Kitchen Design 2017: the best news of the year


  1. Trendy colors for the kitchen in 2017
    1. The basic palette
    2. Paints of the nature
    3. accents
  2. Trends in decoration
    1. Walls
    2. Ceiling
    3. Flooring
  3. Pick up furniture
    1. materials
    2. Design facades
    3. Tables
    4. Storage
  4. Latest styles 2017
    1. fusion
    2. Classic
    3. Loft
    4. modern
    5. Scandinavian style
    6. Provence
  5. Nuances special dishes
    1. Small kitchen
    2. Kitchen, living room with open

On the eve of the holiday so beloved by us incycle of New Year fuss we all betray abstract dreams and quite concrete plans, among which it is reasonable can zip and the thought of repair. For example, on the kitchen renovation. And if in the coming year you think about how to completely transform your kitchen, we are pleased to advise you which trends in kitchen design today at the peak of popularity!

Trendy colors for the kitchen in 2017

Let's start with the basics - choose colors. The trend towards simplicity, desire for natural shades and neutral colors, which began its development in 2015 to fully manifest itself, and in 2017 Consider the main color groups, the preferred design for the modern kitchen, in more detail.

The basic palette

Thus, as the main color designersadvised to choose neutral colors such as white, gray and black. Even universal beige, able to adapt to both a warm and a cool interior, gives the palm to the base shades.

The most versatile in this context,Of course, the kitchen, made in white. Naturally, no one forces you to base the sterile-white paint, pay attention to a little more interesting colors - ivory, eggshell, and others.

The versatility of white is that it is perfect for classic dishes, and kitchen in Provence style and futuristic cuisine in a minimalist style or high-tech.

Elegant kitchen will look in black colors. The stereotype of the darkness of the color in question create a stylish interior, it has long sunk into oblivion, and the black color today - ultra-modern version of the kitchen design. Smart planning and interesting color accents the black color will help to reveal themselves even wider.

The black color in the design - the perfect choice for the kitchen, because the dark surface hides dirt better, inevitably appearing in the kitchen while cooking.

Gray, contrary existed onceAccording to him uninteresting, it is not the first season proves that the interior made in gray scale - not a bit boring, but on the other hand, can look very presentable and non-trivial. gray palette is quite wide and includes both cold and warm hues.

Grey, as well as white and black mentioned above - is universal and can be harmoniously reveal almost any style that you have chosen in the preparation of the design project of their new kitchen!

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 01

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 02

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 03

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 04

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 05

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 06

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 07

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 08

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 09

2016 Kitchen: basic colors - 10

Paints of the nature

The proximity to the roots, connection with nature, harmony withthe world around them ... Such arguments shared by a growing number of people and cultivate a certain philosophy of modern man seeking to escape from the concrete jungle, or at least create the illusion of this, quite logically reflected in matters of interior design.

This can manifest as in the selection of the general stylepremises (for example, an appeal to the Art Nouveau style motto "Back to nature!"), and in the selection of colors. Soft and juicy - the choice is yours, as long as the selected shades caused persistent association with the natural scenery. Yellow - a wheat field or a mature lemon, green - as the soft grass under bare feet or sour apple on the tree, blue - like the sky on a clear summer day or a deep lake with the majestic calm surface of the water.

An excellent way of creating the kitchen in natural colors will be the use of wood (wood or decorated) surfaces by fronts of kitchen cabinets or countertops.

As other interesting natural shades can be distinguished:

  • Marsala and the shades (color, kind of reminiscent of plum, burgundy in part);
  • chestnut;
  • eggplant;
  • burgundy;
  • turquoise.

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 01

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 02

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 03

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 04

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 05

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 06

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 07

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 08

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 09

Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 10?


The choice of base colors, despite their relevance,Still it may seem a little boring, but because the designers do not get tired of talking about the benefits of creating the interior accents and contrasts. The most important thing in this delicate process - action! And without a good taste on the winning color combinations - anywhere.

One of the most advantageous and relatively simple for self-organization is a combination of black and white. Both colors, as ever, in the trend, but also the union - and even more so!

Council. Create a snow-white kitchen, shaded by its contrasting black worktop or concise black fittings. Use textiles to the black-and-white prints.

As with the basic shades are well combined and trendy natural tones, and less fashionable colors, came to your liking.

Most importantly - do not turn your kitchen into a lurid space, overloaded with contrasts and accents.

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 01

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 02

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 03

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 04

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 05

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 06

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 07

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 08

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 09

Kitchen 2016: color accents - 10

Trends in decoration


Option walls in the kitchen - greata bunch of. You can find the right wallpaper for the walls, put their tiles, paneling or just paint. The main rule: covering the walls in the kitchen must meet the requirements of this not very simple premise - to be resistant to moisture, heat and pollution.

The most popular solution to the coming yearIt performs a simple painting of the walls. The main condition - that the walls are flat and smooth. Color, as mentioned above, preferably neutral, and white on this issue - an absolute favorite.

Simple wall decoration Do not overtighten the attention in the final design, and allows you to create on your background more interesting and thoughtful interior.

Another trend to gain a foothold in 2015 and on the same strong position passing in 2017 the first, stands a brick wall decoration and masonry or concrete. Imitation concrete pavement is made possible through the use of decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper, but do not forget about the painting.

Masonry walls - it requires space and is unlikely to look good in a small kitchen. But in the spacious kitchen accent wall imitating brick, it would look very advantageous!

Finally, another significant trend indecoration of the walls in the coming year can be regarded as the finish wall panels made of MDF or chipboard with PVC coating. Modern manufacturers make such panels resistant to water and heat, and the surface is easy to cope with the impact of chemicals when cleaning.

Choosing decorative panels, you have to decide what is a priority for you - natural materials, leading to careful care of the surface, or the practicality of artificial materials.


Ceiling Finish - the process is not as volatile, and in priority, as in previous years - Slack or dropped ceilings. The preferred color? That's right, our versatile white!

In the matter of light, preference is given tobuilt-in fixtures, depending on the design of the project, they can be pivoting, which positively affects the overall functionality of the space.

Spot lights - all absolute trendin recent years, and even the ceilings often are made in Layer 2, thus emphasizing the area of ​​integration. But the two-level ceilings serve another purpose - zoning cuisine for working and dining area with individual lighting for each.


In the first place next year - finishing floorstile, first of all, made of stone or granite. This option is largely universal - you can easily find the right color to the overall design or texture. Well, the strength of ceramic tiles - not satisfactory and similar coating will last you a long time.

Floor tiles, in addition to other advantages, can mimic wood and stone, which is very raznoobrazhivaet design variability.

Another absolute trend in the finishing of floors -Using the parquet. Of course, the parquet floor is not everyone can afford, but if you are not prone to frequent changes of the interior, parquet - the perfect choice that will not only look luxurious, but also retain its original appearance for many years. A variety of existing remedies for parquet flooring will help you with that!

If the flooring for you - too expensiveAlternatively, a tiled finish - not fancy, it is advisable to look at the good old laminate. He would do well with imitation finishing boards made of natural wood and will enable easy stacking up to the challenge, even a novice in matters of repair!

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Kitchen 2016: finish - 01

Kitchen 2016: finish - 02

Kitchen 2016: finish - 03

Kitchen 2016: finish - 04

Kitchen 2016: finish - 05

Kitchen 2016: finish - 06

Kitchen 2016: finish - 07

Kitchen 2016: finish - 08

Kitchen 2016: finish - 09

Kitchen 2016: finish - 10

Kitchen 2016: finish - 11

Kitchen 2016: finish - 12

Pick up furniture

Having defined the techniques of finishing, we must proceed to the choice of kitchen furniture. Consider the modern ideas that we designers.


The naturalness and natural materials - herethe main direction in which you need to move in the coming year. As decoration, in the furniture should give preference to natural wood, stone, bamboo or quality imitations.

Replace the natural wood facades on MDF kitchen cabinets, countertops and natural stone - on artificial. Thus, you will be in the trend and be able to save.

Design facades

The design of the kitchen cabinets fronts we are calledabandon the cumbersome hardware in favor of enclosures with an open system by pressing. Laconic surfaces, no unnecessary details, stealing from the room a feeling of lightness - this is the benchmark that should be followed.

If you just abandon the hardware you do not want, then pay attention to models with minimalist handles.

With regard to the surfaces, then, as has beenIt said, in a fashion natural materials, and therefore facades made of wood - the best choice. If you are using synthetic materials, choose the facades with a smooth glossy surface, it is desirable contrast to the color of the walls.

Kitchen 2016: Facades - 01

Kitchen 2016: Facades - 02

Kitchen 2016: Facades - 03

Kitchen 2016: Facades - 04

Kitchen 2016: Facades - 05

Kitchen 2016: Facades - 06?


Depending on the overall style of your chosen design for the kitchen, dinner table It may look rude imitation of the untreated surface (for example, in a loft-style), or have a nice looking flowing forms (modern). The main thing - the naturalness of the material performance.

Increasingly popular are design projects,including desk-island. This option, however, is relevant only for the kitchen a good size and is unlikely to realize themselves in the tiny kitchen in the Khrushchev.

For small kitchens remain popular tables transformers and wall tables, making each meter of a small kitchen even more functional.

kitchen equipment bar - Another trend of the new season, which is especially important for kitchen united with living room.

2016 Kitchen: Table - 01

2016 Kitchen: Table - 02

2016 Kitchen: Table - 03

2016 Kitchen: Table - 04

2016 Kitchen: Table - 05

2016 Kitchen: Table - 06

2016 Kitchen: Table - 07

2016 Kitchen: Table - 08


For storage organization in today's kitchens meet numerous modules kitchen sets, Domestic content which you can choose at its discretion.

The functionality, usability and simplicity - herethe three pillars on which the organization should keep the kitchen space. Think carefully about what options are filling the kitchen modules you need that as much as possible useful to arrange working area in the kitchen.

In addition to the indoor units, in 2017 actual use of the numerous open shelves and shelves for storage of utensils and decorative elements. Open design create the effect of weightlessness, greatly facilitating the kitchen interior.

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 01

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 02

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 03

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 04

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 05

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 06

?Kitchen 2016: Storage - 07

Kitchen 2016: Storage - 08

Latest styles 2017

The most popular designers in the coming year are such styles as:

  • fusion;
  • classic;
  • loft;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Provence.

Let us consider each of them in detail.


What is the style of "fusion" and what it eats? In English, «fusion» means the fusion of different styles in a single general. Approximate to maximalism, fusion goes fine line alignment on the same territory of different stylistic elements and the need to harmonize them.

The combination of luxury and Skoromniy in one interior More recently, it was considered bad manners, but now in fusion style interiors - a real trend, which allows to fully express themselves and their individuality.

element Properties

Colour The most commonly used colors like green, gold, turquoise, raspberry. You can use warm colors, basic colors, interesting combinations and striking contrasts.
materials The decoration of preference for textured materials, giving volume: natural stone, leather, linen yarn canvas.
Lighting In addition to the trend spotlight, it is permissible to use a variety of lamps, table lamps, floor lamps floor (for example, in the dining area).

A few more tips on arrangement of fusion cuisine:

  1. Excellent furniture will look in a classic style in the kitchen decorated with a country.
  2. Elements of a gold and silver give the interior zest.
  3. The use of draping - interesting curtains, pillows, rugs - help arrange interesting accents.
  4. Combine bowl made of plastic, ceramic and glass.
  5. Do not forget about houseplants - it can be as decorative flowers, seedlings and practical.
  6. If the kitchen area allows, equip the bar with custom lighting.
  7. Do not clutter the space! All elements of the fusion style designed to complement each other rather than negates.

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 01

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 02

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 03

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 04

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 05

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 06

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 07

Kitchen 2016: Style Fusion - 08?


As we have already said many times: the classic - timeless! And designers are not tired to confirm this simple fact.

Give preference to natural materials and neutral shades, fill highlight interesting furniture (which, however, should not be too cumbersome!).

If natural materials you can not afford, and create classic cuisine still want - choose the most suitable materials with simulated natural!

Do not forget that the real classic interior design should include the forged elements, stucco, gilding and bronze.

Kitchen 2016: classic style - 01

Kitchen 2016: classic style - 02

Kitchen 2016: classic style - 03

Kitchen 2016: classic style - 04

Kitchen 2016: classic style - 05

Kitchen 2016: classic style - 06


Loft - stylish free and creative people who can not tolerate limits.

The decoration applied to this season trendy techniques and technology - rough plaster, masonry or its imitation on the walls, bright, smooth ceilings, tiles, imitating the stone floor.

Style loft loves space and light. That is why the window is better to leave without curtains to let in maximum light cuisine. If the curtains can not do without, try as much as possible to dissolve them in the interior.

The main loft-style - finishing. The filling can also be practiced by anyone and is not constrained by the framework - you can choose the furniture in the Art Nouveau style, or even a classic!

Kitchen 2016: style loft - 01

Kitchen 2016: style loft - 02

Kitchen 2016: style loft - 03

Kitchen 2016: style loft - 04

Kitchen 2016: style loft - 05

Kitchen 2016: style loft - 06


Given the general trend of oneness with nature and natural materials in the decoration, modern style - not just a trend, but a direct incarnation of all the fashion trends in 2017.

Art Nouveau - is:

  • the combination of geometric shapes with a natural smooth lines;
  • smooth glossy surface;
  • interesting color combinations, playing on contrasts;
  • functionality and manufacturability;
  • at least textiles and decor.

Art for a small kitchen - a godsend, because the space visually expands due to the glossy surface.

Among other things, modern embodies this trend and as a rejection of unnecessary fittings and a choice in favor of opening mechanisms by pressing.

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 01

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 02

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 03

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 04

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 05

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 06

Kitchen 2016 - 07 nouveau

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 08

Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau - 09

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is not the first season is a trend, embodying the idea of ​​minimalism, functionality, freedom and spaciousness.

He, as well as modern, is the personification of all the fashion trends of the season:

  • use of natural materials in the decoration of facades and kitchen;
  • bright colors with bright accents;
  • a lot of light - both natural and artificial;
  • a minimum of decoration and concise manner;
  • functionality and practicality.

Tip: The color contrast of the walls and furniture - beautiful and stylish solution with the design of the kitchen in a Scandinavian style.

Kitchen 2016: Scandinavian style - 01

Kitchen 2016: Scandinavian style - 02

Kitchen 2016: Scandinavian style - 03

Kitchen 2016: Scandinavian style - 04

Kitchen 2016: Scandinavian style - 05

Kitchen 2016: Scandinavian style - 06?


Provence - the embodiment of tenderness and grace, which find a place in the coming year.

As a color solution perfectly suitable white with splashes of Provence as usual natural shades will faded in the sun - sand, lavender, blue.

Materials for Kitchen in the style of Provence preferably natural, and finish - a littlerough, with the effect of antiquity. Suitable and rough plaster on the walls and an imitation of brickwork on the floor - stone slabs, ceilings - smooth and white as prescribed designers.

The highlight of the interior may be a kitchen apron, releasing the working area and, in particular, around the plate area as center - the kitchen center in the style of Provence.

Attention should be paid to the decor and textiles, it will give the interior even more charm and glamor.

Kitchen 2016: the style of Provence - 01

Kitchen 2016: the style of Provence - 02

Kitchen 2016: the style of Provence - 03

Kitchen 2016: the style of Provence - 04

Kitchen 2016: the style of Provence - 05

Kitchen 2016: the style of Provence - 06

Nuances special dishes

If your kitchen - it is a separate room, but stilland a good size, you could be called lucky. But, alas, not everyone can boast of a spacious kitchen opens up many possibilities for design. A huge number of people faced with the complexities of designing kitchens for two main reasons:

  1. their kitchen is too small (for these tiny kitchens in Khrushchev!);
  2. or is combined with the living room (after all studio apartments are very popular because of the economic benefits of their purchase).

And in fact, and in another case, do not despair. We'll show you how to use the space to the maximum!

Small kitchen

LAYOUT small kitchen play into the hands of many of the fashion trends of the coming season:

  1. First of all, it concerns the white color, which is not only fashionable, but also is able to visually enlarge the modest size of your kitchen.
  2. Secondly, choose a kitchen set with glossy facades - glare and reflections as well create the illusion of space increase.
  3. Third, non-serving accessories, for which you now and then will hang in a confined space kitchen - your choice!
  4. Fourth, use the built-in appliances. Yes, it can be expensive. Yes, replace it if damage can be tricky. But you definitely save space!
  5. But from what should refuse - as is the choice of over-textured materials, which, in contrast, can "eat" space.

Little Kitchen 2016 - 01

Little Kitchen 2016 - 02

Little Kitchen 2016 - 03

Little Kitchen 2016 - 04

Little Kitchen 2016 - 05

Little Kitchen 2016 - 06?

Kitchen, living room with open

Someone thinks this plan uncomfortable, someoneglad reconciliation opposite the kitchen area with a dining area and a seating area. Anyway, we believe that can not do without zoning space. And to help in this matter will come the equipment bar - a clear trend of the season-2017.

Since the trends in design, in general terms,the same for all living quarters, you can safely perform a kitchen area and living room in the same style. Or zoned them with different designs. The main thing - all to choose a single style decision, but reflect it several different methods.

Tip: Do not stingy to buy kitchen hood to smell impending food was not distributed to the entire living room!

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 01

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 02

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 03

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 04

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 05

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 06

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 07

Kitchen, combined with a living room - 08

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