Interior: composition rules

How to build a frame does not need to knowOnly a good photographer. The same must know and a good designer. It is not enough to choose the flooring and wallpaper, as well as purchase fixtures and furniture. It is important that the room is not turned into a furniture store branch. In this article we will talk about how to build a track in the interior premises.

All items must be connected in the interior is very logical. They must also be connected as separate elements in the picture.

Imagine that the room is a beautiful canvas, andUse the rules used in the construction of artistic composition. You have to choose what is best for you: statistics, dynamics, rhythm, dominant, symmetry or asymmetry. And use the selected option for the decoration of the space.

Composition - a kind of connection between different parts of a whole, a single space in accordance with a certain idea of ​​the shape of that.


Comfort and functionality? House always reflects the individuality of the owner and it is a place to relax. That is why the comfort and functionality are woven into it together. It is important to create your own story, filling the housing accessories and pieces of furniture, reflective mood. Furniture with a soft texture, rich colors, angles for work, large windows and high ceilings, lots of light and air to get a sense of freedom and lightness.

Symmetry is equidistantthe location of all the elements that are arranged relative to the axis chosen. We perceive symmetrical composition as a harmonious and orderly. The fact is that the extravagant rooms with sloping walls, sharp corners and undulating surfaces are not the best way affects the psyche. Man by nature is symmetrical. And because of this man always tends to mirror the interior.

You must remember that a balanced interiorit is not just two installed opposite each other sofa. It is important for you to remember about the balance scale and tone. You do not have to talk about symmetry, if the cabinets are different in size and shape.


By Sway structure asymmetry of oppositesymmetry. For this reason, it is a concern in any person. Residential interior is not a place for experimentation. That's why designers are advised to plan for a symmetric space, simply by making it asymmetrical compositions using decor. So, you can play with scale, combining bright and dark surfaces and bright colors with muted shades. If you want the chance to create an asymmetrical arrangement of furniture, do not forget that you need to highlight the center of the composition. This may be as a fireplace, and a group of fixtures.

Most often asymmetrical interior architecture is conditioned space (projections and rounded walls).


If the symmetry tranquil poiseall the elements of rhythm - a movement extended to infinity. Rhythm can be set due to multiple repetition: vertical (arches, columns) or horizontal (friezes, cornices, belt). The interior design rate can be set with a few pieces of furniture. An interesting technique - interrupt the rhythm. Put several identical white chairs, and then replace one color.

But you must remember that the rhythm is almost not perceived, and color fades with distance from the viewer.


It becomes dominant visual centercomposition. That it attracts the eye, and only after that person starts examining the remaining items. Dominant may be large-scale or color. And, although it subordinates all other things itself, it needs to be linked to other elements in the composition of the interior. Otherwise, the entire image of a "collapse." Therefore, the dominant color should be supported through a similar shades in textiles and accessories.

Do not accept the phrase "visual center" too literally. And it is not necessary to establish the dominant subject in the center of the room.


Statics assumes no curvilinearsurfaces and diagonal lines. This composition in the interior based on the predominance of horizontal elements, such as heavy deep sofas and low cabinets. With this interior becomes stable and squat. Static interiors describe terms such as balance and stability. Most often it is carried out on the classically styled space.

But the static interior does not become synonymous with dull interior. It is important to learn to experiment with accessories and decor.


Motion Elements, can be very useful, will beroom where noisy companies gather. Use elements with clear geometric shapes and asymmetrical balance to express the dynamics of the interior. You will need a large amount of free space, as well as the diagonal direction of the layout of tiles or parquet. Impression aspiration upwards and easily create a predominance of vertical lines.

Most of these interiors are done in a modern style.

Interior: composition rules
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