How to prepare the room for the emergence of the baby

The appearance of a child - one of the mostexciting events in a person's life. Especially if the child first. No wonder that even before birth, loving parents want to get ready for the emergence of a new family member, to create crumbs all conditions for a happy childhood. It all starts with the fact how to prepare the room for his appearance.

The best option, if it is, of course,given possible, it is to provide a separate room for the baby. But if your apartment is small, then it is possible for him to allocate Area: safe laundry yes baby bed, still do not forget about the table for swaddling. For many mothers it is even more preferred embodiment: a child will always be there, and my mother will be calm, especially at night.

Requirements for premises

By the room where the child will live,put forward specific requirements. It should be light and airy, and regularly ventilated. Wet cleaning should be done every day. The most optimal kind of flooring is wood. Good to learn the following advice: try to keep as many items in the baby's life were natural. But if you have linoleum in the apartment, you have to be sure that he was not treated with synthetic resins and does not have in its composition PVC layer. If the linoleum is safe and poses no threat, it can leave.

Well, if the room in preparation for the babyyou do it in repair. However, it should be assured that in paints and varnishes, which you will use, no harmful impurities. Their content can be found on the packaging.

The design of the room for a child is not desirableuse mats, runners, carpets. If you can not refuse them, then keep them in perfect condition, clean and Vacuum frequently. Besides walls are also a good dust storage and require cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. If you have installed suspended ceilings, then you protect yourself from the accumulation of dust on them.

What color of wallpaper to choose?

Experts recommend the use of light andsoothing colors of wallpaper: light brown, light green and others. They can to contain the image, but it should not be bright and intrusive. In general, it should be remembered that the bright colors they contribute to fatigue, not only children but also adults, and large image, even if it is a large tree that can lead to the consternation of the baby.

Your child should not feel the lack ofand sun light in the room. Firstly, the sunlight destroy microbes, and secondly, they enhance mood. But even small children feel comfort and have a mood. The microbes that may lead to disease, often penetrate into the room with the dust, and the dust falls, along with footwear. Therefore, it would be good to stock up on special slippers for the children's room.

Child Safety First

In your little room, especially when itjust taking its first steps, there should be no sharp edges or objects of which he could be injured. If, however, there are dangerous places, using cork or rubber, you can make them softer.

As soon as you need to think about electrical outlets. They are in any case should not be open. In young children who love to learn new things, necessarily a desire to explore the outlet. And the time they have for this abound. In addition, they can find a suitable piece of metal: pliers, nail or something similar, then trouble is inevitable.

Modern interior design of a child's roominvolves getting rid of excess furniture. Firstly, the furniture is a great collector of dust. Second, the big things occupy the space of the room, and hence the amount of air, which is very necessary for the proper development of the child.

For furniture that will be in the nursery,It puts forward the following requirements: it must be smooth, durable, stable and free of sharp corners. Children tend to something upsetting, so unstable objects can cause injury.

If you live in a private home, pobespokoytesthe fact that the child had no access to Russian stoves, fireplaces, stairs, boilers, etc. Grating fencing can protect your baby from possible injuries and burns. And in an apartment a risk for the baby may be radiators. Special closed panel will help to exploit them without the risk of harm to the child.

Now look at the window. On their windowsills objects should not be particularly heavy. A child can pull them up and reset: even a flower pot can cause great harm to your baby. Abandoned window open, too, can get his attention. Especially if placed beside it a sofa or chair, through which a child can climb on the windowsill. But the sill child can easily fall to the floor than hurt themselves and their parents.

Create a suitable climate in the room

An important subject is the children's roomWall thermometer: it can be used to control the temperature. 18-20oS is optimal thermal mode for the child. If it is on par with a cot, you can be confident in the accuracy of measurements. Because cold air to creep closer to the floor, and a warm rises to the ceiling. However, air should be suitable not only temperature but also have sufficient humidity. That is why some of the night hang a wet towel.

It remains only to make sure that there is no roomdrafts, if you have found them - try to get rid of. In addition, it is important to ensure the silence in the nursery. It is necessary for normal mental and physical development of your child.

In this article, we covered how to prepare the room for a baby. Using these tips, you can make the baby room a cozy, safe and comfortable. Give your kid a happy childhood.

How to prepare the room for the emergence of the baby
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