If you understand what we are, or post-modernism in the interior

We live in an amazing era. One can endlessly experiment, combine incongruous and enjoy what comes out. You can retry endlessly - and each time to get something new. This is called postmodernism: the eclectic and infinite perfection, symbolism, simplicity of forms and complexity of designs. This trend has spread to all spheres of life, and the interior is no exception. For designers, this style - a real find, because you can use porcelain and plastic, velvet and burlap. Two words - anything goes if you have a sense of taste.


Postmodernism in the interior is perfectapartments with a free plan or premises where there are no walls. You will be able to organize the space the way you want it, considering some trends.

1. Walls: better to choose a deep monochrome shade. The aim is to focus on the bright trappings: picture, other decorative elements. Nishi, mirror inserts are welcome. Interestingly will look built sand flask, with curved glass aquariums.

2. The flooring should be a clear picture or a single color. The carpet should be chosen asymmetrical, but with geometrically correct forms.

3. Furniture: lines can be both smooth and simple and classic. Popular Transformers. Chromium and nickel are most commonly used in finishing. The same can be said about the artificial skin. Furniture Set in a futuristic style will be the way, but in this case it is necessary to be careful with the number of its components, or apartment seem dump useless things.

4. Accessories: dried flowers, vases, fluorescent, pearlescent figurines and colorful cushions - all this in the trend. The main thing - do not overdo it. Remember that, in spite of permissiveness, there must be a binding element.

Postmodernism - a modern parody of the previous heritage, a simulator. However, it should be decorated stylishly.

If you understand what we are, or post-modernism in the interior
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