Design of curtains for the hall, kitchen and bedroom


  1. Practical and beautiful designs of curtains for the kitchen
    1. Jalousie
    2. Roman curtains
    3. Blinds in the interior of the kitchen
    4. curtains
  2. Design solutions - curtains for the living room and hall
    1. The Roman and roller blinds
    2. Japanese curtains
    3. Classic design of curtains
    4. British curtains
    5. Austrian blinds
    6. French style curtains design
  3. Curtains for the bedroom should carry comfort
  4. Fashion blinds - Followers 2016
  5. Home work or how to sew curtains with his hands

Window ... how wonderful to look into it in the early morningat dawn or late at night on the fading lights and mysterious night sky! How unpleasant to watch bare window frames, not "dressed" in the beautiful curtains, which will harmoniously blend with the interior of the cozy rooms.

Modern curtains design allows you to decorate anyRooms: make a note of solemnity hall, bedroom glamor, add a real home comfort kitchen and living room of respectability. It is only necessary to look at the works of the best designers and take into account a couple of nuances, and your home will become a special charm and appeal.

Undoubtedly, the selection must be engaged in curtainsBe aware of the style of interior, the predominant in the room, on the premises of colors, but do not forget about the functional loads, performed in the curtains or other rooms.

Practical and beautiful designs of curtains for the kitchen

Let's start with the kitchen - a sort of symbol of the modernhome. Curtains design is also important here. Windows, shutters hung with conventional, in most cases look very dry, and this restraint does not fit every kitchen. At the same time, and the lush folds of fabric as the coat-tails hanging out of place in the kitchen area. The most appropriate design - curtains of light shades of monochrome material, good light-transmissive.

Beautiful design of curtains for the kitchen - photos

Bright translucent curtains without unnecessarydecorative details and complex forms - practically an ideal solution for the kitchens of different stylistic direction. Particularly relevant are models for small spaces.

So, for the kitchen curtains should be functional,practical, well-washes and be resistant to sunlight and temperature changes. Modern designers offer the most practical and effective options:

See more photos of curtains for the kitchen.


Though this kind of looks is not enoughattractive in comparison with other listed types of curtains, though some housewives prefer blinds. In order to get rid of the feeling of an office environment, you just need to buy blinds made of different materials or painted in various colors. Even more attractive are photo-blinds ... Image evening in Paris or landscapes cozy streets overgrown with greenery balconies, why not?!

For the kitchen in country style suited blinds made of thinwooden plates, quite attractive looking on the window frames. Another natural material, bamboo, used for the manufacture of blinds, can naturally blend into the kitchen, where the interior is executed in the Japanese style.

Curtains for the kitchen - photos

The design of the kitchen blinds

Blinds Design for the kitchen - photo 2

Blinds Design for the kitchen - photo 3

Roman curtains

It is not known whether the Romanssteel constructions inventors of thin strips and fabric. The like curtains in the last time are very popular due to its simplicity and convenience.

Textile fabric with clean lines, a gatheringin the folds of a simple mechanism that is practically universal and suitable for different styles of cuisine. Despite the unpretentious forms, quite a variety of materials used for cloth curtains, allow to pick up an original solution for small and large kitchens.

  • Natural cotton.
  • Exotic jute material.
  • Len coarse and fine workmanship.
  • From bamboo.

Roman blinds are created from naturalmaterials is the best fit in the room in the style of hi-tech and retro. Additional decorations in the form of fringe patterns and give even more expressive look, eye-catching to the carefully framed window.

Roman blinds - photo

Roman blinds - photo 1

Roman blinds - photo 2

Roman blinds - photo 3

Roman blinds - photo 4

Roman blinds - photo 5

Blinds in the interior of the kitchen

No different special design refinements andsuch curtains. In most cases, the curtains roll type plain or decorated with drawings and fotoprint. But this does not detract from their merits, they perfectly protect the kitchen from the prying eyes of passers-by, prevent the penetration of sunlight and fairly easy to care for.

When you purchase blinds must take into account the size of the window frames, bobble a couple of centimeters will harm the appearance of the window as a whole.

If you are looking for curtains for the kitchen with a balcony, a listed species "curtains" are welcome. Convenience, conciseness, ease of care, plus a variety of models will give the necessary emphasis premises.

Blinds in the interior of the kitchen - photo 1

Blinds in the interior of the kitchen - photo 2

Blinds in the interior of the kitchen - photo 3


Whatever interior or prevailed in the house, curtainsthere are many rooms, not only the classical type. A perfect solution would be curtains panel, if used to help visually expand the space of small kitchen and create an interesting visual effect. The combination of narrow curtain contrasting colors with the same texture at times creates a unique atmosphere.

Chic same from flowing silk curtains, luxurious velvet, brocade and unique light muslin - the lot of the living room and bedroom!

We go into the living room!

Design solutions - curtains for the living room and hall

It was in the living room are pleasant evening with family, celebration with welcome guests who will certainly pay attention to the elegant curtains.

Choosing curtains for the living room is so diverse,that sometimes a simple task for the acquisition of "dress" the windows to get very difficult. Using various models of curtains and tulle can be beneficial to emphasize the benefits of the room, to focus attention on the interior style and, finally, just to create a cozy welcoming atmosphere.

Read more about the curtains in the living room here.

Several fairly broad bandstranslucent air fabric of different shades, not completely hide the beautiful scenery outside the window, and especially not to attract attention, filling the entire room with light.

Tighter curtains with conventional straightpaintings thanks to an interesting texture or color fabrics will look too bad, but quite simply on the background of entire compositions of different colors and quality fabrics, adorned with decorative elements.

Design solutions - curtains for the living room and hall

Beautiful drapery, horizontal andvertical elements, pelmets, weightless noble organza and velvet, interweaving different shades and textures of fabric found in a diverse range of range of curtains for the living room. A huge number of curtains models created by talented designers, impossible to list, but to identify the main types of widely used in the living room curtains is quite real.

  • Classic.
  • English.
  • Austrian.
  • French.
  • Roman.
  • Round.
  • Japanese.

The Roman and roller blinds

The Roman and roller blinds, suggested above as a universal option for the kitchen, has also been successfully used in living rooms, differ only the type of fabric and size canvases.

These curtains will be a lifeline in a smallliving room. Firmly positioned to the window frame laconic fabric will not take up precious centimeters. Organically fit roller and roman blinds in the interiors of living rooms, decorated in Art Nouveau style and minimalism.

The Roman and roller blinds in the living room 1

The Roman and roller blinds in the living room 2

The Roman and roller blinds in the living room 3

The Roman and roller blinds in the living room 4

See more photos of curtains for the hall.

Japanese curtains

And since we are talking about minimalism, Japanese curtainscome to the fore. The whole system of screens, multiple-row attached to the eaves, allowing tissue webs to move parallel to each other. Not having folds curtains can serve as a real art object, attracting the attention of visitors due to the large picture on the canvases.

Japanese curtains 1

Classic design of curtains

The classic curtains are long, wide webs that fell on the floor. The intercepted picked up beautiful luxury fabric forms creases that give the curtains a more sophisticated look.

Classic design of curtains - photo 1

Classic design of curtains - photo 2

Classic design of curtains - photo 3

British curtains

British curtains can be either independentelement of decorating the window, and is an alternative to conventional tulle. You can distinguish them on the bottom of the rounded folds of tissue translucent fabric type.

British curtains - photo 1

Austrian blinds

Austrian blinds look great as aindependent element of decor, though not against the company curtains. Lower part resemble the British curtains, but the Austrian easy movement are lifted, showing lush rounded festoons. When assembled, the Austrian blinds look impressive, showing luxury coattails. Appropriate are in the rooms, gravitating to the styles of baroque, art deco and of course, the classics.

Austrian curtains design - photo

French style curtains design

French curtains of ignorance can be confused withAustrian and vice versa. Differences are actually a lot of French are made of expensive fine fabrics, in the unfolded state is a set of festoons, coattails collected in the same along the entire length of the web. Equally impressive look and curtains folded and unfolded. Elegant drapes interesting shape, pelmet will be a great addition to the French Interior and complete image of the living room, filling it with exquisite luxury classic interior.

French style curtains design photo 1

French style curtains design photo 2

French style photos of curtains 3 Design

Curtains for the bedroom should carry comfort

Luxury materials, spectacular model of curtains,relevant in the living room, it is hardly suitable for the bedroom. Peaceful atmosphere, comfort and convenience - that's what people should feel coming into my bedroom! Textiles used in this room, is of paramount importance. Properly selected curtains, decorations interface with beds, a small pillow, and other decorative elements create a unique feeling of warmth.

Curtains for the bedroom should carry comfort 2 photo

Curtains for the bedroom should bear comfort 3 photo

Curtains for the bedroom should bear comfort 4 photo

More photos in the bedroom curtains.

Bright flashy colors do not contributecalm, causing the brain to be active, which is why more preferable for the bedroom use muted tones bedding. Weightless translucent curtains are not used for the bedrooms, they are unlikely to protect against the bright rays of the sun and the cold moonlight. A more viable option - thick drapes in conjunction with tulle weightless.

For lovers of elegance more suitableclassic curtains model, supplemented with lambrequins, tassels and beautiful tacks. Fans will also appreciate a minimalist, Japanese, Roman and roller blinds, clear forms that can be mitigated with a thin semi-transparent tulle.

Choosing the bedroom curtains and caused herstylistic orientation, and colors of the interior, as, indeed, and the selection of curtains and curtains in any room of the house or apartment. Another important selection criterion is the fashion trends. But do not buy blind, guided only by fashion trends, since it is textiles gives the room a special charm, emphasizing the interior style and design conveying a general idea of ​​the room.

Curtains for the bedroom should bear comfort 5 photos

Curtains for the bedroom should bear comfort 6 photo

Curtains for the bedroom should bear comfort photo 7

Curtains for the bedroom should bear comfort 8 photos

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016

And once the conversation turned to fashion, the description of several new products offered by leading designers will be just in time.

In 2016, muted neutral shadesGamma - beige, sand, cream and gray - do not hand over their positions, and continue to occupy leading positions in the design of not only blind, but also other elements of the interior.

You can not call them a novelty, as well ascombination of black and white illustrations in the graphic on the canvases of blinds and curtains, but nevertheless, the model does not go out of fashion, gradually moving into the category of classics.

Recent trends suggest a brightercolor paintings, at the peak of glory in all shades of blue variety, cheerful and unforgettable turquoise heaven. Blue color has a favorable effect on the human psyche, but has its own characteristics that must be considered, using it in the interior.

All shades of green, lilac and violet scale,eggplant, brick saturated brownish tones - this is not a complete list of bright colors, to join the fight for a place in the most fashionable colors for the curtains in the current season.

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016 1

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016 2

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016 3

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016 4

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016 5

Fashion blinds - Followers 2016 6

Find out the main palette used indecoration curtains, it is useful to recall and figures on the fabric. Large images and patterns are still in vogue, some interesting innovation is blurring the image, reminiscent of blurred water watercolors.

Having defined the color of curtains should payattention to their shape and general appearance. Minimalism in design is not a favorite of the season, so welcome multilayer curtain design, interesting combination of different textures and colors. Contrast fabric, an extraordinary design of the top of the canvas, the radial folds or "glasses", decorative lining, volume effect and the abundance of wrinkles, of course, give any window refined and elegant look.

Increasingly, designers are offering innovative ideas and current season - is no exception, a very popular trend becomes translucent draperies tightly woven lightweight materials.

Home work or how to sew curtains with his hands

The range of curtains, curtains, drapes huge,You can buy them in the stores and order in good company, the individual sketches. Even more interesting option for the creative mind - to create a unique curtains with your own hands, guided by fashion trends and personal taste. For this need:

  • the cloth,
  • sewing machine,
  • the desire to create an original thing,
  • primary skills in sewing.

Sometimes it does not require special skills: normal straight stitch used in sewing, works wonders.

Curtains - an integral part of the interior. What they are carefully selected, taking into account all the criteria and nuances, the room looks organically as a whole.

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