Interior Solutions: bright walls and light furniture

The skillful combination of colors allows without unnecessarycosts to create a truly unique style. Ugly colors do not exist. You can use any color. The only question in combinations and proportions, as well as creating harmony. And it needs your decorator? Of course, only be able to avoid platitudes decorator having a sense of color. But you can do to cope with it.

Colour contrast

Firstly, you need to use in the design ofinterior colors that are diametrically opposite in the color wheel: orange and blue, yellow and purple. Secondly, the shades for effect must be sonorous and rich. Unable to create the contrast, using a gentle and light tones.

Do you like warm colors? It is believed that those who love the orange shades, it is easy compromise and full of enthusiasm. And those who choose yellow shades, always optimistic and have a rich imagination.

You must decide what is in your interiorbright walls and furniture covers. An interesting solution would be a combination of bright white walls and furniture. After all, white furniture blends perfectly with any bright background. With this furniture you can even repaint the walls every day. And if the tone will be too saturated? In this case, set the next monochromatic furniture of simple form. This furniture creates a balanced and harmonious space, especially on the background of succulent walls.

Note that surrounding colors literally"Absorbed" into the bright furniture. So, in orange and yellow room it acquires a warm hue, adjusting to the bright color of the walls and objects. Even brighter in white looks green. It is reminiscent of the bright, first the grass, which appeared from under the snow. According to psychologists, the color chosen balanced, calm people.

Classics is a combination of white and bluecolors. Use these colors together, then you get an ocean liner stateroom or clean, cool room. It's kind of a subconscious reminder of sun, sea and holidays, as well as the carefree days. According to psychologists, to those who prefer the blue, you can always rely on.

But the pink and purple in the interiorThey are used less frequently. This is especially true for the more saturated colors. The thing is that the room is made in such a scheme, it will look garish and depressing. You will have to use not only the bright furniture, but also maximize the use of the white color in textiles, lighting and accessories.

Interior Solutions: bright walls and light furniture
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