Types of carpets and features of their manufacturing

Already more than one century thrives on craftcreating original, comfortable and practical flooring. Today it is possible to produce on the order hand-made carpets or buy a car, choose the textiles made from natural or synthetic materials, with a large pile or no. The catalogs professional studio features dozens of species and hundreds of samples - from classics and antiques to designer models. Regularly wallow new ways of weaving, original methods of dyeing fibers and create art ornamentation. This diversity of species is difficult to choose and buy the right carpet. It is necessary to examine more closely the classification of such products, to navigate the ever-expanding range.

The basic technique of making carpets

To get started is to identify two broad categories -handmade rugs and machine. Buy a sample, custom, many consumers want, wool or silk rug is suitable for decorating home, cottage, office. In some cases it is not rational to take a carpet made of natural fibers are handmade. For registration and public entertainment venues, halls, hotel rooms and restaurants enjoy practical machine carpet of synthetic or composite materials.

Additionally pile carpets are classified by type. It can be long and short, with hinges and cut, curved and straight, single-level and multi-level with a relief pattern. There are sample-free cloth, woven out of thick threads. These types of carpets easiest cleaned, but do not provide thermal insulation of flooring.

Types of materials for the manufacture of carpets

suitable practical and inexpensive products for the arrangement of offices and commercial properties from:

• acrylic;

• polyamide;

• polypropylene;

• viscose;

• polyester.

For home or country cottage, you can buy a carpet made of natural materials:

• wool;

• silk;

• jute;

• sisal;

• Cotton.

Types of carpets and features of their manufacturing

There are many types of combined,that allow to produce articles with individual characteristics, depending on the operating conditions. It may be more durable textiles, material that does not absorb moisture, it is easier to clean and does not retain traces of shoes. Options polygamy specialized company offering standard designs and unique rugs made to order. The cost depends on the quality which, in turn, has a density of fibers.

Types of carpets and features of their manufacturing
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