convenient option. Contents ceiling panels is quite simple - they are mounted on a frame made of metal profiles.
Tile Ceiling (wood, plastic, foam) For registration ceiling tiles must bepre-align its surface and make the layout according to the size of the tile squares. Mirrored or glossy tile will make the room visually larger
Stretch ceiling Sure, doing this ceiling should be experts. Stretch ceilings are a lot of advantages: durability, resistance to dust, moisture, couple.
gypsum plasterboard A popular option that has an army of fans. After all, this material gives room for imagination. The ceiling can be shaped, multi-level, different in texture and color.

Design ceiling in a small kitchen

Design ceiling in a small kitchen 1

Design ceiling in a small kitchen 2

Small kitchen 1

Small kitchen 2

Small kitchen 3

Small kitchen 4

Small kitchen 5

Small kitchen 6

Small kitchen 7

Kitchen Design malenokogo size 1

Kitchen Design malenokogo size 2

Kitchen Design malenokogo size 3

Kitchen Design malenokogo size 4

Kitchen Design malenokogo size 5

Kitchen Design malenokogo size 6

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