The interior of the hall: the levels and areas

How to organize the interior of the hall? The main thing to dispose of the available space efficiently. Divide the amount of space into functional areas and levels.

Functional areas


Divide the hall on the mental level of the ceiling to the floor:

• The lower level is at a distance of 0-50 cm from the floor. It is usually used to place shoes.

• The average level is at a height of 50-180 cm. At this level you can put outerwear. At the same level they usually hang a mirror.

• The upper level is at a distance of 180-210 cm. Hats are stored at this level. There is also a highlight above the mirror. If it is lower, it will blind eyes.

• The mezzanine level is at an altitude of 210see. It is created in order to post seasonal things. The design is usually closed. It can be equipped with sliding or swing doors. But sometimes mezzanines are open. In this case, things are put into containers and boxes.


Interior corridor and the hall can be divided into zones, which carry different functional load. Zoning is carried out horizontally, based on the shape of the room:

• The long and narrow hallway should be divided into a corridor and an entrance area.

• The spacious room can be divided into two parts - a hall and an entrance hall.

• A small vestibule-vestibule is not additionally zoned. But it can be combined with a living room. But such a tandem can already be distinguished.

Tools zoning

Decoration Materials.

The walls, floor coverings and ceiling in differentparts of the hallway to help highlight the functional areas. So, in the interior of the hallway you can put parquet corridor and entrance area tiled. It is important that border was, and on the walls. For this purpose, decoration materials, which are similar in texture and color. Level difference is repeated in the decoration of the ceiling.


As a tool for zoning space, you can use pieces of furniture. In the hall you can use low objects or through racks. Suit and tables, and dressers.


The interior of the hall and the hall can beto organize a kind of a light wall that visually divides the room into several parts. To do this, you need to mount spotlights in the ceiling, sending them straight down.


This tool is used in the casehall combined with living area. The structure may be stationary or mobile. As a moving structures can be identified, portable screens and sliding doors. Among stationary designs isolated arches, columns, decorative elements of plasterboard, windows and glass blocks. Some stationary partitions can be up to the ceiling, and others - can have a small height. The reception, the bar is similar to isolate the hallway area.

The interior of the hall: the levels and areas
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