kitchen-living room interior design

In order to host a largethe number of visitors, you need to think about interior design, living room kitchen, where you will meet them. Very good combination of living room and kitchen has a number of advantages: solves the problem of space (it increases), and a matter of time savings (no need to constantly run to the kitchen). To choose the best option design solutions for your kitchen-living room, you want to see different styles of interior design. They are very much: country, classical, eclectic, art nouveau, art deco, minimalism, and others. We offer you a small overview of the two completely different living - in the style of Gothic and in the style of hi-tech.

Style high-tech

If your kitchen-living room will meet the young people, the best option will be the high-tech style in the interior, which is today in great demand and enjoys an unprecedented demand.


Design living room kitchen in high-tech style should provide:

• a maximum of free space;

• high functionality of each interior;

• simple geometrical forms and uniform design.


Furniture should abound and metalglass elements. No heavy textiles, no bright colors should not be. The only thing that can be done - among plain white walls and cabinet furniture the same color scheme put sofa bright blue or rich red.


Built-in halogen lights around the perimeter of the living room and complement the complete line of high-tech.

Gothick style

If you decide to arrange the living room-kitchen interior design in the Gothic style, it will be a very interesting option for business meetings and special occasions.


The interior of the kitchen-living room in the Gothic style should be different:

• grace;

• greatness;

• magnificent carved and stucco;

• stained glass designs;

• columns and arches.


The chairs in the kitchen-living room of the Gothic style -vintage, with upholstered seat, made of wood and with high backs. Buffet should be on high legs, and carved dark wood. The round shape of the table will fit perfectly into such a stylistic space.


In the kitchen-living room Gothic necessarilyshould be high, large windows with multicolored stained-glass paintings. Especially popular stained glass rose. You can not save the chandelier: let it be elegant and expensive. Along the walls you can hang lights in the form of candles.

The design and style of interior designkitchen-living room depends on the preferences and taste of the owners. It must be unique in its essence a space in which to feel comfortable and the old conservative and ultra-modern youth.

kitchen-living room interior design
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