Care of linoleum on the prevention and treatment facilities

Care of linoleum

Such flooring linoleum todayIt is practically in any apartment. This is not surprising, because a sufficiently democratic value it is different functionality, durability, attractive appearance, a wide variety of colors, easy to clean. But to the flooring long it delighted us these qualities, it is important to regularly perform proper care of linoleum.


  • We abide by the rules - to keep the floor
    • Effective preventive measures
  • The wash linoleum?
  • How to remove stains from linoleum?
  • How to wash linoleum renovated

We abide by the rules - to keep the floor

With all the advantages, linoleum, as well as any otherfloor coverings, has several disadvantages. Its surface is sensitive to thermal, chemical and mechanical stresses. Therefore, its appearance and service life depend on how carefully we will treat it. To do this, you need to have at least a general idea about the proper care of linoleum, otherwise it may lose presentable quickly.

Care of linoleum

Proper care of linoleum will retain its attractive appearance

The first thing to remember is that the consumerlinoleum flooring for residential premises and is usually made from materials with average performance (and therefore it is cheaper) and often does not have the upper protective layer.

In such cases, to protect the mostlinoleum flooring from mechanical damage, as well as to extend the service life, the surface must be self-treat the polymer mastic or polish. On the surface of linoleum with such a thin film processing, which will give it additional resistance to wear. It protects against the many threats linoleum - mechanical damage, exposure to liquids, exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, linoleum will not remain traces of the wheels of furniture and shoes. Applied, usually two layers of material and is held without load of not less than 8-10 hours.

There are various protective films, they differ in color shades (matte, glossy), density (solid, light) and other characteristics.

Important! To linoleum no cracks, once or twice a month is recommended to grease coated with linseed oil or linseed oil. The oil is applied with a sponge, and then rubbed dry with a soft cloth. Linoleum will shine, and look well-groomed.

Care of linoleum

Oiled linoleum varnish shines and looks well-groomed

Effective preventive measures

  1. For protection against mechanical linoleumDamage must be put at the entrance to the apartment on the grille or protective mat that will clean shoes from dust, dirt and small stones, as they may scratch the finish.
  2. It is desirable that the furniture in the apartment waswide legs or plastic wheels. Feet need to protect the label, for example, made of felt. Do not use the rubber for this purpose - it will leave indelible stains on linoleum.
  3. Protect the linoleum from the fall of burning cigarettes or matches, as well as from possible contact with shoe polish, lipstick, alcohol-based substances.
  4. You can not drag the gravity dragged on the linoleum: the coating is torn in the process. To move the items they need to lift, use mats or wheels.
  5. Any contamination should try to remove just that they are not absorbed into the coating. Stubborn stains can be removed much more difficult.
  6. Absolutely can not use abrasive cleaning agents, bleaching agents or chemical solvents.
  7. Do not spread the linoleum on the balcony: frost and direct sunlight - the main enemies of linoleum. From the constant exposure to sunlight and temperature changes quickly linoleum crack, lose color and destroyed.

The wash linoleum?

It would seem that what is wisdom: take a rag and my myself. However, there are some nuances that need to know necessarily.

So, linoleum - you wash it?

It should be noted that after laying the first timelinoleum need to clean extremely dry method. If the coating lay in an area where people walk often (for example, in the hallway), it should treat the polymer-coated or protective emulsion. On striped linoleum well seen any dirt, so it must be treated immediately by these means that the new coating is not left traces of repairs.

Care of linoleum

After a while paving applies only dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner linoleum

After some time for daily wipinglinoleum, you can use a wet cloth. Pre perform dry cleaning with broom or vacuum cleaner. If necessary, the linoleum can be washed with water in which is dissolved or soap powder (important that the powder is readily soluble in water).

The wash linoleum

Linoleum can be washed with soapy water or powder

The wash linoleum with more pollution? In such cases, when ordinary water can not do, use special means to wash linoleum, they are sold in all domestic stores. Apply them, however, you need to carefully, in small amounts, and then they will clean stubborn dirt from the cover and old stains.

Care of linoleum

Special products for linoleum care

If disinfection is required, you can pour the water sanitizer, only that it is not too aggressive.

Interesting to know! Outdated podmolodit linoleum can, washing the milk mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

In the case of several tools for cleaninglinoleum, you first need to make sure that their combination will be safe. Some tools come into opposition with each other, and this can badly affect both the quality of the cleaning cover, and the state of the surface of all linoleum.

What is not necessary to wash linoleum? Do not use when washing soda linoleum,alkaline agents, as they will make it brittle, and as a result it will deteriorate rapidly. It is also recommended not to use too extremely hot water when cleaning the linoleum as she also adversely affect the condition of the coating.

How to remove stains from linoleum?

There is a general rule: the stain on the linoleum should be removed immediately to the pollution has not had time to soak into the coating.

Care of linoleum

Spots with linoleum need to wipe as soon as possible

  1. You can remove the stains of oil, wax and asphalt atAssistance gasoline, which can be bought in the hardware store. A piece of wax or asphalt need to hook with a spatula, and the remaining stain rub with gasoline, then rinse with water. Just scour stains shoe polish.
  2. To get rid of the stains of iodine, coffee, fooddyes, children's pen use gasoline, kerosene or turpentine. Since all of these substances are harmful enough to cover, they should be used at the minimum level, dropping slightly on a soft cloth and gently rubbing the stain. Ink stains are removed with linoleum sandpaper or a pumice stone, and then the lubricating coating of linseed oil.
  3. The spots of mold, rust or herbs can be rubbed away with a solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. If a small footprint remained, it should be rubbed with lemon juice.
  4. The spilled oil must be erased as soon as possiblepaper towel or cloth and then wash with soap and water. If the stain is persistent, you can wipe it with turpentine and then rinse with water linoleum.

Separate conversation - how and what to wash Zelenka with linoleum.

From life experience noticed that a bottle ofZelenko often tend to accidentally roll over, spill, break, especially in the playful children's little hands. But seeing it on your favorite linoleum Zelenka, do not panic: these spots can be derived. To do this, use different means:

  1. Fresh spot zelenki wipe nail polish remover. If the first attempt failed, it is necessary to change the cotton wool and rub the stain again.
  2. Cotton swab moistened with a solution of ten percentammonia, gently rub the stain from the green stuff. If it is fresh, it is usually rapidly removed with this chemical agent. After treatment with ammonia solution linoleum should be cleaned with warm soapy water.
  3. Moisten the swab in the camphor alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and wipe them spots, then wash with warm soapy water linoleum.
  4. To remove stains, green fodder is also possible to use liquid hlorofillipt (pharmacy agents).

If the stain is not the first freshness, and remove it did not work, then you need to try to close the soiled portion of furniture or other items.

How to wash linoleum renovated

You can advise one thing: you need to ensure maximum protection of linoleum from contamination during repair. To do this, the entire floor should be covered with plastic film or paper, then the less need will then wrestle with how to wash linoleum renovated.

Pollution from putty gently scrapedspatula. Dust and laundered white fur with warm water (several times). Then change the cloth (do not wash out the previous construction of the dust) and washed with linoleum, add a little vinegar in the water or potassium permanganate. For difficult stains, you can use "white spirit" or a means of "646". Abrasive cleaners should not be used, they may damage the protective coating layer.

By following the rules for the timely care of linoleum, it is possible to ensure the safety of its quality and attractive appearance for years to come.

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