The design of the balcony: the best ideas with photo examples


  1. The island of coziness - Equips small balcony
  2. The perfect furniture for a small balcony
  3. Tribute to the time - modern design in the balcony Khrushchev
  4. Not a single kitchen: design features a balcony in the kitchen
  5. Garden of Eden on the balcony

Remember the balcony of his childhood in Khrushchev? Surely, in memories each having cluttered with odds and ends (there is no doubt that the "extremely necessary"). Here and bicycle, which you sat last years 7 and skates that are not put to the 5th grade, and my father's jack, and my mother's a twist ... In general, all that a long time ago do not need cleaned, so as not to spoil the interior of the apartment. The balcony also can not see it, right?

Today, a balcony - is no longer useless Cemeterythings, and quite independent of the apartments, which by proper design and can be turned into the office and into the kitchen, and in an incredibly cozy place for tea after a hard day. Still do not believe that to achieve the beautiful design of the balcony - is this possible? Read on, no doubt you will definitely not!

Photos balconies and loggias

Photos balcony design

Photos balcony design

Photos balcony design

The island of coziness - Equips small balcony

In fact, to build a small balconyhave fun - is a science, which (alas!) not all the strength. Just a few tips to help you to organize the space, even the smallest balcony. To make a really good design, will have to change a lot, but believe me, the result will be worth it.

The most important point for our recreation,we develop, will be the selection of a new, beautiful and suitable, furniture that can maximize space while providing comfort and convenience. In addition, the furniture on the balcony of your little means should approach the chosen design. Maximum comfort is able to give the balcony furniture, so a small sofa or a small folding chair make the interior relaxed and truly home.

Design a small balcony

Design of small-sized balcony

Pillows in balcony design

design of balconies and loggias - photo 1

The perfect furniture for a small balcony

To refresh and pay with balconylimited space at least a little finesse, you need to choose a folding furniture. Believe me, this function for such balconies weight in gold. This applies to tables and chairs, as well as a variety of shelving units, ottomans and other interior items.

It is worth noting that this type of furniture is able toeasily transform the space at any time you wish. The best option, of course, will be built-in or pull-out furniture, which can largely save space.

As for the design of the walls of a small balcony, thethen your imagination can run wild, but the position of the frame. The fact that well-known designers are advised to instead of the usual (and, frankly, are pretty overexposed) staining of the walls to make the finish is incredibly fashionable in modern interiors cork panels or, alternatively, plastic.

  • floor coverings on the balcony can also be different, you can easily select and cork flooring, and elegant wooden flooring, laminate flooring and familiar.
  • Fresh and colorful design can be complemented by a modern and fashionable materials.
  • Save heat and can be the most useful natural materials such as cork and wood.

As for the windows, then the recommendations for their design, many designers differ, so listen to them and then make their own way.

  • You can decorate the window blinds made of different materials, in harmony with the surrounding design.
  • Elegantly escape from the hot sun, you can use a beach umbrella or a beautiful screen on the balcony.

Be sure to adhere to the integrity of style on your balcony, choosing decorative pillows, harmoniously complement the interior.

beautiful design balcony

Furniture for balcony design

Balcony in the Japanese style

Furniture for balcony

Pillows in balcony design - photo

Balcony - Picture

Interior balcony - 1

Tribute to the time - modern design in the balcony Khrushchev

Time is running at an amazing rate, changingour preferences and goals. And if 30 years ago for an apartment in the Khrushchev was an accomplishment of many, then today this living space creates many problems for their owners, giving both the size and quality of the balconies in the new building. Therefore, quite often the owners of these balconies there is an urgent need to drastically change the design and sometimes completely redesign this space.

Of course, before you take on the innerdesign, you need to take care of the balcony and on the outside by working to strengthen as well as insulation and glazing. In this case certainly need to turn to professionals who will do their best, not only qualitatively but also maintain security.

As for the interior, it is possible to improve andindependently. Thus, the floor is most suitable granite or laminate, and will not be ashamed to use tiles. The walls get along perfectly with wood or plastic panels.

Interior balcony in hruschevke

balcony Khrushchev in Design

Example designs for balconies hreschёvki

Hookah in the interior balcony

Today, a balcony - is a complete residentialSpace, therefore, together with the change of design should try to maximize the function of the balcony, paying attention to every centimeter, which after renovation should be functional.

  • For example, you can extend the functionality of the balcony, using as a windowsill table (finish can think for yourself, based on your design for it).
  • But provided that the balcony doors are located onthe bedroom, the maximum comfort it can give a rocking chair or an elegant sofa, which can be decorated with beautiful decorative pillows. More interior living make flowers and various greens.

Concerning the choice of curtainsThen finally decide on their choice you can by viewing the video:

For those who like to read at sunset or sunriseYou can reclassify a balcony into a fully fledged library, placing the shelves with books and comfortable furniture. Needlewoman balcony can be converted into a full studio.

Choosing a color for the little high-graderoom, you should pay attention to the colors that can visually expand the space, playing the role of the conductor in the room, which is adjacent to the balcony. Designers believe that the ideal helpers in this regard will be absolutely all shades of gray as well as white, beige, purple and amber color.

Not a single kitchen: design features a balcony in the kitchen

Often, a balcony can be a faithful companion cuisinebut many owners of this neighborhood are not very happy. And in vain! There are not so few options of using such a balcony. First, you can make it a great product storeroom, sending back even a fridge, which is a massive lump of cold takes a lot of space in the kitchen (although in the case of such a reference balcony certainly should be insulated to prevent damage to equipment temperature difference).

See more photo kitchen design.

The fundamental reorganization of space capablechange beyond recognition, a balcony and a kitchen to do much more. However, in this case it is better to adopt the professionals who can help, for example, to remove the wall between the balcony and the wall, thus combining space. As a result, you will get not just a kitchen, but this mini-dining room.

Interior balcony - 19

Designed with balcony from the kitchen entrance

The design of the balcony in the kitchen

Sometimes, unfortunately housewives spacethe apartment is really small, and so many things I want to put. Then the really interesting solution would be not just an extension of the kitchen, and its transfer to the balcony, is it possible to get another whole room. For experienced designers such work will not be difficult. However, it is very important that the balcony is not too small. For example, in the balcony Khrushchev is unlikely to be a worthy shelter for the kitchen, but the 4-meter-high balcony in new building this business owner a lot more satisfied. But, even if your balcony almost puts you with the cat should not be upset, because the expansion of the balcony - it's incredibly popular procedure, which today offers plenty of construction firms.

IMPORTANT! When removing the balcony walls we must remember that she is a carrier, and its destruction (even partial) can threaten both your safety and your neighbors, so trust that work exclusively to professionals.

As for kitchen furniture, balcony, thenthe most successful solution is to choose a set of stools, which can be clean to each other. Completely change the space of your balcony, no matter what function you he is not charged, it will properly selected furniture.

Beige interior of the loggia

Green interior on the loggia

Garden of Eden on the balcony

Incredibly interesting and undoubtedly one of themost beautiful design options balconies with access to the kitchen is the conversion of a balcony in a green garden. Provided that your balcony will be insulated, so the garden will give you easy greens even in the most severe winters. On this balcony and can accommodate even a table and chairs, it really is a pleasure to dine in the garden in the green.

Designers are advised: "When you create a garden on a balcony, choose a glass door or large window in the floor, so you will achieve the effect of the presence of plants directly in your room."

There is an unwritten rule thatadhere to all the experts in this area - do not clutter the balcony a lot of equipment. Firstly, it is quite safe, even on the assumption that the best builders have expanded your balcony. And, secondly, it will give a balcony kitchen additional lighting, so there is no sense to obstruct the light.

Garden of Eden on the balcony

Beautiful garden on the balcony

Design a garden on the balcony of the kitchen entrance

The space between the kitchen and the balcony can bedivide fabric shutters, so you will feel much more comfortable. Provided that your balcony overlooks the east, which is why in the morning you can enjoy the warm sunshine, it is better to choose for the interior warm colors and positioned at the mirror walls.

Options balcony design

Canteen It will be enough to put a table and a few chairs, as well as allocate space for cabinets with dishes.
cabinet A small computer table and a comfortable chair in an alliance with an interesting design will make your work area is really wonderful!
Workshop You should definitely put some cabinets, wardrobe and comfortable work space which most suits your occupation.
Garden The best solution would be to make one wall mirror by installing it stands for flowers.

Design of balconies of any functionality - it's business, as they say, thrifty, so it is for you to decide what it will be, making your apartment more comfortable.

And finally, check with the remaining 20 pictures.

Balcony in the Khrushchev

Interior balcony - 1

Interior balcony - 2

Interior balcony - 3

Interior balcony - 4

Interior balcony - 5

Interior balcony - 6

Interior balcony - 7

Interior balcony - 8

balcony Interior - 9

Interior balcony - 10

Interior balcony - 11

Interior balcony - 12

Interior balcony - 13

Interior balcony - 14

Interior balcony - 15

Interior balcony - 16

Interior balcony - 17

Interior balcony - 20

Interior balcony - 21

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