How do zoning area

For what purpose is the zoning of the premises? Typical modern apartment is not characterized by a large area and the number of rooms, not to mention the exclusive layout. In a typical apartment is not so easy to identify the room as a dining room, an office, a dressing or any other target naznacheniya.Neredko the same room used for work, recreation, cooking, receiving guests and for other purposes. However, the zoning of the room will allow to divide it into sections, each of which will carry out its role. This will help in decorating the room with his hands.

If you master the basic techniques of zoningspace, then it will provide you with an indispensable aid in the delineation of the different zones and areas on their functional purpose. As a result, you'll have to create harmony and comfort of its interera.Samym simple way zoning is the conditional distribution of space. This method is used to identify areas of the room that perform similar functions. Sometimes their goals can be achieved with the help of an elementary rearrangement of furniture. If you move the chair, sofa deploy or install a bookcase with flowers, in some cases in the room will be able to form several zones.

The greatest popularity was received visualways of providing the necessary areas of the room. All of them are divided into three groups: the selection with the lighting, color highlighting areas and design techniques. Also, this will correct choice of material for the ceiling of the room.

Selecting with the lighting and color

Zoning space often performed using light. For example, often use it to allocate a working kitchen area, designated in the living room for recreation, etc.

Separation of space with the help of colorIt helps create sections through the shades of the same colors. These colors are used when applying floor finishes or wall, at least - the ceiling. Some people use more than one color, and combinations thereof, or contrasts. By the separation zones with the help of color can be attributed to a distinction space pattern or ornament.

Features design techniques

Design techniques in space zoning intended to change the design of the room. For example, this method can involve the use of various types of wall decoration. Today, there are more and more new technologies and building materials, so there are many difficult implementation methods of zoning techniques. If you are planning in the living room provide space for the creation of a children's corner, while the walls of the space allocated can be made of cork and the main territory of paint or wallpaper pokleit.

Another way is to design methodsapplying decorative elements: the creation of columns, stucco on the ceiling or walls, arches, etc. It is also possible to provide accommodation zone through various types and ceiling levels which are created using the drywall. In addition, you can change the material of the floor covering or floor level. Quite often, this method is isolated dining area, which is located in the living room or kitchen. For example, a place for a meal can be laid with ceramic tiles, and basic laminate flooring do. Think about how to achieve this goal if to arrange the furniture in the room.

Zoning space by partitions

It is not always enough to make a conditionaldelineation of space. When using it to achieve the required zoning does not work, use explicit differentiation methods. For example, this method may be necessary to separate areas for children, or for determining the location hundred. For these purposes may be used, stationary or movable partitions. Moving the boundaries can be set using screens, curtains or massive furniture (most often cabinets).

To create fixed boundaries usedwalls and shelves. Increasingly popular in our time purchased sliding walls with stained-glass elements, created from a special glass. At the height of the partition can be either from the floor to the ceiling and can hold only a certain height pomescheniya.Hotya each has its own requirements for the delimitation of space, we all wish that prevailed in our apartment comfort. And the creation of special zones for different purposes will help to make a small step in achieving your dreams. After considering various ways to zoning the space, you will surely be able to find the most suitable for your purposes and to avoid mistakes in the design.

How do zoning area
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